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What Is a Celebrity Entrepreneur and Why You Need to Become One with Clint Arthur

Episode 82 Clint Arthur

Join us on another badass rockstar episode of The Hemp Revolution Podcast Celebrity Edition with no other than the world-famous celebrity entrepreneur and the host of 77 WABC in New York City, Clint Arthur.

Clint has been quoted as One of America’s Top Public Speakers, Greatest Celebrity of All Time, and Media Trainer to The Stars.

In today’s episode, he explains what a celebrity entrepreneur is and why it is so important to become one. Learn about what famous celebrities like Suzanne Somers, Mick Jagger, and Snoop learned from this amazing guy.

Lots of golden nuggets, don’t miss out!

The easiest best way and the thing you really need to do in today’s celebrity-obsessed society, like it or not, whether it’s right or wrong, that’s the way it is. What you need to do is become a celebrity in the eyes of your customers and prospects, a celebrity entrepreneur, that’s what I do. I help people do that. – Clint Arthur

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Some Topics We Discussed Include

3:58 – Clint presents himself and explains his area of expertise

8:22 – Clint discuss the benefits of a celebrity entrepreneur

17:22 – About his program scale and why he has chosen to concentrate specifically on this space

38:44 – Most Important Thing These Celebrities Have Learned

53:45 – Words of wisdom for the community

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Sonia Gomez: What’s up, guys? Sonia Gomez coming to you from Denver, Colorado. Super excited to be here on another badass rockstar celebrity version of The Hemp Revolution Podcast. That’s right. Today, as you know, it is our mission to empower you with the truth about cannabis and hemp-CBD so that you can make educated decisions about how you care for yourself, the people that you love, conditions that you may be suffering from, but also to give you the tips and tricks and secret solutions to being able to build your brand and success inside of this space. 

As you can see, the hambone on my interview today is also one of my mentors and longtime friends who’ve been a part of helping me shape and craft my message, and also myself as a “celebrity entrepreneur” that is specific to the cannabis and hemp space. 

Now, why is this important? Through my voice and with my message, I have been able to impact hundreds of millions of people around the world. And that is important because I am helping to design the foundation of how this industry will unfold in your families, in your communities in your states and around the world. And really, it’s about the impact that we were able to make. 

So let me introduce Mr. Clint Arthur, who is the host of the greatest show of all time on 77 WABC Radio in New York City. He said it himself if you can make it there if you can make it anywhere celebrity entrepreneur personal branding expert Wharton Business School graduate, Dan Kenndy GKIC Info Marketer of the year with over 20 years of experience running his own gourmet food company. His butter is literally in the Paris hotel, you guys; it’s not a joke. 

Clint’s number one bestsellers include Break Through Your Upper Limits on TV, followed by What They Teach You At The Wharton Business School. Then Speaking Game: 7-Figure Speaker Secrets Revealed and his latest manifesto Celebrity Entrepreneurship, which is actually a pretty incredible book. 

A true master of speaking to sell in 2016, Clint shattered the all-time sales record for an outside speaker at GKIC’s Super-Conference, which is like the meeting place for entrepreneurs around the world. The real thing, Dan Kennedy, one of America’s top public speakers, and PR steal this entrepreneur secret and also listed inside of Forbes, please put your hands together for my dear friend, Clint Arthur. What’s going on, Clint? How’s it going?

Clint Arthur: Very nicely done, Sonia. Thank you. Thank you. 

Sonia Gomez: Yes, absolutely. I’m so excited to have you on. This is our second interview here. I got a ton of positive feedback from our last interview where we were unfolding and sort of sharing high level the secrets of celebrity entrepreneurship and why it’s important to build your personal brand and gain recognition for whatever your mission is. Why don’t you quick for the new listeners on our podcast, which by the way, in the last 60 days, we’ve acquired 10,000 new followers and downloads to our podcasts in pre-launch. So that’s very exciting for us. Why don’t you go ahead and take a moment to introduce yourself? Tell us who you are, what you’re up to, and what your area of expertise is.

Clint Presents Himself and Explains His Area of Expertise

Clint Arthur: When I asked Mick Jagger, what was the most important thing he ever learned, he said, “You can’t always get what you want. But if you try, sometimes you might find you get what you need.” And even though people don’t– people don’t want celebrity entrepreneurship, because they don’t know about celebrity entrepreneurship. That’s because I invented celebrity entrepreneurship. It’s not like you’re famous. You’re not famous. I’m not famous. I’m nobody. 

People don't want celebrity entrepreneurship, because they don't know about celebrity entrepreneurship. That's because I invented celebrity entrepreneurship. - Clint Arthur Click To Tweet

One newspaper, it was the California Business Journal they said, he’s the most famous guy in the world nobody’s ever heard of. That’s me. And a lot of people like that. Because a lot of people are like, I don’t want to be a celeb because I don’t want to lose my privacy. I don’t want to lose my anonymity. You are never going to lose your privacy. You’re never going to lose your anonymity. You’re always going to be nobody except in the eyes of your customers and prospects. They have to think that you’re somebody, and that’s what celebrity entrepreneurship is all about. And it’s what you really need if you’re an author, speaker, coach and entrepreneur, an expert, consultant, advisor of any kind. 

You're always going to be nobody except in the eyes of your customers and prospects. They have to think that you're somebody, and that's what celebrity entrepreneurship is all about. - Clint Arthur Click To Tweet

If you are a person who sells what you know, your services, what you do for people, and you want to get higher fees and you want to get better clients, and you want to get or more clients or less clients by charging way more and making more because you do less. Or if you have a product and you want to enhance the value of the product, the easiest best way and the thing you really need to do in today’s celebrity-obsessed society like it or not, whether it’s right or wrong, that’s the way it is. What you need to do is become a celebrity in the eyes of your customers and prospects, a celebrity entrepreneur, that’s what I do. I help people do that.

