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Why Combining Hemp and Entrepreneurship Changes the World with Jaciel Hernandez

Jaciel Hernandez has experience in the digital marketing space and uses his current brand and business as an experiment to kick it off the ground. The CBD industry presented itself to him in January of 2015. And without knowing much, he jumped into a sales rep position while learning directly from the CBD company’s co-founder. 

Today, Hemp Mentor is still a work in progress, although it remains constant improvements as time goes on. He’s doing an incredible job local targeting in his local area, and he’s providing astonishing information. And he’s implementing evergreen methods rather than relying on ads and some of the more traditional and expensive advertising methods to build his social media following his brand and the awareness amongst other entrepreneurs. 

In this segment, Jaciel shares his success in adding value to the industry, helping people by providing reliable information about hemp and cannabis, and how it’s changing our world.

If I could help people get into the industry, I know I will leave a butterfly effect where other people would change their minds and change the world. – Jaciel Hernandez

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Some Topics We Discussed Include

4:36 – Jumping in the hemp space
8:26 – Hemp Mentor’s mission
13:59 – CBD in Miami
25:01 – Jaciel’s eBooks
28:36 – Building customers through digital marketing
35:52 – The biggest challenge in marketing and advertising
40:42 – Where to find them?

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Today, we have another badass rockstar in the industry. Someone who has some experience in the digital marketing space and use his current brand and business as an experiment to kick it off the ground. The CBD industry presented itself to him in January of 2015. And without knowing much, he jumped into a sales rep position while learning directly from the co-founder of the CBD company. As they grew their team and sales, he became another sales rep disappointed and wanted to stand out from the pack, exploded internet marketing, which led him into a whole different kind of rabbit hole. 

Soon after, he was driving warm leads in his sales pipeline, and he was totally hooked. I mean, that’s happened to you guys. I know that when if you’re listening if you’ve ever driven sales and started to see the thing work. He’s a lose your freakin mind and go 100% down that trail, and this guy’s no different. 

By late 2017, he had learned what he needed to learn, and then. It was time for him to move on. The company succeeded greatly, but it was time for him to go out on his own. He freelance social media, advertising for other companies, including vegan restaurants, which I’m a huge fan of, so I appreciate the work in the world. 

And today, Hemp Mentor is still a work in progress, although it remains to see constant improvements as time goes on. And one of the main reasons why I wanted to bring him on to the show was because I’ve seen the vast improvements. He’s doing an incredible job local targeting in his local area, and he’s providing incredible information. And he’s implementing evergreen methods rather than relying on ads and some of the more traditional and expensive methods of advertising to build his social media following his own personal brand and the awareness amongst other entrepreneurs. 

He truly believes that hemp and entrepreneurship combined have the power to save the world. And his mission is to leave a legacy like Jack Herer and introduce hemp to game-changing entrepreneurs and industries. Put your hands together and help me welcome my good friend, Jaciel Hernandez. How’s it going?

Jaciel Hernandez: What’s up, guys? It’s going well. It’s going good. Thank you so much for the intro. I’m just here to add value to you guys. Anybody that’s in the cannabis or hemp industry, I want to add value to you because I’ve seen this plant change a lot of lives, and I’m just a believer in it.

Jumping in the Hemp Space

Sonia Gomez: Well, you got involved with this and a pretty interesting way, not really expecting to quote-unquote, be in the industry, but you got yourself a gig as a salesperson and then started to build Hemp Mentor, which ended up becoming your brand. What was your inspiration? First of all, why don’t you tell us a little bit about your background and what your inspiration was for jumping into the hemp space?

Jaciel Hernandez: Absolutely, so I was a concierge at a luxury condo. And 2014, I saw that Obama had signed something called the Farm Bill. I knew nothing about it. I just saw a clip on the news. And this whole thing, this new thing called CBD was available. I don’t even know what it was; the first thing I did, I went on eBay. I bought two different companies. I tested them out, to say the least, that they were trash. I mean, it was 2014, but I was curious about it. 

2015 the opportunity presented to me, and this guy had a successful dispensary and grew in Colorado, was launching a CBD company. I’m like, I need to meet this guy. I went to him. I was the first sales rep. I was going door to door doing what’s called consignment, and meaning let me just put this on yourself if it sells, it sells, If not, I’ll pick it up in two weeks. And that’s it, no risk to the business owner. 

