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Why Are CBD Payment Processors Important and How to Choose the Right One for Your Business? Interview with Livia Caudell and Cary Flanders

Livia Caudell and Cary Flanders

Livia Caudell is a conscious entrepreneur, international speaker, and founder of several companies, including Integrity Payment Processing Inc. Integrity Payment Processing is a payment processing company that stands for honest and transparent business practices. Livia finds the most joy in educating and empowering business owners about how payment processing works and all of the different pricing models available today. 

Cary Flanders is Livia’s partner in running her payment processing business. He’s the CEO and founder of First Direct Financial. They do support almost everything from restaurants, car dealerships, speakers, to now they’re one of the leaders in the CBD and hemp space. 

In today’s segment, Livia and Cary uncovers and shares the truth about the processes in the payment processor and how business owners can save a lot of money by avoiding junk fees and getting the best solutions at the lowest rates.

It’s really challenging to get through in the CBD space. And so now we’ve got some great solutions that are long term. – Livia Caudell

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Some Topics We Discussed Include

2:23 – Getting in the payment processing industry
9:55 – Offering solutions to ideal customers
16:06 – Processing fees and business details
22:13 – Application process
24:04 – How to be onboarded in IPP solutions?
26:02 – Refund policy
28:59 – Final words

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Sonia Gomez: Hey guys, Sonia Gomez coming to you from Denver, Colorado. This is another badass rockstar episode of The Hemp Revolution podcast and today we have a unique and yet highly sought after guest super excited to share and introduce them to you here in just a moment. But first for those of you guys who are tuning in, check us out on if you are looking for products you can depend on to deliver the results you’re looking for. And check us out on if you are a budding entrepreneur looking for relationships, resources similar to the one that you will see here on today’s episode, to help you troubleshoot and get past that glass ceiling that I’m certain that if you are part of this industry you are already hitting it is our mission to bring the truth about cannabis and hemp to you so that you can make empowered decisions about how you want to care for yourself, the people that you love the conditions that you may be suffering from, but also how we can work together as entrepreneurs and business owners to uplevel the way that we are building and growing this incredible industry. 

In today’s episode, we are going to be sharing with you the merchant processing solution that all of you guys who are in business or thinking about getting into business needs and wants that you can effectively sell your products and services online and offline. Here to share a little bit more about those details, background and how and why the solution is should be your first and go-to choice for your processing solutions is our good friend Livia, and Cary, how’s it going, guys?

Livia Caudell: Going? Good. Thanks for having us! 

Cary Flanders: Going great. Yeah, thank you.

Getting in the Payment Processing Industry

Sonia Gomez: Yeah. Super excited to have you guys on here. I cannot tell you in the hundred and eight people that I have interviewed, and the thousands who are coming through the queue. Merchant processing is one of the top three challenges that I hear from every single business owner. So I’m really excited to dive into what the solution can offer. But first, why don’t you each take a moment to share with us who you are, what your background is and how you got involved in the industry.

Livia Caudell: Yeah, so I’ll start. My name is Livia Caudell. And I’ve been in the payment processing industry for about three years now. And Cary is one of my, you know, most favorite partners, we got started in this business when I was just new to it. So we’ve been known each other for a long time. And yeah, one thing that’s been, you know, really challenging to get through is the CBD space. And so now we’ve got some great solutions that are long term solutions. And I’m sure Cary is going to dig in that into that a little bit deeper. But I’m excited to help any of you entrepreneurs. I know at the end of the day, you got to be able to take money to keep your business in business. And so this is a very important piece to it. And this is a real long term solution. So with that being said, I’ll let Cary take it away and share more about that.

Cary Flanders: Yeah, thanks, livia. Yes, my name is Cary Flanders. I’m the CEO and founder First Direct Financial and where you are what’s called a full service payment processor. We do everything from restaurants, car dealerships, speakers, to now we’re one of the leaders in the CBD and hemp space. I’ve been in industry for almost five years got into it. So you stone a bunch of different companies, from car dealerships to bars and clubs to network marketing companies. I always hated dealing with merchant processors. So I decided I can do it bigger and better than most of the providers. And here we are. So far, so good. 