Sonia Gomez: And he’s not even kidding when he says that. He recently just hosted at an event at Carnegie Hall, where many of the industries that he serves, many of their top entrepreneurs were coming there specifically to learn exactly how to leverage “celebrity positioning” to increase their revenue and impact in the marketplace. Clint is going to show us a picture here in just a minute of that incredible event, which I heard nothing but good reviews about. Look at those Bettys up there. That’s Coco. She’s got a great pair. I’m just saying. And I see you’re the lucky fucker to have her. I’m just saying. 

Clint Arthur: Amy, though. Oh my–

Sonia Gomez: Yes, he’s so lucky.

Clint Arthur: Every photo of her I see, every video of her I see. I’m like “a lucky bastard.”

Sonia Gomez: Yes, she’s gorgeous. I don’t care how–

Clint Arthur: You know what, she’s hotter in person. She’s prettier in person.

Sonia Gomez: That almost never happened.

Clint Arthur: She’s super nice. She’s way prettier. Sometimes she looks harsh in photos. She’s adorable in person; it’s really shocking.

Sonia Gomez: So pretty. That almost never happens in Hollywood, by the way, I’ve been close up to some of those labs. 

Clint Arthur: Yes.

Sonia Gomez: Yes, it almost never happens. But what I was saying Clint was I’m gonna one-up you because what I’ve been discovering is for folks who even sell physical products, CBD products in particular, cannabis products, the market is maturing in a way. The customer is maturing and becoming more educated in the sense that they want to know more about the people who are behind the products and services rather than the products and services themselves. That’s why I think the Kardashians; they’re so genius in the way that they’ve leveraged their personal connection with their customer gain, you know, a built to build their celebrity, and now anything that they touch literally turns to gold. 

I’m doing my best to work with cannabis and hemp space, which is a marketplace full of hermits, by the way. Everyone wants to be like, tucked away nobody wants to be known. And what I’m trying to do is help to shine the light and raise the bar of professionalism and helping people bring that image of a person or a celebrity that can and should be respected for the quality of product and person that they’re putting into the marketplace. Talk to me a little bit about the transformation that one can experience when they develop their celebrity as an entrepreneur.

The Benefits of a Celebrity Entrepreneur

Clint Arthur: We’ll look, the reason why people are hermits is because they’re still stuck. Let me ask you a question. Is it legal or not legal?

Sonia Gomez: So there are provisions that allow us to operate, but technically, we’re still illegal for another like year or so. I think Trump is going to wave a magic wand and try and make some things happen here. But for now, technically, we are still illegal although we have the farm bill and many revisions to specific legislation and amendments to all sorts of bills that allow us to operate as an industry both in cannabis and in hemp.

Clint Arthur: Well, I think the reason why people want to be hermits is because they don’t want to get arrested for doing anything illegal. That’s a real thing, you got to be very careful and make sure you only do stuff that’s not going to get you in trouble. 

Sonia Gomez: Yes.

Clint Arthur: Personally, I see– Look, I just came back from Europe. Everywhere I went in Europe, everyone’s smoking weed. I go all over the country, all over the country, everywhere you go you’re smelling weed, right? 

Sonia Gomez: Yes.

Clint Arthur: And it’s for sale everywhere. There are CBD shops everywhere. There’s hemp for sale. It’s like it’s all over the place. And the thing that’s missing is the opportunity. See people don’t see the opportunity. Who is coming into this marketplace as a celebrity? Snoop, Martha Stewart and other celebrities are coming into the space and they’re taking their– 

See, when I started out, I said, I called up a publicist. And I said, “I don’t care what it costs, get me on today’s show so that I can promote my book.” And she’s like, “But you’re nobody, I can’t get you on today’s show.” First, you have to get on the today show. First, you have to go on local TV, you have to go on little shows, you have to become a celebrity. And then once you are a celebrity, then we can talk about doing anything you want.” But I wanted to promote this thing called the last year of your life.” And she’s like, “Well, look, you don’t have any credibility is with the last year of your life. You know, you’re not Tony Robbins. You’re not George Clooney. You’re not famous. Like, what else? What else do you have?” And I said, “Well, I wrote this other book called what they teach you at the Wharton Business School.” She goes, “Oh, that sounds really good”. I’m like, why does that sound really good? She goes well, “Wharton Business School that’s a lot of credibilities. You went to Wharton Business School”. “Yes, I went to Wharton Business School.” That’s a lot of credibilities, I said, but I don’t want to promote the Wharton Business School, I want to promote this other thing last year of your life. She goes, “Look, you need to become a celebrity. And then once you’re a celebrity, you can do anything you want.” 

That’s exactly what’s going on right now. With my main man Snoop. My main man Snoop, I know he smokes a lot of weed. I know he loves the product. Right? But other than the fact that he’s a big user of the product, what makes him an expert in the space? I don’t know. But he’s coming in as a big player. Who else is coming into the cannabis space as a player? 

Sonia Gomez: Martha Stewart.

Clint Arthur: Yes. Martha Stewart. Exactly. So here’s Martha and me. This was another photo from Carnegie Hall.

Sonia Gomez: Madame homemaker herself is in on the marijuana game.

Clint Arthur: Yes. Now, what makes her an expert about marijuana? I don’t think she is. I think that she knows how to do recipes and that’s just another ingredient. But she’s coming into this space using her celebrity to become a player in a space because once you’re a celebrity, you can do anything you wanted. People are excited to have celebrities, as speakers as guests on shows on television, on the radio, that if you’re somebody, people want to talk to you. If you’re nobody there, like who, what, why. Now, when you are somebody, it adds a lot of value to anything that you do. Whether that be a service that you provide, or a product that you’re selling, or even sometimes the product that you’re buying. 