I started doing that. I had no idea what I was selling. I was getting kicked out of smoke shops because they didn’t yet know what CBD was. I was getting kicked out of rehabs because they thought I was selling cannabis, and that’s how I learned, guys. This person became my mentor. This company is one of the largest manufacturers. I think they’re still the largest manufacturer in Florida. And the other company blew up. I was a sales rep. I had no idea what I was selling going door to the door eventually. There was more sales rep. 

We started doing phone calls because it was a lot more efficient and then doing cold calls, getting leads from online, and just cold calling the stores coming out with scripts. And it was all good. But like Sonia was saying, digital marketing changed my life when I was able to get not cold leads but warm leads into my sales system. It changed everything for me. Period. But I was against cannabis. So I used to be against cannabis at one point, I thought there was a reason why it was illegal. 

And honestly, I jumped in because it was a very controversial market. I love controversial markets. And I just thought this is really cool. I’m gonna jump in, and I’m gonna see what it’s about and seeing little kids. Like, it changed. Like, you’re like seeing like, really works. This really helps people that changed it for me, because I came from the paradigm that there’s a reason why the government wants this to be illegal. It’s for fair reasons to protect the public. That’s honestly what I thought. 

I jumped in because it was a very controversial market. - Jaciel Hernandez Click To Tweet

And that’s why if I could educate, if I could help people get in the industry, I know I will leave a butterfly effect where other people would change their minds or the people who change the world. Because when you see it for yourself, you see some people come out of a seizure, out of this oil in a bottle that’s FDA approved. You’re just like, wow, like and that things like, I had multiple experiences that I’m like, I gotta do something bigger. And that’s where Hemp Mentor was born. It was really born from a place where I’m trying to get more sales, and I’m trying to make more impact.

Hemp Mentor’s Mission

Sonia Gomez: Nice. I love that. And what was your mission when you created Hemp Mentors? Was it specifically to work with more like businesses and entrepreneurs? Or was it the customer that you had in mind? Like what really inspired you, and what was your mission behind Hemp Mentor?

Jaciel Hernandez: To be called something else? I don’t think I could say the name, but it was just an email list. Honestly, it was just an email list and a social media account, and I was just trying to drive traffic to me. I don’t even know what I was doing. I was, I had no idea what I was. 

But I started driving traffic to a specific line, and that line would bring, and that’s the leads warm. And it was just that, then I started looking into the history of hemp. I started looking at like because we all knew like, I don’t know if you guys seen like $1 bill as I grew up with George Washington on it. A lot of people have seen that, but I’m like, What is really mean? 

So I went to look at the history of hemp. And it was just really impressive how the US relied on hemp. At one point, like, and now it’s illegal. And I’m like, Wait, what? And then I started looking into hempcrete it’s fireproof. It’s mold-proof. Why don’t people know about this stuff? And I was in the CBD world, but I’m like there’s something bigger with hemp overall. Not only for health purposes but for agricultural, industrial. I mean, you could do so many things out of it. This hat is made from hemp. 

So that really, that opened my eyes. I’m like, I gotta do something bigger and I can’t do it all myself. And that’s why I’m like if I build a tribe of people that believe in this and entrepreneurs, I think together we could really make an impact and possibly change the world because honestly, it’s entrepreneurship. And I truly believe that hemp for the purpose for purposes like cleaning up the environment, substituting a lot of things that could be substituted with hemp such as plastic straws, petroleum, some medications, or cancer medications, but CBD overall. 

I think together we could really make an impact and possibly change the world because honestly, it's entrepreneurship. - Jaciel Hernandez Click To Tweet

And even like cabinets like if we could stop using wood for cabinets and make it from hemp. We could save a lot of trees, some of these trees that we’re cutting down on hundreds of years old and so much data, so much information those trees have, and we’re cutting them down to make paper. And it’s like, why not use hemp, like, this is what we need. So if I could spark that spark in an entrepreneur and they go do something different, and then I go with somebody else, and I go with somebody else, and they each go to something different, and we’re each our own leaders in our own companies making a difference. I think I honestly think that’s the way I honestly think that’s the way.

Sonia Gomez: I mean, you’re talking to a biased audience here, but I would probably say that most of us agree exactly with what you’re saying. Although I have to say that, I’ve come from California, which is sort of this like, universal bubble of what we believe around earth sustainability, we come out of the redwoods.

