How Young Is Too Young For CBD Oil?

For many families, CBD is a miracle molecule that allows their children to live normal lives without hospitalizations, doctor visits, dangerous medications, and being stuck indoors. Unfortunately, for many people, the idea of treating kids with cannabis is still quite controversial, even though CBD is completely safe. By learning more about CBD and dispelling some of the harmful myths surrounding the compound, more children may be able to live happy and healthy lives by receiving high-quality CBD products.

CBD For Kids Can Benefit Children Living with Chronic Medical Conditions

Are you considering whether you should give CBD oil to your child? Hemp-derived CBD is believed to be an effective option for kids. Lance Michelle is living with autism, and several years ago, his mother, Thalia started to give him hemp oil. She reported that his condition obviously improved once he began treatment – so much so that she went on to found Mothers Advocating Medical Marijuana for Autism. The goal of the organization is to make medical cannabis – including CBD – legal for children on the autism spectrum.

BD For Kids: The Safe Treatment Option

When it comes to choosing a natural option for you to give to your children, safety is obviously one of the top concerns.  Not only is CBD safe, it is also much safer than a common medication that all of us have taken at some point in our lives – aspirin. According to Dr. Leslie Iversen of Oxford University, cannabis is an inherently safe drug, is safer than aspirin, and can be used over long periods of time without serious side effects.

Another study published in the journal Current Pharmaceutical Design further supported the safety of CBD.  Investigators from Kings College in London assessed the behavioral and psychological effects of both CBD and THC in 16 healthy volunteers. It was found that when participants received 10 mg of THC orally, they experienced effects like sedation and increased heart rate. None of these symptoms were found when patients received 600mg of CBD.

Research is bringing out more support for the many benefits associated with non-psychotropic CBD. Unfortunately, its benefits have been overshadowed by some unfounded fears, specifically that it will get you high like THC. As more is understood about CBD, the public – including parents and children – can begin to benefit from the many positive effects that it has to offer.

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