For example, there’s another celebrity. This was a really funny case. Her name, I had these tickets for the Rolling Stones, I bought them. I bought them because they were for sale. I bought two tickets to the Rolling Stones at the rose ball, and I couldn’t go so I put them up for sale. This is one of my clients Dr [unintelligible] Shavonne at my event at the Harvard Faculty Club with Suzanne Somers. And I put the tickets up for sale on Facebook and I said, “Hey, I’ve two tickets to the Rose Bowl, Rolling Stones on this date face value, who wants them?” Two people wanted them. One of those people was some real estate agents that I knew in Los Angeles. And the other person was her, Suzanne Somers, who do you think I sold them to?

Sonia Gomez: Suzanne Somers.

Clint Arthur: Of course. Do you see what I’m saying? It’s the same money but she got them because she’s somebody, and he didn’t get them because he’s nobody. And that’s just an example of how this stuff works. You cannot understand the way this works until you experience it for yourself. And when you’re somebody, then you get special things happening. And when you’re nobody you miss out on a lot of opportunities. And really what this is about creating opportunities and positioning in a marketplace. Because right now there is no cannabis expert celebrity. Who’s the cannabis celebrity expert? Who’s the person who’s like, oh, when you think cannabis, you think them.

Sonia Gomez: Cheech and Chong  and Steve DeAngelo who was a crusader and lost all of his money and like literally everything fighting the good fight in California. So like industry-wide that’s kind of– those are the kind of two people but it just speaks to your point clan, I have to just tell you, this is one of the things– and I’m like, at my core, I’m quite a self-conscious person. I’m not like hey, check me. I was bullied in school like, I know I seem like I’m really cool but honestly, I was bullied in school. My confidence was always my biggest Achilles heel in anything that I would ever do.

Then I went to one of your masterminds and a celebrity launch pad where you like, coach us through and talk us through how to get booked on TV and I was in there and I would go through your course through the day and then I’d go home and be like, there’s no way I could do this. And then I was like taking all your journal, I still have the journal, and they’re like, you give us just one page, one line per page. That’s the thing that you have to look at to build your confidence. This is such an incredible tool. By the way, stop journaling a lot on one page, just put one big ass line on a page and read it over and over again. 

I learned so much about developing my confidence in that one weekend, I blew out your record, I think I got booked on 22 different segments across the country with your coaching and guidance. But more importantly than that, I learned about how to leverage my expertise as a celebrity to get the things that I wanted to do and to this day, I’m doing the exact same thing. I called up a conference that I wanted to speak at, and I think their tickets are $2,000. Everyone else has had to pay. Everyone else has had to have paid media positions. I called up. I gave them a Clint Arthur, which is what I call like my schpeel when I want to get in somewhere. 

Clint Arthur: You pitched.

Sonia Gomez: Yes, I pitched them and I was like, “Listen, this is why you want me there. By the way, I got like four press passes into the thing, I’m backstage, I have like– I got a speaking spot last minute, I got all of these different things and I’ll be in front of my ideal customer being able to teach and share my knowledge and expertise and acquire new customers and cash flow into my business.” And it’s a week before their event like mountains were moved to accommodate me. And it was because of how I learned how to use my positioning, my expert, or celebrity positioning to acquire that spot. So I’m speaking from personal experience. 

Not only that, but I’ve gotten like a lot of upgrades on hotels and airplanes because of it. Like it is transferable education quite literally You have developed a series of programs and products to support entrepreneurs who are successful, but want us to experience more success. They want to be more they want to create more of an impact. They want to have more because they just let’s face it, they want to just have more, and they want to do more really cool things, whether it’s philanthropic or selfish. Tell me a little bit about your scale of programs and why you chose to focus specifically in this space. 

About His Program Scale and Why He Has Chosen to Concentrate Specifically on This Space

Clint Arthur: Okay, I will, and before I do that, though, I want to just show you this. One of my notebooks is my most recent current notebook. I just open to a page and it says, ducks will never be in a row. See, a lot of people think “oh, well, I’m not quite ready to do what you’re talking about, Clint. I need to get my ducks in a row before I’m ready to do it.” And the ducks will never be in a row, folks. They will never be in a row. Even my ducks aren’t in a row. 

I’m struggling to get my ducks out the door until Las Vegas because I got a conference coming up. I’m speaking in Vegas on the 13th. At a big medical conference, what I do is I go to different places where there are experts and I look for the ones who have courage. I look for the ones who are doing stuff and are already pretty successful, and they want to go to a much higher level. And then I invite them into my world, and what is my world, my world these days? 

I’ve been studying this whole topic of what does it really take to be a celebrity in the eyes of your customers and prospects so that you get a lot of money from them in order to number one, live the life, and have the success that you want. And number two, to give the clients a great experience because they’re not going to have a great experience unless they pay a lot of money. The more money they pay, the better the experience they’re going to have. 

What I have realized is that the easiest, fastest, best, and most powerful thing that I can do is I can get people to have these kinds of photos like this one with Suzanne Somers. Or this one. This was a great one. This one with Jerry from Ben and Jerry’s. Everybody at Carnegie Hall got this one. How would you like to have a photo of Jerry from Ben and Jerry’s, scooping you your own ice cream? See, and then tell the stories like for me what I loved about Jerry so much is that here’s a guy, he built a company from nothing. 

They started out in a garage in Vermont. And he recently sold it to Unilever brands for $300 million. And now he’s in his 70s looks great. And yet, he came to my event. He spoke at my event at Carnegie Hall. And he volunteered he said, “Hey, I want to throw an ice cream networking party for everybody and I’ll be there scooping ice cream.” He was freaking they’re scooping ice cream for 200 people for hours with just the best attitude. Why? Because he knew that these pictures were going to be everywhere. He knew that this was a huge marketing boom for Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. And he cemented himself into the hearts and minds and photo albums online in physical print a million different ways of hundreds of people just by hanging out and taking pictures for a couple of hours. 