We were driving up and down the highway one on one where there’s these massive historical, like, for me, they’re historical monuments, these gorgeous trees that are the size of buildings. And right about a mile end to the forest. On the other side, the whole thing is clear cut. And if you fly from San Francisco up to Oregon or from San Francisco to Washington, you can quite literally see how badly the forest has been impacted by deforestation. And it is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen. And it says if we are like only preserving this portion so that we don’t feel all the way bad about removing that piece of history, but it’s pretty major. 

I’m actually excited at the opportunity to see the world quiet down a little bit right now because I think that we can see how quickly the earth can replenish your resources. If humanity isn’t trampling all over her, you know what I’m saying? So I think what you’re saying about replacing everyday household items that whether it’s a straw or a cabinet with a, you know, an easily restorative rejuvenating plant like hemp. 

I think we can see quite a bit of transformation happen very quickly, but I’ll tell you, in all my years of living in California was kind of like an underground joke like, Oh, these fucking hippies talking about biodiesel and hemp-based, you know, gasoline and here’s another fucking schmuck and his hemp sweatshirt like there was a real stigma associated with even clothing that was made from hemp you would automatically assume that they were a certain kind of a person or they’d be dubbed the quote-unquote hippie and not be really be taken seriously, which I believe is really unfortunate, and it’s interesting to see a decade later that those same people are still saying the same thing. 

CBD in Miami

However, now it’s a major trendy like it’s so trendy to have your straw bale house and to have your little hempcrete you know the structure or whatever it is it’s super trendy, so it’s pretty funny to me to watch that whole paradigm shift, but I’m really happy and embracing it with both arms as well. Talk to me a little bit about the landscape down in Miami. I know you’re pretty active in your community, and I know you worked for one of the substantial companies that are heavily involved with CBD now. How has Miami, which might as well be its own state and Florida by the way, its own country? How is Miami receiving and using CBD?

Jaciel Hernandez: Got it. Well, it’s pretty open. It’s a lot more open. Just with cannabis overall, it’s been open. It’s mostly CBD stuff. But there was a time in Miami, for example, with cannabis you would get in trouble like now it’s opened up a lot for a year there’s a place called Wynwood in Miami where people are just smoking weed-like, and people don’t know the cops don’t really care. But most people in Miami are more focusing on the CPP and obey on like the pre-rolls are huge. Anything with flower, anything with flower and hemp.

You have the older demographic going more for tinctures, due to the bioavailability and they don’t want to smoke for example, and it’s perfect for them or the topicals, but there’s a lot of with CBD, it’s honestly, a lot of people are just jumping in for the money. And I’m all for making a profit as a group. 

So in the market, from what I’ve seen, it’s really 20% of the companies that run the market. The rest, for the most part, are either white labels that do not seed to sale. And there’s nothing wrong with a bit. I see that a lot here, a lot here, like a lot of people that just start their own CBD company overnight. And they’re just trying to sell they’re not really focused on the product quality. I tested the products. I think the contract is just a product, and I’ve seen I seen different types of CBD. Not all CBD is legal at all.

But some people are just trying to launch products just to launch it. The formulation is all, the separation on the oil, that consistency is off, sometimes it doesn’t even have CBD in it. So, I think there needs to be, that’s why I push products that I believe in that I know help me because I could tell the difference. Like, and when you take enough CBD, you could tell the difference between good quality, a product that’s clean, and a product that just has a bunch of chemicals. I see products that are tinctures that have PG and like just crazy chemicals that you wouldn’t give a care if you can’t pronounce it. It’s just simple if you can pronounce it [inaudible]. That’s all I see it.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, but how is that even possible? Here’s something that I want to ask the Hemp Mentor. Why, please tell me why do we not have similar standards when it comes to our food? Every single day we are not only ingesting or like we’re ingesting and also feeding our kids and our animal products that are manmade, synthetic, certainly not organic. 

In some cases, like petroleum jelly, aka Vaseline, their oil derived from like, quite literally petroleum-derived products. And we’re putting them on to our skin, which is the largest organ on our body. We’re putting it into our bodies. I mean, we’re using them in every way, shape, or form, no matter what the warning signals are. Why do you think people are so scrutinized that their hemp products but not so scrutinized on their daily nutrition? What’s your opinion?

