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Why is CBD Education Essential to Your Brand? With Todd DeWitt

Ep 108 Todd DeWitt

Todd DeWitt is the founder and CEO of Leven Cannabidiol. He has participated in the adult-use cannabis and hemp industry for the past four years, with the launch of his CBD brand earlier in 2019. His approach to branding, inputs, and education help to lessen the stigma around our industry. With a strong educational background, he also participates in regulatory reform, community outreach, and team development.

In this episode, Todd shares his passion in this space and emphasis on education to reverse and dilute the stigma that is coming with the cannabis and hemp industry.  

If you’re going to get into this industry, and you would like to do it in the most efficient way, dive into it wholly. – Todd DeWitt

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Some Topics We Discussed Include

2:51 – Getting to know Leven Cannabidiol
5:01 – Empowering the community with CBD education
16:36 – Cannabis household conversation
20:31 – The story that inspired Todd for his mission
25:55 – Challenges faced while establishing their brand
32:07 – Words of wisdom
39:18 – Where to find them

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Sonia Gomez: Hey guys, Sonia Gomez coming to you from Denver, Colorado. Super excited to be here with you on another episode of The Hemp Revolution Podcast where we are sharing and telling the stories of the entrepreneurs who are pushing this incredible industry into the future. As you know, it is our mission here at The Hemp Revolution Podcast to share with you the truth about cannabis and hemp so that you can make educated empowered decisions about how you want to care for yourself to the people that you love or the conditions you may be suffering from and preserve the otherwise healthy and vibrant lifestyle that you may already be caring for. If you’re a budding entrepreneur looking for tools, resources, or some tricks that you can use to break through the glass ceilings that are a part of this inevitably challenging industry. Check us out on theemeraldcircle.com we are happy to help and if you are a person looking for products you can trust to deliver the results you’re looking for, check us out on medicalsecrets.com for any tips on which products are best for which conditions or results that you are looking for. 

In today’s episode, we are going to be going on a journey with Todd DeWitt who is the founder and CEO of Leven Cannabidiol. He has participated in the adult-use cannabis and hemp industry for the past four years and with the launch of his CBD brand earlier in 2019, his approach to branding, inputs and education, help to lessen the stigma around the industry. Super excited to share with you about all of that stuff because this is an area I’m really passionate about as well. And with a strong educational background, he is also participating in regulatory reform community outreach, and focusing on team development within his organization, here to share and tell a little bit around his journey as a pioneer in this space [inaudible] Todd DeWitt.

Todd DeWitt: Thank you so much for having us today. We’re really excited. Obviously I’m excited, but the company is always excited to participate with you.

Getting to Know Leven Cannabidiol

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, this is super exciting and a little bit more of a conservative approach to an otherwise all bond guard industry. Super excited to hear more about your background and how you got started down this path. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about who you are, where you’re from, what your background is and how you ended up in the CBD movement?

Todd DeWitt: Well, the guests don’t know this, but just before this, we were going back and forth between where I’m from which is New Jersey, ultimately living Connecticut currently. Our brand is located in Norwalk, Connecticut, and with the strong like she said, like Sonia said, with a strong educational background, we launched the brand Leven Cannibidiol in an effort to de-stigmatize what is really a negative connotations to the industry. And there’s a lot of misinformation there’s a lot of there’s a lot of lack of education. And it’s not to say that our consumers aren’t intelligent people, but there’s enough information that’s out there that is confusing, and we’re here to provide an atmosphere and a product that is minimal. It gives us the ability to talk a little bit more focused on what the benefits are and how to use the product by using the CBD isolate. 

There's enough information that's out there that is confusing, and we're here to provide an atmosphere and a product that is minimal. - Todd DeWitt Click To Tweet

Not to say that we don’t find values and other cannabinoids or full-spectrum, but we focused on that for a reason. And I think the brand has started off since April has gone a great path towards introducing itself to the customer base, having a lot of connection with our clients. And then ultimately, as we discussed, I really think there’s something to be said when the customer comes back in and gives you their feedback and how they find these products that benefit their daily life. It helps to have the retail effort and the retail establishment as well. So that’s what we started. It’s really nice to participate in podcasts like this because it helps spread the word right. What we’re doing here is going to really change how people perceive the industry and how they use these products. 