What an amazing attitude that was. That was entrepreneurial marketing. This event was called the living legends of entrepreneurial marketing. That’s what a living legend does. He has a great attitude and it’s just marketing. I mean, I personally left like this was going on for so long. I finally said, “Hey, Jerry. I gotta get up early tomorrow and run my show tomorrow. Thank you very much. You can stay here scooping ice cream as much as you want, but I gotta go.” I couldn’t even stay as long as him and he just sold his company for $300 million. That’s entrepreneurial marketing. 

Okay. Now, how does this work for people? Well, you know, I’m a mentor, I mentor people, in my methodologies. This is just one of the many methodologies that I have. It happens to be the easiest, the fastest, cheapest, and the most powerful is called celebrity attachment and celebrity attachment goes in the form of photos and stories. This is the part that nobody else even knows about Sonia. Celebrity storytelling, telling the stories about celebrities is more important than anything. And what I do is I teach people how to do that. How, how do you tell stories about celebrities and how do you get together with them? How do you get photos with them? And how do you tell the stories and I put together events where my students come together, and we do just that.

Telling the stories about the celebrities is more important than anything. - Clint Arthur Click To Tweet

Our next one is coming up on June 12, 13, 14 in New York City. I have Dr. Oz. I have Dr. Drew. I have the surgery. General of the United States. She was the first female, the first African American Surgeon General. Dr. Jocelyn Elders is coming. I have a NASA astronaut Mike Massimino. He is the first person to ever tweet from space. He’s a Columbia professor, the best selling author, and a recurring character on The Big Bang Theory. And I have Patch Adams, who inspired the movie starring Robin–

Sonia Gomez: I love Patch. I met Patch. Literally, we played footsie on an airplane for 16 hours, sitting in first class on United Airlines coming from Sydney, Australia, into San Francisco. I literally have a picture of us picking our nose together in baggage claim after he married James and I at 35,000 square feet in first class on United Airlines.

Clint Arthur: Wow, that’s a good one.

Sonia Gomez: That’s a good one right? Okay, let’s [unintelligible] some landscape here. I’m going to tell a celebrity story right now. I’m going to put this– I’m going to exercise–

Clint Arthur  

You just did. 

Sonia Gomez: That’s the thing. I’m telling you what this shit doesn’t– you can’t make this shit up.

Clint Arthur: Now the question is have you been using that in your sales presentations? Have you been using the photo and the stories in all of your professional work? See?

Sonia Gomez: No. I haven’t. And you know what? This is really stupid. I’m getting schooled right here on my own show. It is stupid. I want you to also know that I flew from Denver– no, it wasn’t Denver, from LA to Atlanta, sitting next to Nas. Okay, sitting next to NAS and his body– I kicked his bodyguard out of the seat and was like, excuse me. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been knocking my head to your music since I was seven years old. 

I’m gonna need to sit next to you and ask you a few questions made me go and we sat in first class together and I watched him eat airplane food, chopping it up, talking about the old days and like lyrics behind my, “if I rule the world.” I was like, man– And we were standing there in the Atlanta airport. Hardly, anybody remembered who he was. And there was like tears running down my face. And he just gave me the biggest hug. And he’s like, let’s take a picture together. I’m going to remember this all the time. Like, you made me feel like a celebrity today. 

Clint Arthur: Aah. 

Sonia Gomez: And I was like, man, this is the absolute best. Like, it was just the absolute best. So now, I never use any of these stories because I’m like, Oh, I’m so cool. I hang out with celebrities but I don’t tell anybody about them, but I’m like fuck that. I’m gonna tell everybody about him. 

Clint Arthur: If you try to play it cool, you will look like a fool. This is one of the things I say in every celebrity launchpad nowadays. And the reason why that works with these celebrity stories and the celebrity photos is because you’re not helping anybody by being invisible. If you want to make an impact You have to be visible. Now, look at the impact you made for that celebrity Nas. This is why it’s important to be somebody in the eyes of customers and prospects. 

You're not helping anybody by being invisible. If you want to make an impact, you have to be visible. - Clint Arthur Click To Tweet

Look at all the value you got from the interaction with him because he was meaningful to you, see? And unless a person is meaningful, there is no connection. There is no value. That’s why every entrepreneur should become a celebrity to their customers and prospects because it makes everything you do more valuable and more impactful for that person. For the doctors for example, and look, especially for people in this hemp industry, or the cannabis industry because it’s all medical-related, isn’t it? Isn’t it all about helping people to feel better or to heal or to have less pain or all these things? 

Hey, I speak at a lot of medical conferences and what I say to them, I’m saying exactly to your people, too. People will do what you tell them. They will follow your heart prescription if they’re more excited about you, as a caregiver, as a celebrity expert. If Dr. Oz told you “look, Sonia, you need to take this CBD gummy every single day, twice a day with food with a glass of water every day for the next eight years, and you’re going to live forever” you would do it because it was coming from him. But if Joe Schmo told you to do that, you’d be like, whatever.

Sonia Gomez: Do down at the dollar store.

Clint Arthur: Yes. You’re not gonna listen to him, because you need to be excited about the person who is giving you the prescription in order for you to really execute it and follow it. 

Sonia Gomez: It’s so true.

Clint Arthur: So that’s why all this stuff is so important. It really really is.

Sonia Gomez: Now I just watched you take a post Carnegie Hall, you just went on a pretty sick adventure around Europe. Tell me a little bit about your travels. I’m sure you will. Doing some sort of exciting due diligence because what I witnessed before that was your post Carnegie Hall sort of recap, where you were sitting rooftop on this gorgeous someplace with a glass of something and your fantastic Chanel dripping life. And there you guys were ready to just embark on your little vacation there. And you said these words, which I thought were so profound and really important. 