Sonia Gomez: And low and behold, you were right. I mean, merchant processing has never failed to be a challenge. I used to work quite a bit in the live event space space, being a speaker to facilitate sales. And I mean, never failed. We always had some sort of like, block or hold or, you know, reserve or whatever, when we had an influx of cash coming in. So I’m so happy that you’re coming from the clients perspective in the way that you’re building your solutions for multiple industries, but certainly for CBD. And as you know, there are some pretty unique challenges associated with building and growing a CBD company. Banking has prevented and in some cases compromised a business’s ability to grow. I mean, I’ve watched people go from multiple six figures a month down to, you know, less than five figures a month when the Elavon Exodus took place. Kerry, can you share with me a little bit about your solution for CBD?

Cary Flanders: Sure. So like everybody else, actually, when we got into this, we were one of the what’s called the test ISOs for Elavon. So we helped Elavon launch their CBD program. It was now a year ago, July. So we had about a six month head start before they launched it to everybody. In which we thought was the end all solution worked great till March, then they came out and they were stopping, you know, merchant services for everybody. So at that time, we took it on ourselves the big well find our own solution. So they’ve been dependent on somebody else. 

So step one was we had to find a, it’s called the sponsoring bank, we went and found the bank on a Manhattan so we now have So direct relationship with Metropolitan Commercial Bank of Manhattan in New York’s in the state of New York. Next challenge, we had to have a platform to run it on. So we went and built our own platform, then, for people that are in the industry, they’ll know what I’m saying. It won’t make sense for people that aren’t, but we run on what’s called the pieces rails. So we went and built our own switch and been through TCS, and so it was pretty much our own network on the make it makes sense. It’s almost like if we were a cell phone company be like us, piggybacking on say, the Verizon network. So we’re piggybacking on one of the top two networks in the country, which makes sure transactions settlements and funding happens, you know, daily on a timely basis for the merchants. Once we got that together, it’s the process of integrating it all where it works, and that the whole process took us almost a year about nine months, about nine months. We launched last week, and now we are a full-service processor for people in the CBD hemp industry. Then we go into more [inaudible] asked me questions about the type of products we can or can’t do or just go right into it.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, absolutely. I will ask you about that. But I’m going to talk a little bit more about the tech infrastructure first, just to make sure that we have a thorough picture of what the capabilities are a lot of the challenges with these subsidiary merchant processors has been, you know, they don’t integrate with the, you know, technology that we have to use in order to promote our businesses, one being Click Funnels, another being, you know, lead pages, whatever it is, they don’t integrate. You have to have all of these, you know, I’m virtually tech tarted. So in my explanation, I might sound Elementary, but you have to have all of these, you know, partnered software’s to make things talk to each other. You have to disguise them or whatever it is, in our process, it’s expensive. It’s time it costs us a ton of time. A ton of money, team, I mean, It’s ridiculous what we have to do in order to get our merchant processor to accept money and then transfer it over to our thing and have it integrated into our sales funnels or sales processes. Do you integrate with these technologies or sales funnels?

Cary Flanders: Yes. How that works is a lot of that depends on the gateway service use. So we integrate with almost every gateway out there. We even have our own gateway. And we actually manage that for the merchant. So once we get a merchant, what’s called a mid a merchant ID number, then we set up there. We set up there, I’m sorry. We set up their what’s called their gateway service. So we help them help manage it and run it for them and all of our gateways will connect with every shopping cart. So WooCommerce there’s a hemp, and Livia can attest to most of these Shopify. You guys don’t even know more than I noticed, because there’s so many elemental. Yeah, honestly pretty close attention to it, but if there was a shopping cart, we can integrate, and then it’s a seamless process from your checkout page to us transactions get run then, perhaps the next day.

Livia Caudell: Yeah, so in some cases, Sonia, so for Shopify, they’re going to need, which is no problem. As soon as we get the approval, we literally create a gateway and the gateway– and the merchant essentially just integrates their shopping cart. So whatever platform Shopify, you just go in, and you click your payment processor, you put your username and password and boom, it’s done. Click Funnels would be NMI gateway. So with every platform, depending on what platform they’re using, integrated and it’s super easy and seamless.

Cary Flanders: We have our own internal support staff that helps. We help every merchant with that. So we have a full service support staff here on site. Once people get approved–

Offering Solutions to Ideal Customers

Sonia Gomez: In my mind right now, there is a full bore gospel choir, like in my mind right now. So if I start jumping around screaming Hallelujah, don’t mind me. Okay, so now let’s talk a little bit about the ideal customers and what products work, what businesses work, which ones we have to wait a little bit on, I understand that you guys are, you know, fledgling in the space, although you’re offering a ton of different solutions. We also understand that there’s some aspects of the business that are just not worth running the risk for right now at the state of affairs. Can you share with me who are those ideal customers and who are the ones that have to wait a bit longer before you can offer solutions to them? 

