How Weed Can Improve Your Sex Life

We all can agree that weed is wonderful for countless different reasons. It’s amazing medicine, makes you laugh, eases anxiety, and enhances the senses. Weed is amazing and can make all aspects of your life a little more interesting. Doing laundry? How about doing laundry on weed? Dishes? Same thing.

Did you know weed can actually improve your sex life as well?

If you’re yet to discover just how much better sex can be when weed is involved, let us give you an idea.

5 Ways Weed Can Improve Your Sex Life

1. Weed is an Aphrodisiac

There’s plenty of aphrodisiacs provided by nature. Oysters, chocolate, and red wine are just a few things that can give you a boost in the bedroom. Weed is another.

It’s true. Cannabis been used as an aphrodisiac for thousands of years. And several studies have proven what others have been saying centuries. Weed turns people on.

A 1984 study showed that not only does cannabis increase sexual desire, but also enhances sexual pleasure. Another review found half of participants in a preclinical trial on cannabis and sexual function reported “aphrodisiac effects” after they smoked weed.

2. Weed Can Help You Achieve Orgasm

Did you know 1 in 3 women has trouble achieving an orgasm? Did you know weed can help?

Cannabis helps increase general euphoria and improve tactile sensation. Smoke a little weed before your sesh in the sack and not only will you feel better but will be more likely to orgasm in the end. Orgasming on cannabis is reported to be more intense and more frequent, whether with a partner or during a solo session.

Oh yah, there’s a strain for that. Having trouble orgasming? Sexxpot is an indica that is reported to have aphrodisiac qualities.

3. Weed Increases Sexual Pleasure

That whole weed makes everything better thing? Totally true when it comes to sex. Getting intimate with your partner is undoubtedly already pleasurable. And whether you want to feel more spark under the sheets or simply want to experience more pleasure while having sex, weed will make it better.

4. Weed Increases Sexual Stamina

Want to last longer? Weed can help. One study showed that when they smoked weed before sex, 75 percent of participants reported an increase in how long their sexual sessions lasted. Weed can increase sexual stamina and lead to longer sexual interludes.

5. Weed Can Bring You Closer to Your Partner

Couples who toke together, stay together. Consuming cannabis in a relationship can lead to closer connection and deeper emotional and physical intimacy. It can also help couples not to fight as much.

A study by researchers at the University of Buffalo significantly lower incidences of domestic violence among married couples who only smoked pot. Smoking pot typically mellows people out rather than increasing violent behavior.

Smoke weed, become closer to your partner. After all, the closer you are, the better the sex is going to be.

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