You said, “What was my biggest takeaway from this event? My biggest takeaway from this event is that pretty soon, you won’t be where I am, and I won’t be where you are. I’m going places and doing things that eventually you won’t be able to get to me. And so when I give you an opportunity or when an opportunity presents itself to you and you don’t take advantage of it. That’s on you. That’s not on me that’s on you because eventually the opportunity will stop knocking, and you would have missed it.” That’s almost verbatim what you said by the way. 

Clint Arthur: That was very, very close, I really do believe that the best mentors are just one or two steps ahead of you. Because if they get too far ahead of you, then they can’t relate to you anymore. And that’s where I am. For most of my clients. I’m just a couple of steps ahead, I And believe me, I’ve been busting my butt to get those steps ahead. And I’ve been working hard and those steps have been hard-earned, paid for, I paid a lot of money to get those steps. 

I speak almost every week on a stage. And I’d say to my clients, look, if you’re not strapping on a microphone pack, every week, you’re not speaking enough. And most of my clients are coming to me to become celebrity entrepreneurs, part of which is being a celebrity speaker, a VIP speaker because that’s great positioning for you that’s relatively inexpensive and relatively achievable. Right? But that’s why I said Unless you get into my world pretty soon, it’s gonna be too late because the stuff I’m doing is getting higher and higher level. And it’s going to be harder and harder for people to catch up to me and what I’m doing. 

Sonia Gomez: Yes.

Clint Arthur: People should get involved sooner rather than later. This is here. Before I get to this to the venture, here’s Ringo. And I said, Ringo, what’s the most important thing you ever learned? He said, “I get high with little help from my friends.” Right. And I think that’s particularly apt for you guys because a lot of my work is about the USC Business School logo. Okay. 

What is the USC Business School logo for their entrepreneurship department? I’ll show it to you. And it’s a series of dots. It’s called the Greif Center for Entrepreneurship, and it’s a circle of dots-their logo. Here it is. So what is it about the one dot that’s not in the circle? The most distinguishing characteristic of that one doc that’s not in the circle is that it’s higher than the rest of the dots. And Ringo said he gets high with a little help from his friends. And I’m telling you, you want to get high. You want to achieve what USC Business School says you need to do, how the hell are you going to get higher? How are you going to do that? Facebook ads of you in your basement? I don’t think so. I don’t think that’s what it’s going to take. 

You’ve got to do this kind of stuff. Okay. And you better get in my world soon, because it’s going to be too late. So, what did my wife and I do? We were doing one of my techniques, which is called celebrity lifestyle marketing. So here’s a picture of us at the Venice Opera House. 

Clint and Ali at the Venice Opera House

Sonia Gomez: Gorgeous. 

Clint Arthur: It was– Look, I love the opera tonight– As a matter of fact, today’s our wedding anniversary.

Sonia Gomez: Oh, Happy anniversary.

Clint Arthur: Thank you. We have been married now. We got married in 2002 for 17 years. 

Sonia Gomez: Wow.

Clint Arthur: Yes. And we’re going to the opera. We’re going to the Metropolitan Opera House. I have dinner reservations at 5:30. And then the opera begins at 7:30. I love the opera. An opera is one of the highest forms of sophistication in the world. It really is. This Opera House was just unbelievably adorable. It really, really was. And where do we sit? We were sitting in the second row. And it was just beautiful. Really, really beautiful. And then while we were in Venice, of course, I got a lot of really nice pictures there, including the Grand Canal in Venice. I don’t know if you got a good– 

Sonia Gomez: Yes. 

Clint Arthur: I mean, what this is about demonstrating to your customers and prospects, your success, your good taste, your ability to do things that they wish that they could do. Now, these types of photos alone, these celebrity lifestyle marketing photos, these alone are not going to do it. There’s this one girl in particular that I know. I call her girl because she’s a lot younger than me. She’s probably 20 years younger than me. 

She was on some long European trip, man, it was like over three weeks, all I saw was picture after picture after picture of her in chateaus and all these different beautiful places in Europe wearing her nice dresses alone in the photos and they were photos of other people. People took the photo of her like her husband took the photo of her looking pretty in that setting. Okay, great. Those are good, but she doesn’t have the other stuff right? She doesn’t have the celebrity stuff. She doesn’t have the TV. She doesn’t have the speaking. She’s not a speaker. She doesn’t have the award. She doesn’t have the books. 

Sonia Gomez: Yes.

Clint Arthur: These are the elements. 

Sonia Gomez: They really are.

Clint Arthur: Yes. And this one here, as great as this one is, here’s me and Allie in Moscow at the Kremlin, that was a lot of fun. As great as these elements are on their own, they’re not going to do it. You got to have the others and of the others, the best, most powerful ones. fastest easiest, are celebrity attachment stuff. Then being a speaker, which is great, because you can actually– like when you’re on the stage, that’s a great time to sell stuff to people. 

Clint and wife, Ali at Moscow Kremlin

Sonia Gomez: Yes. 

Clint Arthur: If you’re in front of the right audience, you can sell them the right stuff. And there was another note in here. You know, what I was showing you here is my little book with my one-pagers here’s one if they don’t buy I didn’t matter. There needs that’s about the market to message match. Okay, if they didn’t buy from me, it’s not because my product wasn’t good. It’s just that it didn’t match their needs or their perceived needs or their desires, right? Because I know I have amazing products. I mean, people, generally I will speak for 30 minutes or less and sell 10 to 20% of a room into a $5000 or more product. Nobody can do that. I don’t know. Anybody else who can do that do you-30 minutes? Well, there you go. 

Sonia Gomez: Yes. 30 minutes, on average, seven to 12%.

Clint Arthur: Yes, not a lot of people could do that kind of stuff. So good for you.

Sonia Gomez: Thank you. I had really good teachers.

Clint Arthur: Yes. You’ve had a lot of really good teachers. I know that.

Sonia Gomez: And I’m a really good student. 

Clint Arthur: And you’re a hard worker, too. 

Sonia Gomez: Yes. 