Cary Flanders: Sure. So this time, but we do e commerce only so there’s no retail locations. We do expect sometime between first and second quarter of next year. The rollout with retail, the reason for that is we need to we have to keep the solution compliant. That’s why a lot of solutions are up for three or four months and then get shut down because they don’t have the compliance piece behind it. So we do have to make sure that the merchants are selling products that are illegal to ship and sell in the United States. And then for those few states where I believe like South Dakota, you’re not allowed to ship to, and I know no gummies and state of New York and there’s a few of the restrictions, we monitor that and hope when we’re setting up the gateway to work, the shopping carts will add those restrictions. So for somewhere, it’s prohibited to ship a certain type of product that’ll be set up in your gateway, so you can’t ship those addresses. 

The reason with retail we don’t have the software out yet to monitor those transactions to make sure that when they’re actually swiping [inaudible] that they’re truly handing over the client, the product that was swiped as far as the actual products we will do, and this has changed since probably since we’ve spoken before. So we will do almost every type of CBD product out there, including vape and flower on a limited basis, yeah, so we will look at vape. We will look at flower, but it’s a case by case basis so just because a merchant so says selling CBD vape does not mean you’re guaranteed approval, we’re going to look at the financials we’re going to look at the COAs closely to make sure that the products don’t have any harmful chemicals. So that is available now whereas before we were not doing bank [inaudible], but we just changed that as of Monday. 

Sonia Gomez: Yay so exciting. 

Cary Flanders: On case by case. Yeah, and we will do startups but not for vape and flower. Vape and flower companies need to be established before we’ll look importing them. But for new CBD company selling lotions, tinctures, you know, pet supplies you pretty much name it, but that’s not a problem. They can be new, they can be existing. There’s no limitations. We do requests COAs on each and every product. So where it’s a little different than some of the past processors that have tried it is we don’t take a blanket CMA just for say a merchandise a bucket of isolette then mix on product gives us the COA for the isolette they bought that won’t work. Every product that’s on their website has to have its own specific COA honor–

Sonia Gomez: So it’s all a tincture, a facemask, a gel cap. Each individual product has to be match tested with the COA delivered and disclosed at the–

Cary Flanders: It has to be a full spectrum COA, so not just the THC levels, we need to make sure that there’s no heavy metals, no pesticides and other dangerous chemicals. It’s for the protection of the merchant as well. I mean, obviously they don’t want to sell a product that can cause damage to someone.

Sonia Gomez: Well, you can wrap it up to say that it’s both for your guys’s protection but also setting a standard for the industry. Importing to uplevel the way that we are just, you know, developing and distributing products if it’s possible for the merchant to participate in that for me that’s like, I feel like I actually have a partner both in compliance and in quality which will support my positioning in the marketplace as a business owner. So I think that’s fantastic. 

I love that there’s such a heavy emphasis on the compliance piece. Because, you know, let’s be frank like with the new studies that are coming out products are being sold and distributed who don’t even have active cannabinoids in them. There’s major contrast between what’s in the bottle and what’s on the bottle. You know, so I love that you guys are involved in that whole process and building it into the compliance piece of your guys’ business and qualifying people to be able to do business through and with you guys. That’s fantastic. So I’m going just to reiterate that you stated any product that is being developed and sold and distributed online. If they, if somebody from South Dakota or from New York or anyone of these states to do have restrictions, let’s say somebody in New York tried to buy gummy bears, they would not be able to complete their purchase through the site because of the restrictions that the merchant would put on to stay in compliance. 

Sonia Gomez: Correct [inaudible] Okay. And then you invite both startups if they’ve never sold a product and established business, businesses of all sizes to come on, is that correct?

The goal is to have a good and fair solution for everybody, not to do a money grab - Cary Flanders Click To Tweet

Cary Flanders: Correct. Startups are allowed and in most cases, I mean, it’s not guaranteed, but 95% or higher the cases there’ll be no reserves either. So the goals, you know, the goal is to have a good, fair solution for everybody, not to do a money grab, as a lot of people have gone out and done where they just looking to see how much money they can make by processing this industry. We’re in for the long haul on this. As the market grows, we want to be the leaders in the space. So we want to have a fair and, you know, good long term solution for everybody. And that’s why we’re so strict my compliance side too. Because we’re not looking to do this for six months or a year, we’re looking to do this for the next 15 to 20 years for everybody.