Jaciel Hernandez: I think it’s programming. It’s just that simple. I think it’s programming when it comes down to it because you see it with cannabis. Like, what cannabis was illegal. It was something cool that the kids did because it was cool, right? But, you know, like the older demographic, they’re like, Oh, no, that’s not for you that burns your brain cells. 

Now they’re getting introduced to another becoming more, and we’re used to it. But then even in that world, you find out that there are people that are financers that just have cropped in their products, and then there are good products, there are good quality products. People, I think they’re too, they identify too much with what FDA or certain groups say. And they just go by that. And if it’s FDA approved, it must be good because I fell into that group. I thought cannabis was bad for you. And that’s why it was evil. But I would eat meat every day I would wash my skin with petroleum-based soaps. And that was okay, because well, why else would they sell it in the store? 

So it’s a switch. And what opened my eyes the most is seeing the medicine work its magic. When I saw a kid that had to wear a helmet and couldn’t go to school, go back to school and run around Disney World. And doctors were hitting us up because they have nothing else. I mean, you look a sign of Figgy from Charlotte’s Web. I mean, just look at that story. Five years old, the doctors wanted to give her hospice. The moms are looking for alternatives. This thing where cannabis oil helps. It’s helped people in the past. 

She was based up to the Stanley Brothers out in Colorado, and they were growing the strain. They try it on her. She’s trying to feed the teenager know like, but they wanted to give her hospice. People are too comfortable with people telling them what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s permission. It’s like permission. 

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, you can’t speak for yourself. 

Jaciel Hernandez: Exactly, and that’s the sad part of it. I tell people just google it, man. Just do your research because everything’s hidden. It’s in plain sight, but it’s hidden. This whole plant has been in plain sight the whole time. And now it’s when it’s coming out to the public. Social media change the game because social media analogy channel you control you put what you want in there, and yes, there is censorship. I’ve gone deactivated mine got many ad accounts blocks okay deactivated, and I can’t get into them. 

This whole plant has been in plain sight the entire time. - Jaciel Hernandez Click To Tweet

But social media has opened up a lot of eyes where people see, and people now believe more influencers than the media. That switch is powerful, and it’s super powerful. And that’s why it starts with us, that’s why I say consume hemp. Because when you consume hemp, you’re not only helping the earth by consuming hemp, but you’re also like a walking billboard for hemp. That’s why I wear this shirt. I wear this hat of hemp seeds. 

Dude, I mean, CBD, I post this up because I become a walking advocate, a walking billboard for hemp. The more hemp I could promote, the more hemp grows, the more could help the earth. Now my goal with this is really doing the butterfly effect, leaving a bunch of helping a bunch of entrepreneurs does whatever the heck you want, as long as it involves him and, and just leave a legacy just leave a legacy with that. But you can’t listen to the media and just think that they have your interest in your best interests in mind because they don’t, um, you can’t just listen to like, these people that are funded, by your taxes, it doesn’t make sense if it doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense. You just do your own research pay for yourself. 

Google’s great read Jack Herer, like read books, like honestly, like wake up, because this cloud has been in front of us the whole time. Now everybody’s jumping in. But I mean, what else? You know, what else does that show up in my you know what I mean? 

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, totally. I completely know what you mean. I think it’s kind of polarizing people are becoming more aware and if there was a generation, like our baby boomer generation, certainly had a different kind of trust in the government and in society than is available now. Now the millennial generation and Generation X and whatever this next generation is called, they are a lot more scrutiny of the information. By the way, I had a question for you. Have you always looked like Bruno Mars, or is that just like a reason?

Jaciel Hernandez: Not at all. I’ve been I just like, dude, sorry, every now and then we’re just like, just do something like yeah, 2016 it was a beard. I had a really long beard. They wouldn’t let me in the airport at one point. But no, yes. 2016 was the year 2019-2020 has been the hair. I don’t know. I have no idea, to be honest. People call me out on stuff. And if they do it enough times, I know I’m doing a good job.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah. I love that I just had to ask because one time, this girl got on with me and she ended up actually being my hairdresser, a couple of my makeup artists for a couple of products or a couple of projects. And I kept asking her like, what I don’t know who you remind me of, but you look like somebody, and she’s like, it’s Lady Gaga. And I was like, yeah, did she tell you that you look like Lady Gaga and she was just like all the time. That’s why I decided to become an impersonator. And I make six figures a year just like attending a few parties a year playing Lady Gaga, and I was like, a girl that is tight like used to straight look like a monster clan right now. So good.