Empowering the Community with CBD Education

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, I agree. You know, one of the things that we were talking about in our pre interview conversation was the challenges and inconsistency in education. And that is something that really stands out in your company is your approach and emphasis on education with the end goal of being able to reverse or dilute the stigma that is coming with the cannabis and hemp industry. Can you share a little bit about your philosophy and how you are working to empower your customer and community with education?

We found that it would be incrementally important to provide an opportunity for education. - Todd DeWitt Click To Tweet

Todd DeWitt: Sure. So like I said, when we started the brand, it was obviously a product driven brand. So a retail establishment with a single brand wouldn’t necessarily be the most profitable part of a business. However, we found that it would be incrementally important to provide an opportunity for education, it gives our customers an opportunity to come in, talk to a staff that’s highly knowledgeable, talk that talks a little bit more about than just the regulatory side or you know what products do what but talk about alternative wellness in general, talk about mental health, talk about feedback that we hear from other people. Because you know, the FDA really doesn’t like us making claims. But you do hear positive things that are beyond inflammation and anxiety, that do make a difference in people’s lives. And so the focus for us when we started the retail store was education and started the brand was education. That’s why when you see our products sitting on a shelf, they look very ordinary they look very like you can sit on a counter and then the office space without having that stigma that does surround our industry and quite frankly that the adult use industry as well.

Sonia Gome: Do you have any products that we can see?

Todd DeWitt: So yeah, absolutely. I’m sitting in our store. This is our four ounce cream. It’s a CBD isolette. Its primary ingredient is lemon grass, we obviously have all the proper warning labels. And a big thing for us to is if you look at it, it’s non GMO, gluten free, soy free, cruelty free, we really care about, minimize the inputs, minimize the negative effects, be able to talk about what ingredients really are in here. And I think that also separates us from a lot of other brands that have come to market more recently because there are a lot of benefits other cannabinoids, there’s a lot of benefits to alternative wellness products like tumeric and things like that. But we really want to understand why we’re using this product and I think the cleanliness of it and the understanding of what the all natural ingredients are really help in educating and reducing that stigma. 

Here’s another product that we have it’s our CBD vape pen. Obviously there’s a huge focus on what’s good and what’s bad for you in the vape industry. We use all American metal hardware we really care about where we’re sourcing our products. Well, not only just the CBD, but what’s in the metal what’s in the things that we don’t know about a we’re not educated about at this point. All American metal needs one less Mercury, minimizing the carrier oils is a big deal for us. So we use pure hemp seed oil CBD isolate. There’s no obviously no vitamin E acetate, which is what is the is the big killer right now in the market. And I think in a few short, you know, in just two short weeks, we come to a realization of we identified what the culprit was. The educated people in our industry and the leaders in our industry really do know their stuff and it wasn’t in their products. It was in some of these alternative products that are in the fine regulated markets, which we also need to fight for.

We really care about where we're sourcing our products. - Todd DeWitt Click To Tweet

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, hundred percent agree, I would love to hear from you, let’s just stepping stepping out of the entrepreneurs perspective for a moment and looking at more of a human approach to this industry. And a lot of what we’re fighting for right now I’m a mother of four, I have a 17 year old, 13 year old 11 year old and a two and a half year old and with myself and my husband and then the mother of our first three children. We are co-parenting and collaborating on how we want to approach and manage the conversation and also interest in items like CBD and cannabis for kids. Myself, I’m very much involved with educating the high school students on you know, on cannabis use and effects and so on and so forth. Definitely talking with parents about it. But I’m in Colorado, the cannabis industry has been thriving here for frickin years. Okay? You’re on the East Coast–

Todd DeWitt: I wish I was there. But no, I’m happy to be here.

Sonia Gomez: You’re on the east coast. You’re in Connecticut, by the way. And this is a much more affluent and conservative community of people who are. I mean, New York in general is running the world, right? So you’re just a stone’s throw away from from people who are literally running the whole economy of the world right now. And I would love to hear from your, from a parent’s perspective. What are some of the key concerns or considerations that are still floating or surrounding your guys’s conversation when it comes to cannabis and CBD?