Processing Fees and Business details 

Sonia Gomez: Amazing detail. Okay, and then finally, let’s talk a little bit about your processing fees and some of the details that business can expect when they sign into your solution.

Cary Flanders: So the fees that we do everything by a flat rate, so it’s going to be between $395 to $695. In most cases, a lot of it’s tiered based on the volume of the merchant. So the higher the volume will the lower the fee. And like I mentioned, unless there’s an issue with the underwriting, we’re not going to charge a reserve or if they’ve had past issues in the past, but almost all cases no reserves. It’s next day funding. It’s pretty straightforward. So no application fees, we don’t nickel and dime with a bunch of just junk fees or no small monthly statement fee a small compliance for your $15 a month. There’s no minimums. So, you know, just because they’ve been the compliance fee and then any patches, you know, obviously if there’s chargebacks or you a chargeback fee or asset fees, normal scanner fees that every merchant processor charge regardless of industry,

Sonia Gomez: And do you do a per transaction fee?

Cary Flanders: So yeah, sorry and 30 cents a transaction, my apologies. 

Sonia Gomez: Okay, and then when we are we’re originally speaking you were mentioning and I’ll just backtrack and say a lot of folks have had to resort to the beta program inside square and many are wearing it as a badge of you know, pride and saying like, I got approved for the beta program and I’m sitting over here being like, but still quite nervous because in a similar fashion to Elavon, hundreds of people a week are being on boarded into the solution is little to no check on the business and the compliance and you know, almost instantaneous of– 

Cary Flanders: I gotta be a little careful how I say it like specially on a podcast. I mean, we hear rumors, we’re in the space, we talk to people daily. I mean, this is what we do. I know they’ve used their onboarding, automated onboarding tool to board a lot of merchants, which, you know, how are they using automated onboarding tool if they’re not collecting COAs and other other items. So I mean, it just that’s heading for trouble. Because as an audit happens, and we all get out of them in the space, what happens then, so you didn’t collect a COA, you have no proof that this product is compliant. You’re not doing G2 monitoring. For again, we did G2 monitoring all accounts, we’re always monitoring websites, make sure nothing illegal or websites change. Some of the new products added we asked for the COA right away. 

We’re on top of that where I know square does not have that, and then take away the compliance piece for most people built with a square. If something doesn’t reconcile, right, so you processing 15,000 1 week, you go to reconcile, and you only got 14,000. Good luck in holding somebody at square their customer service is zero the nonexistent thing if you’ve never tried, I try just to try to call them to ask a general question google square look up the number and try to get a hold of somebody. You know we offer live support not only through our bank and us. I mean, we answer emails or texts we call the merchants. We’re here to help. So I mean, we’ve had some large merchants seven-figure a month merchants that have no square already switched back to us. They couldn’t wait to get away from square.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, well, in my opinion, you have to have multiple solutions anyways. And certainly when you’re dealing with a mainstream company who doesn’t have a lot of the infrastructure in place to filter through the type of businesses that they are supporting. There’s it’s just not building a very strong foundational piece to grow on, so I always recommend having multiple solutions. But one of the things that caught my attention when it came to the rates was the fact that you guys have a meter beet policy. And if somebody can prove that they have been signed in with one of these other merchants, you had mentioned that you’re willing to–

Cary Flanders: To provide an existing statement or you know, the square spreadsheet or I can do the math ourselves. We’ll, the very least match it or not either–[inaudible] ongoing policy. [inaudible] approve so we have our agreements work with our banks, and our deals. Please give us the additional pricing if we can prove the gamble itself.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, love that. Well, for those of you guys who are tuning in and has been into the square beta program, congratulations, anything to bridge the gap so that you can continue to do business is amazing. But at the end of the day, you really want to find a stable solution that can offer you continuous and accessible support as you’re growing and building your business. So this can be an amazing transition piece for you and offer you a more permanent, secure solution for payment processing. And what I’m hearing from both Livia and Cary is that this is a collaborative relationship, they want to be able to build and grow the infrastructure to be in support of the success in this industry. And you are a key part of that. 

So please, what you can provide in the way of feedback, frustrations, you know, necessities is so key for any one of these solutions that are coming online, especially ones that have these pillars of moral code that come along with their company in the way of compliance and, you know, quality of service, so on and so forth. So really helping us to up level the way that we are operating as an industry. Our collaborations make them is even a more valuable relationship. Livia, you are managing a lot of the customer relations when it comes to applications and things like that. Can you share with me the application process for people who are interested in using this as a solution?