Jaciel’s eBooks     

Anyways, I just had to ask a little pattern interrupt there. You recently put out a piece of content where you’re helping folks understand how to get involved with the industry. Tell me a little bit about your ebook?

Jaciel Hernandez: Yeah, so ebook number one. I think I lost it in 2018. And it was just me, in front of my laptop. I’m like, I gotta get this information out there. It’s on my website. And it’s really for beginners. It’s for those that want to get their foot in the industry to learn hands-on. Let me tell you. I mean, I went to community college, graduate, I didn’t even know I graduated. I didn’t learn anything from business there. 

I learned the business, working inside of a startup, working rubbing elbows with people that I can learn from. That’s how I run the business. In a CBD startup, it was perfect. It was perfect. So the whole point of my ebook helps people get their foot in the door, whether that be as a sales rep, whether that be at Instagram account giving shout outs or doing reviews online for existing CBD products that they believe in, but just getting their foot in the door, learning whatever they have to learn. 

I learned the business, working inside a startup, working and rubbing elbows with people I can learn from. - Jaciel Hernandez Click To Tweet

Ebook two, which I’m launching this year, is for those who love taking that stuff and are ready to move on how to like, how to get around Instagram. For example, Instagram will deactivate; you can do certain things, use certain hashtags. But for example, if you use the hashtag weed, it’s like flown on Instagram. You can’t, you know, there are certain things that I had to learn the hard way I had to learn or getting deactivated at 18k on account that was making me, you know, I don’t know a few hundred bucks online and just an affiliate sales. You know, just one account. Boom. I had to learn these things. 

And if I could facilitate for others, then great if I could help you be successful with hemp and you do a lot of stuff with hemp you grow a lot of hemp because of you, there was a lot of hemp being produced, and then I’m grateful I can do it. And that’s it. Nah, it’s free. I’m not even monetized. Both of them are going to be free. Maybe the third one will be an Amazon, a physical book, and that will have a charge plus shipping or something. But yeah, both of them, yeah, they’re free.

Sonia Gomez: Well, let’s talk about the method for a second because I think it’s important to know for a lot of folks, I think the first generation hemp entrepreneur was really focused on mass distribution and pushing out products into physical locations. I think the second generation is primarily focused on the digital marketing realm. Some put one of those strategies on the back burner and went full bore on the other right like you were either in a strategy or a B strategy. And the other one was on the back burner. 

Now with COVID-19, we’re seeing everybody moved online. And it’s more important than ever to own the data so that you can mark it in multiple capacities. And messaging is everything, right? Like your messaging is going to help you monetize. So for you, you’re not charging right now. You’re adding massive value, and you’re building your list. Talk to me a little bit about the strategy, like why are you doing things the way that you’re doing it? Why are you not charging right now? I know the answer to this, but not everybody does.

Building Customers through Digital Marketing

Jaciel Hernandez: Well, you said it like right away. You want to own the data. Number one. Listen, that’s wisdom right there. You own the data. There’s a lot of things you could do with data that people don’t know about. For example, if you guys are into the digital marketing world, basically, you put a pixel on your website on Facebook, the pixel on your website, and you could retarget everybody that was on the website. Now with hemp cannabis, your ads account gets shut down, your pixel becomes irrelevant. And all that traffic that is in the pixel, Facebook owns the pixel, so you don’t own the data. You’re done. Unless they reactivate your account, you lost that data. 

So building out an email list, for example, you own the data. Now with me owning the data, let’s say, and I’m really hoping for this to happen tonight. Maybe it will happen one day, but let’s say Facebook like okay. We okay hemp for advertising. Now, I can literally upload all those emails into Facebook and create what’s called lookalike audiences. And let’s say an email list of 10K. I could automatic, and I could pick a time [inaudible] with very similar people to that list. 

So Facebook, Google, they have a lot of data, they track everything you do online and pretty much. So they basically got that person, that email, and you’re basically duplicating data. Basically, in simple terms, you’re duplicating data. And when you could do it, you can still [inaudible]. Why am I giving it for free? Well, yeah, it’s a lead magnet, I’m collecting emails and yeah, when you give me your email, you’re gonna get emails from me, and then that’s gonna build out my email list, but not only that, I’m, I’m building on my email list. I could duplicate audiences in the future, on Facebook allows it or if I do some, you know, talking or blackhat methods, so you know, out of Facebook and whatnot. 