Todd DeWitt: I have a very opinionated stand on this. It’s great because the community I do live in is a very affluent community. It’s also starting to change rapidly as far as what’s good for you and what’s bad for you, right? Because those communities always ate better, they always had better food and opportunity to eat better in a lot of different stigmas, right? And those people also are smart about what are the benefits of different products, alternative wellness. So when I came out of the closet about my used to my family and I never, my family never knew I was a cannabis supporter. I went to an Ivy League College, I participated in it throughout college, and I never stopped and it never negatively affected my life. And what’s funny now is just starting to, as you start to come out of the closet about your alternative lifestyle that’s actually benefited you in so many ways that there’s no reason for the stigma or the anxiety that goes along with it. Nevermind the negatives. 

The feedback that I’ve gotten has been resounding as far as me-too. I also like I’ve been such a supporter of it for so many years. It’s something that’s benefited me. There are some people that I’ve talked to that, you know, you would never guess that they were a consumer of cannabis but or even CBD for that matter because of the stigma that people don’t see that it doesn’t get you high that they’re coming out and saying thank you for being honest, thank you for coming to the forefront and actually being somebody who I’ve always thought was an intelligent person I always thought was somebody who likes to, you know, call a friend, and now that they know that it doesn’t change who I am. Even my family because I have a very conservative family and grandmother who was a big driver in my life, she’s also now one of my biggest supporters who I never thought she would have supported, you know, cannabis use or alternative wellness in general. You know, it was from the old school of, you know, take what the doctor tells you. And even from a religious standpoint, not understanding, you know, what the Bible does say in some regards, but there’s a lot of things that we can. Then, as we talk to each other more, it’s amazing how much positive feedback has been amongst my entire community. 

Now, I will say, there is a group that still will never find the value in this, but we don’t, we’re not necessarily here to help them, they’re never going to find value in this, there’s going to be a group that will always find problems with this particular industry because of some of the negative effects that they have seen. However, they don’t understand in some regards, that, you know, the regulations have driven those kinds of outcomes, or the regulations have caused people to question why regulations aren’t the right so I get very frustrated when we start talking about regulations because it’s what has created this stigma and was why you asked that question. What do conservative people in Connecticut truly believe? You know, are the benefits of this or how much do they really think that this is a beneficial product. It’s nice to be a, it’s nice to be on ? in that community where I’m not, I’ve studied enough, and I’ve done my research, I feel confident enough to talk about it intelligently.

Sonia Gomez: Well, good for you. I’m asking because I am blazing in on a plane into Connecticut for an expo there. And I will be a keynote speaker. I’ll be making announcements for all of the dates and locations and all of that fun stuff, but I will be in your state. Talking about this various subject and how we can again bring it all down to earth. There’s a very high flying stigma and you know, idea of what both the industry and the people who are in the industry look like and sound like and act like. And I call myself a stiletto stoner because I’m like, walking around in my red bottoms and my suits and like, nobody knows, until I you know, until they– Yeah, until they come to my house and I’m like, what you prefer Wiener weed. You know, and that’s the conversation. And it’s so funny to see like, my lawyer friends or you know, my banker friends or whoever. And they see me in such a posh environment and then they come and visit me at home and they’re like, it’s a new me-too movement where I’m like, Well, I’m, you know, I prefer not to smoke a Marlboro Light, but I will have some cannabis and they’re like, you too.

Todd DeWitt: Or it’s sort of like the you-too movement, right? It’s also you-too, really? Okay it’s great!

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, totally. Now, how old are your kids?

Todd DeWit: So I have a six and a four year old. So in pre K and in first grade, and getting back to your point before it’s amazing, the positive feedback from stressed out parents and also, you know, we’re starting to see a lot of online alternative solutions for our children. Right? My son has been recently diagnosed with Tourette’s. And he, you know, it doesn’t negatively affect our life. But what else is out there? What you know, what have we not looked at? If we know so much about, you know, the benefits of CBD and some of the anecdotal evidence that we have, what else is there and when you talk about, you know, neurology talking about how our receptors work, it’s amazing how the second the second, we take a second look at things we question things. A lot of alternatives come to the ballpark.

Cannabis Household Conversation

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, absolutely. What is going to be or have you thought about or perhaps you and your wife have discussed, what will the conversation be like in your household when it does come time to casually brush across, you know, the birds and the bees conversation of cannabis?