Our collaborations make them is even a more valuable relationship. - Sonia Gomez Click To Tweet

Application Process

Livia Caudell: Yeah, absolutely. So if you’re interested, you know, Sonia will give you my email address, just simply email me. And then I will reply to the email and send you, there’s a couple of documents, there’s going to be a merchant questionnaire, which basically has all the information for the merchant, the business, the ownership, etc. So I need all of that information. So I can fill out the application. I don’t expect people to fill it out. I will fill out the application just because it can be, you know, confusing some of the questions. 

So I’ll send a merchant of the questionnaire, also a document checklist. As you know, Cary said we need CEOs on every single product. So my request is just to make sure you send over exactly what we’re requesting because I’m going to come back and say hey, we can’t do anything until you get this document submitted. So just be as thorough as possible when it comes to the document checklist, all fill out the application. And then there’s another form. It’s Terms of Service that just needs to be initialed on each of the pages. And then the very last page, it needs to be signed. So it’s pretty straightforward. It’s very easy. And then Cary, can we get that electronically signed, by the way? 

Cary Flanders: Yes [inaudible]

Livia Caudell: Okay, perfect. So then that’s what I would do. So I would fill out the application, and then I would send it to the merchant to have them sign the terms of service and their application. And that’s it, and then [inaudible] submitted to the bank. Cary, I believe we’re looking at what three to five business days or does that seem a little bit longer?

Cary Flanders: Yeah, well, we’ll be to that shortly. We have a slight backlog just because it’s, like I mentioned, the solution just launched on the first. So we’re less than two weeks into it. We had a little bit of a backlog that we’re working through quickly. We’re getting about 15 approvals a day right now. We believe by first part of December, we’ll be done about three to five day turnaround. Right now it’s about two weeks.

How to be Onboarded in IPP Solutions?

Sonia Gomez: Amazing. What are some other key pieces of information that our clients need to know, to be successfully on boarded into your solution? Or did we cover it well?

Livia Caudell: Yeah, you know what one thing I would say, and this is gonna be in the merchant questionnaire, it’s going to ask them what software they’re using, or what platform they’re using. So it’d be very good to know obviously, if they’re using Clickfunnels, Shopify, so I know and can put on the application which gateway that we need to get you set up on. So we’re not going back and forth a ton of times from underwriting to you. But I will make sure that information. 

Cary Flanders: In terms of service, make sure we’re going to ask for all your policies. So we want to know your refund policy, your Terms of Service, delivery policy. You know, we asked for all those links, and we review that, again. It’s not that we’re trying to scrutinize we’re again, trying to make sure that you’re compliant because we do follow every you know, we keep on top of the laws and the rules with each and every state and we’re not those type of merchant as well. So they’re not by living laws. Because when when the banks or the card brands like Visa MasterCard get upset [inaudible] , they just don’t find they don’t come after us to come after everybody. So —

Livia Caudell: Yeah, so basically Sonia, usually at the bottom of the website or you know, Shopify or whatever, there’s usually Terms of Service and refund policy, we’d make sure that you know, have that complete. And then for the merchant to send us those links in the email with the document checklist and their information. So we have that is very straightforward.

Refund Policy

Sonia Gomez: Is there a preferred let me ask you this, because I remember what it was like for me when I was navigating and starting my own business or when I’m working with a lot of startups, you have no fucking idea what should be on the terms of service or what is an attractive refund policy. You’re just kind of just throwing it out the wall, trying to figure it all out. So maybe you can share a little bit of insight briefly like what is an ideal refund policy, for instance, or what are some like key things that should be included in terms of service for startups?

Cary Flanders: That’s a tough one just because I, honestly we don’t we review it to make sure it’s compliant, but we really don’t dictate what it is. I see. So we’re more looking to make sure they do have a refund policy if they, you know, yeah, man, it’s more for when if someone does a dispute, we know what their guidelines are to make sure it’s disclose. It’s more about– 

Sonia Gomez: So it could be two weeks or 30 days, there’s not really a standard? 

Cary Flanders: Yeah, there’s not really a standard with them. I gotta be careful. Well, we’re not we can’t give you that advice as well. We can help and tell you something’s out of compliance, but I can’t tell you exactly or tell a merchant what to have on there. I would usually you know, recommend look up in your first start with your home state. Look up what some of your standard you know, consumer laws are and start with that every state’s slightly different. If you pretty much stick them in there close to the same. So if you stick to those guidelines, then you should be you know, you should be saved.