Clint Arthur: I’ve seen you speak in a lot of different places. And that’s why I say of all this stuff, this is the easiest, and also the fastest.

Sonia Gomez: Yes, a lot of high leverage. It’s really high leverage. Yes, especially the ecosystem working together. I think because I did speaking before. You met me, you sort of right in the infancy of my speaking career. And even though I love to do this, it was not something that I– I had a natural knack for it, but it was not strategic. And I think when I met you, you were the first person to be like, “Who cares?” And you were the first person to ever say that, to me, who cares? Who cares about your dad who had a liver transplant or the fact that you are– that none of that stuff even matters? 

Do we care about you? We care about your story and what’s that going to do for me, right? Like how are all these things going to tie in together? And it shook me at first. There’s one of the things that you– For those of you guys who are listening, and I know that you’re listening to this because there’s a piece of you that needs a specific truth. You have not heard yet or are not willing to listen to it. And quite literally, I speak to a lot of business owners every single day who are like, Oh, well, I need this. And I want that. And I need to do all of this that. But the thing is, is that you’re not really willing to do the things that I do every day in order to make the impact that I’m making, or generate the revenue that I’m making in our industry. 

And no matter how much free advice I can give you, or how much advice or direction I can give you paid or not, there’s a lot of things that you are just not willing to do that I am. And that’s where the few steps further ahead. So Clint was one of those people in my life that like, literally shook me to my core and raised my level of awareness to say, wow, I really do need to invest in myself in order to develop the future that I want to have for myself, and I’m the product of my own best thinking right now. I need a mentor and Clint was one of the people that I invested in myself with. 

He guided me through along with many other incredible folks but Clint was one of the only people in my life that no matter what, I’m crying, I’m not crying. I’m happy. I think I got it figured out. He’ll still be like, “Uh-huh.” Just to give it to me straight and sometimes you just got to get it straight, cry about it and then get back to work, you know what I mean? And that’s what makes the difference.

Clint Arthur: And I know it doesn’t feel good when I say, “lighten the fuck up.” Sometimes that’s what it takes.

Sonia Gomez: No, that’s what it takes. 

Clint Arthur: Yes.

Sonia Gomez: You take yourself so seriously like a man. It’s just it’s really what it takes–

Clint Arthur: But I see very clearly, especially when it’s in my own seminar room. When you’re part of my world I can see very clearly because I know– but I don’t know everything. I really don’t know everything. Most of the stuff I don’t know. But I know about my world. I know about everything in between the covers of this of book right here. I know everything about this stuff and nobody else knows about this stuff. And I tell you what, you’re right. A lot of people aren’t willing to do the hard work. That’s what I love about this. All you got to do is show up and even that can be too hard for some people to do. 

Sonia Gomez: I didn’t show up. [unintelligble 00:38:15] Like, whatever the circumstances it doesn’t matter, for I had the opportunity and I couldn’t and didn’t show up. And so there’s one more missed opportunity, right? 

Most Important Thing These Celebrities Have Learned

Clint Arthur: It’s really too bad. You could have had all this stuff. And the stories, you know, Ice-T, I said, what’s the most important thing you ever learned? He said, “Nobody is going to wake up with your dream. You got to live your own dream.”

Sonia Gomez: Man, that’s good. That’s [unintelligible 00:38:43] right there.

Clint Arthur: Oh, man. I’m telling you, and on the other side, there’s Martha Stewart. I said, Martha what’s the most important thing you’ve learned?” She goes, “my daddy told me I could do anything. And I believed him.” And it’s true. You can do anything. It’s all there. I believe that I can help anybody do anything if they will just show up. That really is the whole bottom line. I got all these famous people to come in–Dr. Oz, Patch Adams, NASA astronauts, Surgeon General, Dr. Drew, and I’m going to add more. I’m going to add more. It’s June 12, 13, 14, in New York City. And, man, I’m going to do a deep dive on Celebrity entrepreneurship. I’m going to also do a deep dive into what I call Selfie Academy. And that goes beyond. Look, I make a lot of money from my selfies. I make a lot of money from my selfies, but it goes beyond that. And it goes beyond just how do you take good selfies. But this is really one of the things that I find most interesting and if you just take this as a metaphor for the whole thing. I’ve noticed that when I look at my student’s Facebook profile timelines, the photographs that they post before they meet me, suck compared to the photographs, they post after they need me. 

Sonia Gomez: So true.

Clint Arthur: And the reason is because the mind once expanded can never go back to the original size that it was. And once you come into my world and you start experiencing the level that I’m at, you can’t go back to the suck that you were, you’ve got to uplevel because you see, oh, wow, I could do that. Oh, wow, I could do it that way. Oh, I need to be closer. I need to be taking it as a selfie. That was another thing that was a mistake of that girl in Europe for three-plus weeks is that all the pictures were of her alone from a distance of 15 feet. And it’s like, hey, my photos are not like that. Okay. Part of the reason why this photo was so great, is because you’re right there with us, right. 

Sonia Gomez: Yes. 

Clint Arthur: I took it myself and you’re with me right there. And that video that I made on top of the hotel near the central park? 

Sonia Gomez: Yes. It was so good.

Clint Arthur: because we were right there with us on top of the world, right?

Sonia Gomez: And you’re dropping some pretty good bombs and Allie deserves the supporting actress like Academy Award girl is just like the best army and who needs a better wife like she needs to run the wife Academy because she is like, the best. I’ll take 10% claim don’t get over there. 

Clint Arthur: That was good.

Sonia Gomez: Yes, she needs to run the wife’s Academy because, like, her role that she plays and I’m seeing you guys in action. You guys are like a two-man pair. Do you know what I mean? 

Clint Arthur: We are. 

Sonia Gomez: There’s not a bunch of– I go to all these other events like I go and I speak I do all these things. There’s this big production and people need fans and grades and all of these things. Allie and you are just like dot, dot, dot, dot, dot. You’re right in rhythm with one another. She knows just what Clint needs before Clint does his thing. Clint knows just what to ask for. 