Todd DeWitt: So, we have this really cool approach with our kids, where you know, we don’t care if they curse. Curse in the right situations, don’t curse when you’re answering somebody who is your teacher or if you’re with your buddies, and you’re messing around, make sure you understand you’re with your buddies. And don’t be a bad person, you know. And so when it comes time for that, it’s sort of like everything else in life. We don’t really feel pressured to make it a big tipping point in their understanding of who we are. We will pull, we don’t necessarily ingest in front of our children or consume in front of our children. But we definitely do not hold it away from them as if it were something that was negative. But you know, we also understand that these kind of growing pains are life lessons are learning from alcohol, nicotine coffee, when I was young, 15 year olds weren’t drinking coffee and now there’s a Starbucks in schools placed in different places. So I think–

Sonia Gomez: I get a macchiato on my way in the class.

Todd DeWitt: When you’re 16 years old, you don’t have enough energy, I don’t think you need coffee. But that’s me being an old man right now right so that’s fair–

Sonia Gomez: I’m an old white man I must be.

Todd DeWitt: But the understanding of that the opposite of that is also hypocritical. So you know, there are ways to consume anything at the right time. Obviously smoking before a certain age messes with your body in a lot of different ways. And we want to be smart about it, you know, and not approaching things from a historical perspective that this is going this is the devil’s lettuce and this is bad for you. Well, smokings bad for you. Yes, I don’t disagree. But Cannabis, when consumed, is an all-natural product; it’s accepted by your body naturally. The side effects are minimal. And so yeah, so when we–

Sonia Gomez: I call it free-range parenting.

Todd DeWitt: Yeah. When we introduced this to our children will do it from a perspective that nothing is, you know, on a shelf somewhere that can never be touched.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, I really agree with that method. And I’m recognizing in the way that, you know, because I’m a little bit further down the line, I have teenagers, you know, things like that. So–

Todd DeWitt: With broken ankles out here.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah. With the considerations of knowing that where they’re at and the amount of exposure that they have here in Colorado, it’s definitely a part of the conversation. But what I love is that in our household, both their friends and themselves, talk to us really openly about everything, and we start to get the inside scoop on what’s happening. And there’s a whole trust factor that’s built through that feeling of safety and acceptance within our household. And I think that’s a necessary thing to bring, you know, to communities as well. And at the end of the day, that people that we’re serving in our communities locally, or even online, are looking for a place to belong, where they’re safe to ask the question. And get the information and education that they want and need without being, you know, bricked into a specific stigma of who you are now that we know. I mean now, what would you say is one of the most profound stories that you have heard or seen that just keep you motivated and inspired to stay on track with this mission for education–

The Story that Inspired Todd for his Mission

Todd DeWitt: So it’s actually one of the tougher stories because I’ve been in the adult use cannabis industry. I’ve been a participant for years. I’ve never seen the profoundness of what this does for us and so obviously THC and CBD have very different effects on the body. And the story comes from the CBD industry specifically, which is what happened in our store here at Leven. We were open for about three days. A person who came in this about six foot five, definitely worked out a lot. He was a an athlete and stuff some sort. And his first words out of his mouth were I hear this stuff can help me from stop me from killing myself. And it was super profound. It was something that changed the way I think about why I’m participating this industry. And so he came to the counter, I said, well, you know, we have to be careful about how we approach this, obviously, because this is a sensitive matter, right? person’s going to our time. And I said to him, you know, there are benefits, but I really want you to go see your doctor and talk to somebody about this. That’s a professional, it’s really important. And I said, if you’d like to take this with you, and he said, You know, I hear that this will, the doctor just described me twice my dose of Xanax and I already don’t want to take Xanax anymore. And why is he prescribe me twice as much when I feel this way already as it is. 

He took it, I gave him a bottle for free. I told him that please go talk to his doctor right away. And I really was worried about him. It’s something that I thought about the next couple of weeks. He came back in about three weeks later, with a smile on his face. It was really cool. And he bought two more bottles from us. And he came in and he said, You know, I really wanted to kill myself that day. I really, really did. And for some reason, I don’t know why I walked into your store. And he said, with his doctor’s help, he’s on half of this prescription of Xanax from the original dose, not double what his doctor prescribed originally, half of his original dose. And he’s been coming in every couple of weeks since and it’s I you know, we can’t say how much it helps but you got to believe in stories like that. And it’s, it’s changed the way I’ve run this business or I’ve thought about this business because, you know, I’ve always been a supporter and I’ve always wanted to do something that I loved and could work and in something that really meant a lot to me. And then that day it really changed to you cannot fail at this because you’re helping too many people. It makes a big difference.