Sonia Gomez: I always defer to legal on that question. So– [inaudible]

Cary Flanders: Talk to an attorney to [inaudible] 

Sonia Gomez: For those of you who are tuning in and are in the startup phase, your web designer or legal or there’s also resources for compliance who can advise on some of those terms and services. When you’re a member of The Emerald Circle mastermind we give examples of terms and service and refund policies. I just wanted to see if there was a standard that they could offer but we certainly have those resources available with The Emerald Circle membership, and also some relationships that you can leverage to get just a you know, a quick consultation to make sure that everything all the copy and all of the things, product descriptions, a test to use of testimonials, all of those things are compliant, both FDA–

Cary Flanders: Medical claims, that’s a good one we do look for medical claim So you cannot make any medical claims you can’t claim like oh, it’s gonna cure cancer or gonna cure Alzheimer’s or–

Sonia Gomez: The words that are and are not okay to use even references and the way that testimonials are being used in your mainstream platforms there’s some really specific ways to navigate your way through all of that and how to effectively use testimonials or case studies without using medical claims. There’s some directive advice that we can offer in the medical,, just so that you guys are are staying compliant that’s the most important thing so that we are maintaining a professional image what as an industry but that you’re not putting yourself and your business in jeopardy. I’m all about skating the fine line but I stay on the stay on the line side of the line. So you know, there’s always ways that you have to like bend but let’s not break the rules while we are building and growing here. 

Final Words

Any last that we need to know where I know that you are directing them back to me, if you guys need or want access to this solution, I’d be happy to put you in direct contact with Livia, she will help facilitate the entire application process, which in itself is a godsend. I hate filling out those applications. So she can help facilitate that entire process. And now that you know, that I, Cary, I wanted to just acknowledge you because with all of the merchant processors, that I have spoken to brokers, or otherwise, nobody wants to disclose the banks or financial institutions that they’re working with. So I really appreciate your transparency and sharing, where and who the banks are located so that we know it’s an actual financial institution. And that’s just–

Cary Flanders: All domestic, nothing, nothing offshore. So I mean, we’re all about disclosure. And if you ever have questions, reach out to Livia. She does know the answer. She’ll reach out to me and for some reason, I don’t know and I’ll reach out to bank–

Sonia Gomez: And call the president.

Connect with Integrity Payment Processing

Livia Caudell: That’s right. And just one thing I’d like to say is when people do reach out to get in touch with me, I’m pretty much available around the clock. I know right now, obviously, with this new solution, I want to get people in and as fast as possible. So I’ll also provide my cell phone. So I’ll be available via text, email, you know, we’re about getting these through the pipeline and getting them in. So I’m bending over backwards. Right now I’ve got a team dedicated staff ready to go and we’re ready to get people on board and give you the customer service you need. So I will be providing my contact information via email, phone number, so you, make people can make sure they get in touch with me, which I think is really important too.

Sonia Gomez: Amazing. I appreciate that. And you have been extremely I’ll just attest to the fact that you’ve been extremely responsive, informative and supportive to the folks that we’ve already brought through the pipeline. So I feel really confident give my hundred percent Sonia seal of approval on this bad baby. And for all of you guys who are listening who are budding entrepreneurs looking for solutions or perhaps, or an existing brand who have been troubled by the changing times, feel free to reach out to us is my direct and private email. 

Feel free to reach out to me there with inquiries regarding merchant processing, and I will connect you directly to the source. This is the lifeline guys, and I’m super excited to be able to bring this solution online with our partners here, Livia, and Cary, any last thoughts or words to share with the community before we end today’s episode? Just thanks for having me on. I really appreciate it. It’s exciting. Yeah, absolutely. Thank you so much for your time today, Cary, and a bit forward to building an immense amount of success and impact through this solution. Thank you, Livia. Thanks so much. Awesome. Thank you

Livia Caudell: Sonia was great being here. Bye, guys. 

Sonia Gomez: You’re welcome. Hey guys. So those of you guys who are tuning in with us today, thanks so much for being a part have this incredible community and for your daily contributions to the success of this industry. If you are a budding entrepreneur or established brand hitting the glass ceiling, check and check us out at for all of the resources and relationships that you need to break through the inevitable challenges that come with this incredible industry. It is our mission to empower you with the truth about cannabis and hemp and help you build success inside of this amazing but challenging space. I’m your host with the most, Sonia Gomez and this is The Hemp Revolution. We’ll see you guys soon!

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