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Will Germany Be the Next Country to Decriminalize Cannabis?

Police officers in Germany are calling for the decriminalization of cannabis. They say that “there has never been a society without drug use in human history, you just have to accept that.”

Andre Schultz is the head of the Association of German Detectives (BDK). He is leading the group of German police officers advocating for Germany to decriminalize cannabis.

“The prohibition of cannabis has historically been arbitrary and until today, neither intelligent nor purposeful,” Shultz recently wrote in German newspaper, Hamburger Morgenpost.

Shultz believes the current legal system in Germany not only stigmatizes cannabis users, but also promotes careers in crime. He believes that cannabis criminalization uses large amounts of police services but doesn’t make any progress in stopping drug abuse and crime.

Germany currently has medical cannabis laws in place, available to treat some 30 various illnesses, ranging from epilepsy to chronic pain.

According to head of the German Hemp Association George Wurth, however, “Germany has much stricter guidelines for prescribing medical marijuana than California. Almost anyone who wants a prescription can get one there. In Germany things are more regulated and bureaucratic. Doctors are checking to make sure medical marijuana isn’t used for recreation purposes.”

Many believe that Germany’s medical marijuana system is the first step towards decriminalization…and eventually recreational legalization.

Wurth says, “There is more movement for weed legalization than ever before in the world, and it won’t be long before the first European country fully legalizes it.”

Shultz has put together a group that is hoping to take that first step. He argues that almost 70 percent of drug-related cases relate only to drug users, not drug dealers.

Shultz believes that by promoting responsible drug use (decriminalization of cannabis, for example) and helping addicts, is a much more effective way to go than Germany’s current system that mainly relies on “repression.”

Will Germany decriminalize cannabis? While this decision hasn’t yet been reached, there is definitely momentum in place to remove marijuana away from the consideration of criminal activity.

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