Sonia Gomez: I’m over here crying.

Todd DeWitt: Sorry. Yeah, I’m trying to hold back tears, everytime I tell the story, I tear up a little bit. It tells me Oh, yeah. And it makes me happy because people like that, like, they didn’t, they were just not educated and the stigma that’s related to our industry, it sucks. So it’s nice to say.

Sonia Gomez: I am, the bulk of my work is getting to interface with consumers and I get to hear the good, the bad, the ugly of the products that are working on the marketplace right now. And, you know, there are a lot of really heavy opinions around isolate versus full spectrum versus distillate and all these buzzwords that are flying around but for me it’s the plant is the plant is the plant and how it shows up and how it’s used is you know grossly what our local government municipalities will allow. Nevertheless, the stories of transformation that I get to celebrate with our with our incredible community members and for those of you guys who are listening I love it shakes me to my core and I’ll share a story with you were I really felt like I used to I honestly I used to call on CBD diet weed. I’d be like this guy. I weed like every fall on this craze and I was I was tripping on it for a little minute there where I was just like this is some bullshit.

Todd DeWitt: You were second guessing the placebo effect.

Sonia Gomez: I was second guessing the placebo effect So, I, um, but then my girlfriend called me one day and she her son has mitochondrial disease, and she called me and she’s like, I’m just fine. I’ll try it, whatever it is, I gotta try. I’m gonna try it and send it over. So I connected her with a lady was close by, they chose to do a one to one based off of all of the different things that they were working on. And she called me a couple weeks later, hysterical crying, you know, blah, blah, blah. It was just like, I thought the kid had died because I was like the severity of the streak in the phone. I was like, great. You know, I’m gonna hear bad news right now. And when I finally got her to calm down, she said, I was like, What happened? And she said, My son’s still sleeping. It’s been eight hours.

Todd DeWitt: Full night’s sleep. 

Challenges Faced while Establishing his Brand

Sonia Gomez: Full night sleep. I slept with my husband last night. I haven’t done that since he was born, I am afraid to go back to sleep. Like breathing, everything is okay. Everything is okay. And she just kept saying everything is okay, over and over again. And since then we’ve seen like incremental and incredible improvements with her son. And she’s starting to help. She’s become one of our certified practitioners. She’s starting to help other moms in her area incorporate, you know, cannabis and hemp been to their treatment regimens, working collaboratively with the doctors. I quite literally still, like have these moments where I complete a world literally break down crying, knowing that like these types of transformations are happening for people. It’s almost unexpected science is only just starting to pull apart the why, you know, behind our bodies and how all of these things are working. It’s interesting to see companies and organizations like yours popping up all over the place where they’re really hyper focused on cultivating the relationship with the community, providing the education, but also the product that offers that instant gratification or, you know, experience that can back up everything else that science is discovering. When you decided to start your business, what what what were some of the, I guess from the time that you launched till now, what have been some of the challenges that you have been faced with while you’re on this path of transformation?

Todd DeWitt: Credit card processing? No, I’m just kidding. The FDA has no other lever to pull they tried to pull a different one with a different branch of the government which went into the banking system and said, you know, we’re gonna regulate the accounts that belongs to CBD companies because if you’re at a point 4% you’re now you know, money laundering and committing a felony. It stumped because we were nice to live with COAs to prove it, you know. And so that was a major challenge. Obviously banking and regulations along those side was tough. I’ve really, you know, a, I got lucky because I participate in the adult use industry. And there’s a lot of companies that are entering good companies that are entering the CBD industry that are having a challenge and finding quality products, you know, and I think quality products and inputs are a big piece of it. We got lucky because we did have a couple of relationships already in the industry. And we started on the right but other major challenges and by all means, when we think about different industries as far as new hires are concerned, we are one of the luckiest industries on earth because all the people that are coming into our industry, especially the young people are super passionate about joining this industry. 

