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Undercovers in Oregon Find Zero Instances of Underage Marijuana Sales

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) recently went undercover to see how many dispensaries across the state would sell to people underage. They didn’t find any dispensaries that broke the law.

20 Pot Shops in Oregon Deny Underage Access

The Oregon state-run agency sent underage teens to 20 retail cannabis shops across the state. All participants were volunteers, and all tried to gain access to recreational marijuana. Not only did the OLCC find that each dispensary checked for proper ID, but there was also security at all of them.

Every single volunteer that tried to purchase recreational cannabis in Oregon was turned down at the door. According to Steve Marks, executive director of the OLCC, “That our licensed retailers in central Oregon scored 100 percent on refusal to sell marijuana to a minor is a sign that this segment of our regulated industry understands the importance of compliance. As we continue these checks, I hope that this result will be reflected across the state.”

Officials in Oregon are understandably pleased.

Legal Dispensaries Don’t Want to Break the Law

Dispensaries are well-aware of the consequences for selling cannabis to people underage. Even those who are 21 (the legal age to purchase cannabis in Oregon), are required to show an ID before any sales transaction. Dispensaries that don’t comply with this rule will face a seven-day suspension on their license, as well as a fine of $1,100 or higher.

The repercussions get worse when a dispensary is caught selling cannabis to a minor. They can lose their license for 10-30 days, as well as fines up to $1,650. If they’re caught again, they’ll face further fines and risk losing their license for good.

Marks says this is part of the OLCC’s “stepped up compliance and enforcement activity.” The agency wants to ensure that each segment of the legal marijuana market is “living up to the requirements of their license, and the expectations Oregonians have that they will act responsibly and follow the law.”

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