I mean, it is so beautiful to see the symphony of the relationship and how it translates into business. And people need to understand how to play supporting roles in order to be the star of their show. And like the show that she’s the star of is the show of life, right? Like that whole journey that you guys just took through Europe. She was the star. And the whole journey that she supports you in is your entrepreneurial thing. You’re the star. It’s so beautiful to watch your guys’ synergistic relationship. I always have to compliment her because I just have so much respect for the kind of woman that she is and the support role that she plays, it’s fantastic.

Clint Arthur: She works really hard. She works really hard. 

Sonia Gomez: I know, I know she does. I’ve seen it at the start of the day and I’ve seen the mascara halfway down the face at the end of the day like she sweats it out. she makes it happen. The girl, she’s amazing. I absolutely–

Clint Arthur: Super smart, super smart. Look we have a lot of moving pieces that we’re delivering. We’re delivering results for clients all the time and it’s, it’s not easy. I mean, we just did some videos. And I just got to look at them. I’ll show you. I’ll just give you a quick peek at some of the videos we created for some clients very recently. And this was at the 30 Rockefeller Center. I’m sorry, this was at my radio show. As a matter of fact. We had a whole bunch of clients on the radio, and we made them these videos too.

Can you hear it? Let’s see.

Unknown: And now here’s your host, Clint Arthur.

Clint Arthur: The next expert guest is the force in fuchsia. She is one and only Dr. Amy Robbins. Thanks so much for showing up here at 77 WABC Radio in New York City. 

Unknown: Yes. Thanks for having me, Clint. So, you know, Clint, there are those times in your life when the entire trajectory of your future’s [unintelligible 00:44:19] right? I remember that physically for me, I was in the middle of a tennis court. And I made a decision two weeks before classes started that I was not going to take my scholarship to play tennis in college. And that happened because I had a short entry that just wouldn’t feel. It wasn’t getting any better. It’s getting worse and worse. And I knew that I couldn’t continue to play in college because I was gonna be riddled with injuries and I’d probably lose my scholarship. 

Clint Arthur: I know you want to listen but, you know, like, we did videos like that for 35 people a couple of weeks ago. That’s a lot of moving parts. 

Sonia Gomez: A lot of moving parts. A lot of people.

Clint Arthur: Yes, a lot of people these are the people in my million dollar business accelerator. At Carnegie Hall, we offered them to join the mastermind. And it’s like a speaking mastermind because it’s all about developing these assets. What you gotta understand is, is that having these photos and these stories, a photo like that, having these photos and stories, these are what I call marketing assets. 

I said to my main man, Snoop, what’s the most important thing you’ve ever learned said, “life’s too short to smoke, cheap weed.” And what I offer is not cheap. But life is too short to smoke cheap weed. It really is. Especially when it comes to marketing. If your marketing sucks, you’re not going to have a lot of money. If you have great marketing, you’ll be amazed at the difference it can make. 

And the great news is you don’t get to be Snoop. You don’t get to be Martha Stewart. You don’t get to be Ringo Starr in order to have a huge impact on your bottom line. I take a lot of people from six figures to seven figures and it just happens. Boom, just like that. Once You get this, it’s like gasoline on the fire because it’s super high-quality marketing and it makes all the difference. 

Everybody in the world has kind of weak, mediocre marketing. Everybody and everybody’s doing the same kind of weak mediocre marketing. And once you can stand out from that, with this kind of super high level, high quality, super celebrity marketing–

Sonia Gomez: And positioning.

Clint Arthur: Yes.

Sonia Gomez: Yes. So in closing here, I’m gonna throw something in before I let you have your closing thoughts. For those of you guys who are listening, perhaps you’re wondering because it Clint was very specific in saying speakers, coaches, authors, experts, people who are selling and sharing their knowledge and I just want to quickly flip this over to help you understand why and how this is so relevant for you guys in our industry. 

Number one, marketing, and advertising in cannabis and hemp is nearly impossible. As a matter of fact, more than half of you are calling me on a daily basis asking me how do I effectively market and advertise my products and services on the internet? We’re doing great offline, but I can’t seem to crack the internet code for CBD and cannabis marketing. And what do I tell you? It’s all about how you can build your community and cult-ture that around your product and your brand. 

There has to be a mission or a movement that’s bigger than the brand itself, or that is a huge motivator behind a customer aligning themselves with your brand and increasing that lifetime customer value. If you are not creating content, and putting yourself in a position where you’re sharing your vulnerability, your passion and your purpose that is behind the products that you’re developing, you are going to miss the boat and quickly become irrelevant in a marketplace that is quite noisy, continuously becoming more and more saturated with dozens of brands releasing every single day.

More importantly than that, in an industry that is full of me-too products, you have to have a unique differentiator. And guess what, there’s only one you in 7 billion, almost 8 billion people. And if you do not brand and position yourself as the passionate person behind your products, your profitability is going to tank just like the craze that’s happening with CBD right now. 

You are one ingredient in a whole entourage of what it actually takes to make this ecosystem work. And if you don’t build yourself as that main top lining ingredient, everything else is just going to go right on down the tube. We are looking at the fastest growing cash-rich industry in the world right now. And it deserves the time attention and celebrity in order to build the brand that will create legacy wealth and impact for your family and in your community. 

I’m speaking from firsthand experience here being a part of this industry for over 35 years, watching some of the world’s most talented people fail when they were the number one sought after person pre-legalization. I’ve watched these same talented people fail because they do not have the brand recognition or community, they end up becoming a commodity instead of an exclusive, high-level expert that is continuously sought after and remaining relevant in this marketplace. 

So I implore you as a part of this industry, to please be responsible and take the time that it actually takes investing in yourself to build your community and relevancy so that you can continue to earn the respect and trust from the marketplace, which will keep you a mainstay in this very quickly and very exciting growing industry.