With email, you’re a lot less censored when you could promote number one. So you could actually promote CBD products, you could promote THC products if you’re in a medical state, or that’s your territory that you could promote CBD a lot more freely than when you could do on even organic Instagram. And with email, I mean, you’re so powerful. You could read, you could like, so many things you can like you do funnels, people that haven’t opened your email, you could send them that same email with a new subject headline to see if they open it. The people that keep opening emails, like the people that it’s so powerful, especially if you create a list of purchasers. 

So let’s say, for example, outside of, and I’m selling hats. I create a list, and I create my email list, boom, I know 100 of these people bought my hat. I can literally upload those to Facebook and just do look like audiences with people that are 10s of buy sets of binding sites. Like it’s so powerful. I’m a nerd, but it’s so powerful, um, books like expert secrets by russellbrunson.com secrets It’s mainly the Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco these books will literally dissect what you know. They really helped me, and I don’t even know if I answered your question, to be honest with you, but I’m so like a nerd when it comes to this stuff.

Sonia Gomez: My phone hit, I accidentally hit the mute I was like yes, I love Russell Brunson. I love all three of his books that have just been so impactful for all the things that I learned and implemented in our business. And there are a few ninja strategies that we have ourselves just from working inside of the hemp industry, for as long as we have and where a lot of folks have gotten shut down or like you were talking about the challenges of getting shut down or not being able to do certain things as we’ve really been thriving and it’s all because we’re a really value-driven, education-based community that helps to empower individuals to make better-educated decisions on how they’re caring for themselves and really humanizing content. 

Like, nobody really understands yet even still like, what is the cannabinoid? Why does that matter what the endocannabinoid system is bare bone basic stuff like, we know about it because we talked about it every day? But in fact, like the consumer is just trying to figure out like, why should I use this instead of my aspirin? Why is this going to be better for me and ask answering the question, will this work for me? So for those of you guys who are listening, and you have to remember to keep it stupid, simple, or keep it simple, stupid, whatever you want. However, you want to lay it out; you just have to keep it super simple. 

But you know, to pare into what you were saying as I attest to this 1,000%. There was a time where I was many chats, which is a tool online to build your messenger list was a really powerful tool, and it was a new tool, and we had built our audience to over almost a million people, and we implemented the chatbot just to see what would happen. And over like a six to nine-month period, we built a chatbot up to 453,000 people or 456,000 people. 

And at the push of a button, we could get, we could notify people that we were going live, we could notify people when we were sending out a new lead capture or free report, we could send people offers to buy CBD all through the messenger chat. And we could generate hundreds of new customers, you know, thousands, 10s of thousands of dollars in sales thousands of people who are opting in and clicking through, and it was just a hyper-engaged way to keep people excited about who you are and what you were doing. 

From there, you siphoned folks off into your email list, and we built an email list. I’m not even sure how big it is right now. But through our email list, and honestly, I don’t even do the best job of communicating with my email subscribers. Sorry. Guys about that, but you know, we built out this email list and every single time, so they have this massive following on social media and then a little bit less will come on to your messenger and a little bit less will come into your email list and even less than that will open your email list and fewer we’ll buy your stuff. 

However, as you build up, ten at a time, 100 of the time 1000 at a time that buyers list. It’s Dan Kennedy said it best you create a funnel, you create a way for people to buy from you so that they can continue to buy from you so that they will continue to buy from you. And that’s what you have to do. You continue to generate value in a way that builds the list that builds the community and ultimately builds your bank account. 

The Biggest Challenge in Marketing and Advertising

That’s like, you know, some of the heat that I’ll drop right there, but I want to ask you, I want to ask you another question and marketing tends to be one of the biggest issues that folks talk about when it comes to building and growing their business. Where do I spend my money? How do I, you know, how much should I be spending? Who do I trust? The other thing is banking and advertising that is banking and merchant processing, which has been a huge challenge for the industry, in your sector, your facet of the industry, what has presented itself to be the biggest challenge for you outside of marketing and advertising and those nuances?

Jaciel Hernandez: Definitely, merchant services are really out there. Definitely merchant services. When I got started, honestly, it was even unrelated to marketing. When I got started, what really held me back was me knowing that I was going into a market, and my family and a lot of people that I grew up around weren’t going to support me. Very close people and just being okay with it. That was like my number one thing that honestly was it’s unrelated to marketing, but once I was able to get over that and I saw what this plant does for me, everything was a game-changer. 