So it’s not a typical issue, like traditional businesses, but the issues are teaching them how to be lawyers at 20 years old, you know, because we can’t say certain things and we can’t do certain things, and you know, what we enjoy in our own time is a very different thing than what we really do as a professional business. And we have to make sure that we understand the implications of what we do at work. So like, the training part of employees has been great that so much passion for it. Other obstacles, it has been a competition too. So you know, there’s a lot of negative news out there, then people try to depend on people. You can’t use certain words. So some people try to create problems for businesses. I guess that’s a typical business problem, especially when you’ve had some success, but typical business issues, and then a couple of regulations, a couple in banking issues. I think other than that, and a couple in supply issues, because quality and supply are the starting point. When you talk about the certificates of analysis and what you’re actually testing for and what you’re talking about, you hear the stories that I just talked about, it’s not just, you’re not going to a bar and having a beer with friends to changing, you’re trying to find a solution for something that a lot of other things haven’t helped with. So we want to make sure that we’re supplying the market with a product that is as best as it could be. That’s and other than that, our challenges, you know, typical business challenges.

We want to make sure that we're supplying the market with a product that is as best as it could be. - Todd DeWitt Click To Tweet

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, typical, and yet not so typical, like and the normal industry, you can get credit card processing, and no one looks twice that you but you know, here you have to give a sample and a kidney–

Todd DeWitt: I’ve run businesses for 15 years, I’ve never had a person from the company come to inspect my store ever, prior to operating Leven to actually see what credit card processing is allowed in the store.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, it’s pretty incredible. To watch and be a part of fortunately, we’ve bridged some relationships with some banks out of Manhattan who are friendly and have a whole compliance sector built in. So it makes it really super streamlined and that’s fortunate for a lot of, I’ll share that contact with you as well. Absolutely. And same thing with supply chain because of our extensive years in the industry. We’ve you know, bridge some really important relationships with manufacturers and suppliers and anything from flavor incense all the way through to, you know, the raw material. So it’s, it’s really cool to be a part of and I’m super proud of the progress that we’ve made with this unchartered territory. In this next segment, we are going to be doing what I call the words of wisdom. And knowing what we know now, I always wrap it this. Knowing now if we were right back at the beginning, what would be some key pieces of advice that you would tell your former selves as you were getting started that might help them shortcut their path to success?

Words of Wisdom

Follow your passion; don't just wait for something to come to you. - Todd DeWitt Click To Tweet

Todd DeWitt: A lot of people say, but I think it’s really, really true. Follow your passion. I should have moved to Colorado about 10 years ago, but I didn’t. My family’s on the East Coast, but really follow your passion, don’t just wait for something to come to you. Obviously, it’s been years for regulations to come to the east coast. I wish I started sooner. I wish I knew more. Because when you hear these anecdotes, your feedback, on these feedback from people it, I should have made a difference sooner. I wish I had a bigger voice when I was younger, to not only to myself and to my family, but to other people too. You know, you do want to listen, you know, you do want to make sure that you understand what you’re saying before you share it disseminated to other people, but the same token, saying how you feel is very different than telling other people how to feel. And so I think we should have a bigger voice as we’re growing up. And that 38 years old, I wish I would have started at 18. 

Other than that, I think if you’re going to get into this industry, and you would like to do it in the most efficient way, dive into it wholly, you know, there’s so much to learn, there’s regulations, there’s manufacturing, there’s product development, there’s packaging, there’s technology, there’s finance, there’s so many little things that go into it, that there’s always an opportunity for you somewhere in this industry to participate and make a huge difference. That the sooner you get into it, the more intelligent you’ll be as an adult, and your understanding of how businesses are run will be much more concrete getting into this industry in any other industry because you better run it right. But yeah, I think those are my big words of wisdom. I think you know, start younger have a bigger voice. Don’t be afraid to pursue something that you have a passion for because you will make a difference if you’re passionate.

Sonia Gomez: Man, such powerful words. Okay, I’m going to piggyback on with some words of wisdom–

Todd DeWitt: When you started in the industry, what would you say to yourself at a younger age, if you were to get into it 20 years ago instead of 10 years ago wasn’t?

Sonia Gomez: No, it was 20 years ago.

Todd DeWitt: Okay, nevermind your words of wisdom, well, everybody should listen to you. 100% because, you know, we all owe a lot to somebody who’s been in the industry for 20 years. You’ve been there when you’re considered a criminal.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, absolutely. So, here’s some things that I would say and and honestly, it goes right back in line with what you’re saying. And I’m just gonna add some whipped cream to the sundae that you already laid out there. Because it was good stuff, you know, really, really good stuff and at the core of entrepreneurialship that’s really what it takes. To be successful long term is that stick to itiveness. And it requires having a voice and being an irrelevant message and it requires having passion and purpose, you know, to build profitability. 