Clint Arthur: Because that’s The only way to avoid your products and services getting commoditized.

Sonia Gomez: Yes

Clint Arthur: And everybody knows when you’re selling a commodity, it’s a race to the bottom. 

Sonia Gomez: Yes. 

Clint Arthur: When you’re selling a unique product or service, the sky’s the limit. I thought of who’s the only cannabis celebrity in the world? Jack Herer

Sonia Gomez: Yes. He’s [unintelligible 00:50:20]

Clint Arthur: That’s the only one. And Who the hell is he now? He’s like– Is he still around? Is he still alive?

Sonia Gomez: I think he passed away.

Clint Arthur: Yes, see what I’m saying? There is no– there needs to be the next generation of Jack Herers, who are cannabis celebrities based on their knowledge and understanding how to create celebrity. This book is available on amazon.com. It’s called Celebrity Entrepreneurship. And, you know, if all you do is pay 100 bucks and get this book, it’s worth every penny but I want to say that in addition to being commoditized out, you’re also going to be replaced by a robot or an artificial intelligence unless you become a celebrity. 

Even doctors today are being replaced by artificial intelligence AI. You don’t even need a doctor. Who are the only doctors that are going to survive? Dr. Oz, Dr. Drew the Surgeon General Jocelyn Elder, Patch Adams. These are the only people that are going to have jobs when I say job–

Sonia Gomez: I love that you have Patch Adams I still have his signed book over here and all of his plans for the kazoo and height Institute.

Clint Arthur: Because it is, dude. 

Sonia Gomez: Yes, I absolutely love it. I wanted to do a fundraiser for him and got shot down by my mainstream as the night.

Clint Arthur: Yes. And you’re absolutely right is like the biggest problem with your industry is where do you advertise? Google won’t put the ads, you can’t say cannabis. You can’t say hemp. You can’t even advertise. So what do you do? I suggest you do what I suggest to my financial advisors, you become a speaker and an author and you build a personal website around your name. And you promote that. Because what happens when you meet a person and you want to try to sell them anything? They Google you? 

Sonia Gomez: Yes. 

Clint Arthur: They Google your name all the time. 

Sonia Gomez: Happens all the time.

Clint Arthur: They Google your name and what and what should they see when they get to your name? I just made my new website. Oh my god. You don’t even know about this one yet. I’m really excited about this. Do you remember Sharone Wyatt? She’s an onomatology expert. She’s the science of names. 

Sonia Gomez: Yes, I do actually. 

Clint Arthur: Okay she told me that I should add some teas to the end of Clint. So I got Clint, C-L-I-N-T-T-T.com. And this is my new website. clinttt.com with three T’s and when you look up Clint Arthur– Google Clint Arthur, you’ll see four pages of Google are all mine. But this is going to be a whole new thing that I have. And people need to see a website like this when they Google your name that’s full of celebrities and testimonials and stuff that you do. That’s great. And videos, you know, I have videos on here, and you could take the celebrity entrepreneurship quiz now, you could get to my radio show slash podcasts from there.

Sonia Gomez: Which is a really good show, by the way.

Clint Arthur: Thank you. Thank you, on wabcradio.com. And you can apply for mentorship. I mean, that’s what it is because I really believe that all the money’s in coaching or consulting. That’s what I think.

Sonia Gomez: Yes, well, I absolutely love it. Any final thoughts or words of wisdom to share with our community? Even though you just dropped a million nuggets of gold on everybody? What are some final thoughts and where can folks find you.

Words of Wisdom

Clint Arthur: You? I really did drop a million really great things you should go to Clint with three T’s .com Clint, C-L-I-N-T-T-T.com and check me out and apply for mentorship. That’s how you can get invited to attend the event with Dr. Oz and Dr. Patch Adams and Surgeon General and the NASA astronaut and Dr. Drew and get those photos and stories and I’ll teach you how to do this stuff. 

Because if you think you understand it now you have no idea you have just a glimmer of understanding right now. And the real way to learn from people is in person. This is we’re gonna leave it at this– this is where my teaching has gone, Sonia. It’s like so far elevated from where I was when I met you and when you came to Celebrity Launchpad, great for this. A lot of teaching occurs energetically, non verbally, just by being in the room with the person. That’s where a lot of the knowledge gets transferred. You can’t get that kind of transfer of knowledge from reading a book or listening to a radio show or a video interview like this. You have to be in the room with the person in order to get that cellular level energetic transfer of knowledge, that’s why you need to come. 

I say people come to get these photos with Martha Stewart or Dr. Oz because they want the marketing asset. Okay, great. What you really don’t understand is that it’s also a personal transformation experience. That is a personal development experience that you will become more mature, you will become more charismatic, you will have a different kind of more elevated energy after you’ve been through this event. And you’ve met and engaged with all of these celebrities because you pick up their energy piece.

Sonia Gomez: It so fucking good. You can’t write this Shipman book unless your Clint, then you can. Clint, I’m so grateful for your time. This is really good stuff. I really enjoy and fully endorse all of this incredible mentorship and education that you’re sharing. These are the exact methods that I’m applying in my own business and how I’ve been able to achieve the impact around the world, reaching hundreds of millions of people with my content, quite literally building audiences of millions, and more importantly, being able to generate revenue. That’s really moving the needle and transforming the way that people think about natural and holistic health. 

I am here as a support system for you. And if you are a budding entrepreneur, or an established business owner looking for tools, tips, tricks, resources, relationships that you can leverage to break through the glass ceiling and make those quantum leaps in a condensed period of time, check us out at theemeraldcircle.com and if you’re a person looking for products that you can depend on to deliver the results you’re looking for, check us out on medical.secrets.com. I’m your host with the most Sonia Gomez and this is The Hemp Revolution. Is that Mike Tyson? He’s also major in the cannabis game. Thanks so much, Clint.

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