But you want to towards marketing you want to towards the industry because I can mention a few. In the industry, it’s consistency if you’re doing like a white label, it’s making sure that you always have consistency in you know in your oil, it’s no separation, it’s always a consistent product that person could deliver every time. When it comes to digital, I mean I’ve done Facebook ads, I’ve been on a mission with me, I’ve gone Facebook reps. If you go to my personal Instagram my previous post, I’m actually at Facebook, the headquarters in Miami, but they have an office here in Brooklyn, and I’m there signing the wall. 

I wrote hemp for the masses because [inaudible]. I’ve gotten rejected and kicked in the butt by Facebook so many times after spending thousands on building up an ad account, and then just overnight, it’s gone. So, yeah, evergreen, for me, it’s evergreen, like, honestly, you could use ads to help you scale to help you grow. But just know that I mean when it comes to hemp, and cannabis is probably not going to be accounted for. So if you could use it to drive traffic to an evergreen funnel, then deal with it. But if you’re going to rely on ads for your business or for your affiliate products or whatever, I really don’t suggest because the moment your ads, turn off your money.

Sonia Gomez: And what’s next for you and have a mentor? What do we have to look forward to?

Jaciel Hernandez: A local meetup group in Miami. Obviously, free local meetup group in Miami, where other hemp professionals could connect and whatever, just add value. But I want to focus more. I want to focus more on the content that people aren’t talking about. I’m not even talking about CBD. I’m talking about real estate investors or people that build houses, real estate investors, people that flip houses that have to like deal with contractors. You know how we can make a greener home using hemp cabinets, certain parts of the house could have hempcrete. It is just implementing in daily life. 

You know, there’s a company called headstrong. They follow me on Instagram. They’re making straws from him. Everybody hates paper straws. Everybody. Everybody’s like paranoid with the plastic straws feeling guilty because of, you know, the pollution and the turtles. And then you got headstones. That’s amazing. So everyday products that people use that they don’t even realize they’re using, like napkins that Rica substituted into hemp. Boom, it’s game over like it’s little, it’s a little by little, it’s not going to be overnight. And it’s little by little on and then helping others through that. Because if enough people do it, we could definitely make an impact.

Where to Find Them?

Sonia Gomez: Totally agree. Where can folks find you if they’re interested in following your journey or joining you in one of your meetups?

Jaciel Hernandez: So you could PM my Hemp Mentor on Instagram or Facebook. My personal account is Jnugs on Instagram and hempmentor.com. Get Your FREE eBook, take advantage of it. I’ve gotten feedback about it, definitely take advantage of it. And if there’s anything there that you think I should add or, or anything at all, just hit me up on really, you know, just DM me or message me on the website contact us or whatever I’m really responsive too. So my audience, my tribe.

Sonia Gomez: Amazing. I’m super excited to have you on the show, J. I think like, what you are up to and how you’re starting and what you’re doing like this. It’s a marathon, you know, it’s not a sprint, and you really have to just like take your time, pace yourself and do the right things at the right time, and there’s no better time than the beginning to build yourself. List because anytime that you release anything, you know, your tribe can follow you and follow along with what you’re doing. So I commend you for implementing those things. I’m so excited to celebrate the upcoming success that’s inevitable for you. And please continue to use me as a resource. You know, as you continue to build and grow. It’s going to be exciting times for sure.

Jaciel Hernandez: Right, but I got you, I love what you’re doing.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, thanks so much. For those of you guys who are tuning in, I’m so grateful to you guys as well for being a part of our Hemp Revolution community and the Medical Secrets family. As you know, we live to serve you every day. So continue to leave your feedback and let us know what your burning questions are about the industry. 

If you’re someone who’s looking for products that you can depend on to deliver the results you’re looking for, check us out at medicalsecrets.com. We have some great finds in the inside of the marketplace. And some of our absolute best and favorites that have been personally vetted through us. And if you are a budding entrepreneur or business owner in this space, I’d love to hear your story. Shoot me an email at sonia@medicalsecrets.com, and I will look forward to connecting with you further. I’m your hostess with the mostess Sonia Gomez, and this is the half revolution. We’ll see you at our next show, guys.

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