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It’s Reefer Madness in Utah: Cops Say Weed Makes People Sick, Stupid, and More Likely to Die

Utah has long been considered one of the most conservative states in the country. Home to the largest Mormon population in the US, banned the positive discussions of homosexuality in public schools, and is in the top 20 of the most racist states in the nation. It should come as no surprise then that Utah cops still consider cannabis to be a dangerous drug, reminiscent of Reefer Madness era assumptions.

Weber County Cop Claims Marijuana Has “No Medical Value”

In 2018, residents of Utah will vote on the Utah Medical Marijuana Initiative. The measure would legalize the use of medical marijuana individuals with qualifying medical conditions.

Some Utah cops however, aren’t exactly on board. A slide presentation was presented to about 60 people in Weber County recently by Sheriff Terry Thompson. The presentation was performed to warn citizens about the dangers that using cannabis entails.

Thompson explained to a captive audience that there absolutely ZERO medical benefits associated with marijuana. That’s right. None. Never mind the fact that vice president of the Epilepsy Foundation of Utah sat in the audience. Apparently, Thompson wasn’t aware, didn’t care, or doesn’t believe that the said vice president that was in the audience is currently using CBD oil to (successfully) treat his daughter’s seizures.

Other Absurd Claims Criticizing Cannabis

Aside from touting marijuana to be of no medical value, Thompson also said cannabis increases the risk of cancer and suppresses the immune system. He also added that it causes psychosis. And acute memory loss. And gum disease. And depression. Let’s not forget that he also added that men who smoke weed are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction.

The county sheriff of Utah’s fourth most populous county is also evidently mourning the fact that going “down that marijuana road” makes smart kids turn stupid. “[A neighbor] visited with me recently in tears. She’d worked with a 15-year-old who tested just on the borderline of genius, just a great kid. He decided to hang out with the wrong kids and started going down the wrong path… down that marijuana road. Within a year, they couldn’t get this kid to hardly test above a 70 IQ. It was just sad.”

If Thompson is right, and weed really does cause the genius brain to one with “intellectual disabilities”, all that work by the genius weed-smoking minds of Carl Sagan, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs (among others) must have been done in vain.

With his mind set in Reefer Madness mentality, Thompson also brought to light the fact that marijuana is what leads to addiction of harder drugs. Like heroin, for example. This is despite the fact that new studies are coming out constantly that highlight the ability of medical marijuana to reduce opioid use.

In a fight that is slowly dying to keep marijuana illegal, it seems like those holding on are still backed by the brainwashed ideas of yesterday. What happens in Utah remains to be seen. However, with most Utah residents in support of medical marijuana legalization (including 65 percent of Utah Republicans), those holding strong to outdated policy are likely to soon be shut down.

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