So some of the things that I will piggyback off of what you said is, this is a relationship business. And if I had to go back and look at what I did for so long, before relinquishing control, I was a control freak, I had to have control of every aspect. I had to know, you know, who was farming and who was doing this and this and that, and so on and so forth. Things that I had no fucking business doing in the first place. I had no business. I knew the piece that I knew and that was the area that I should have stayed focused in through and through up down left right and center and found the people who are a direct complementary with skill sets and assets to be a part of my ecosystem and found that together as one feeling 20 years ago that I was young and I was ambitious and I needed to feel like it was mine. 

And what I’ve learned is there are two different types of leaders. There’s the one who wants to be the one who knows everything and wants to share it all. And then there’s the leading learner a more quiet the doer, [inaudible] questions at the right time to accumulate the information to make the right decision at the right time. Warren Buffett is an incredible example of this. He watches watches watches, and there’s no better trader in the world. And you will not make a move if the timing is not right now. All of these young bucks are out there, just ship the ship, making it all happen. But Warren makes a very educated decision at the right time and has a lot of questions and accumulates a lot of information before making that move. So that’s what I would do is take your time and make sure that you understand when you do something is almost as important as what you do when you [inaudible] have more important than what you do. The second thing that I will say is the team will value you your time, every time. Building a team and cultivating a feeling of trust inside of your team. And knowing that every person has a unique contribution, and he’s the value that they’re bringing to the overall goal that will buy you your own time and freedom otherwise, you might as well just get a job because you’re going to be working every day anyways. 

Finally, the final piece that I will have is as a team leader, and you really have to look at yourself as an entrepreneur. As a Team Leader, you have to have a very clear vision and very clear goals. Without that very [inaudible] focus tracks, you want to be on your team doing anything they can do to support you. But if you don’t have a clear vision on where you’re going, everyone’s efforts are going to go through the drain. So you yourself get laser-focused on what you want to do and the way you want to do it, who you want to do it for, how you want to do that, and why. Why do you want to do what you’re doing the way that you’re doing it for the people that you are serving? And that my friend will help build a really solid foundation and make your mistakes at the beginning instead of the end of whatever it is that you’re trying to do.

As a Team Leader, you have to have very clear vision and goals. - Sonia Gomez Click To Tweet

Todd DeWitt: Very great. I couldn’t agree with you more that.

Sonia Gomez: Awesome.

Todd DeWitt: It’s almost like you know, you think about it when the last time of your day, about employees value at work. They don’t feel worth. Unless they have a focus and when you’re an exploding star going every direction was pretty much all your energy is not going in a direction it’s going away from the center. And I think focusing on what the core values are really drives a brain start. So that’s part of our teamwork. So–

Where to Find Them

Sonia Gomez: I love that. Well why don’t you tell us a little bit more about Leven and where we can find you. Where can folks find your products right now? Are you available online all of that good stuff, let us know.

Todd DeWitt: All the good stuff so Leven is a Dutch word for life obviously life is what our brand’s about, you can find us on the web at levencbd.com, on Instagram @leven.cbd. We’re running a contest right now for the holidays. Happy to for the participants to join us. And you can find us on Twitter @ Leven CBD. And we ship for free which is big, so–

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, that’s huge and almost nobody does that. I randomly got the hiccups–

Todd DeWitt: Amazon doesn’t do it anymore.

Sonia Gomez: I know, haters, Bezos is getting he’s [inaudible] okay for those of you guys who are listening in all of the social handles and websites will be listed inside of the blog that you can see right here around this episode. Make sure that you guys check out our show notes and highlights certainly the words of wisdom from today’s show. Probably some of my favorite because we talked about just foundationally what it actually takes to succeed in this space. If you are a budding entrepreneur check us out at theemeraldcircle.com and if you are a person looking for products you can depend to deliver the results that you’re looking for, check us out on medicalsecrets.com. Any last words, my dear friends?

Todd DeWitt: Live well have a good life. Spoken loud, come on. Smoke a joint. It really helps.

Sonia Gomez: That’s awesome. And probably one of my favorite closing lines. Guys, thanks so much for tuning in with us. I’m your host with the most, Sonia Gomez and this is The Hemp Revolution Podcast. We’ll see you on our next show.

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