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Smoke Weed In Space – Dig The Truth

Getting high on cannabis may feel like your heads in the stars. But, just imagine what would happen if you actually smoke weed in outer space?


Debating weed use in space may seem funny when it is illegal to use on Earth yet. But Neuroscientist and study team member Ivan Soltesz from Stanford University doesn’t find it that farfetched.

NASA astronauts are not permitted to smoke or drink while in space. Astronauts have to be ready for emergencies, so getting high while up is prohibited for astronauts. Smoking could create safety threats.

The viral photo of the ISS commander Chris Hadfield is FAKE! He carried Easter Eggs instead of Weed packet.

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However, an existing new research shows that smoking weed in outer space may be possible. Thanks to Mars colonization!

How Weed Affects Human Body In Space?

Paint the picture: You float around among sun, moon, and stars all while enjoying peaceful smoke sessions. Considering Mars colonization, scientists now think that now this “weed in space” is possible. It’s true especially on a long journey to the Red Planet.

Soltesz did a study to examine the effects of space travel on the human body.  The study concluded that cosmic radiation might mess with brains. The sun constantly pumps out high-energy protons, which specifically affect out natural endocannabinoid receptors.


These receptors control important things like mood, appetite, energy and sleep level. Smoking weed activates these receptors and gives the body a great boost.  So, if you are high in space, it could create weird effects. To your surprise, it may even kill your high altogether before it even begins. Either way, lots of weed-related studies are still required before trying it out.

It may be possible on Mars!!!

Landing on Mars could take decades. In case of technology helps to make a safe arrival on the planet, astronauts would require lots of people to handle crop growing, recycling, and developing the support system there.

Having weed on-hand would help throughout the long and potentially dangerous journey to Mars. Not only would it kill time, but it would also help with pain and anxiety among space travelers. Dealing with jet lag crossing the world is difficult, otherwise.


Lighting fire in a spaceship could be risky. But, vapes could help! Just be careful not to drip any juice on the equipment. Current vape pens may not be much reliable in low gravity. But we can invent one.

Keep wearing a spacesuit and be inside a spaceship while you toke. Try to smoke out in space, and you would never get back down due to oxygen run out.

Hopefully, by the time we colonize the Red Planet, weed will be legal all around the world and scientists will have a space-specific weed smoking technology. Until then, try on space edibles – cannabis-infused smoothies, Spaghetti Bolognese, and even marijuana Hummus.

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