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Uses of Medicinal Cannabis – Alternative Medicine

For the past many years, patients have been using alternative medicine or medicinal cannabis to relieve them from depression as well as from back pain. Other than acupuncture, crystal therapy, aromatherapy there is medicinal cannabis that is employed by patients for healing instead of going to the doctors.

Cannabis has been in use since the era of ancient china and is believed to have hallucinogenic and soothing qualities. Use of cannabis for recreational purposes is strictly prohibited in the US. Still, medicinal cannabis has achieved quite a fame due to its medicinal effects. More and more states in the US are slowly recognizing its importance and thus are legalizing it with each passing year. At present, District of Colombia and 17 other states have legalized it in lieu of its medicinal effects.

Medicinal Cannabis and Appetite

Medicinal cannabis can be used to stimulate one’s appetite. National Cancer Institute conducted a clinical test in which patients suffering from weight loss and HIV/AIDS recovered greatly with increased appetite by taking dronabinol (delta-9-THC). However, it was also found that for the patients suffering from advanced stages of cancer, this medicine was not very effective in increasing appetite.

Tests conducted on healthy people have revealed that taking medicinal cannabis can cause an increase in the consumption of calories, specifically in case of fatty foods and sweets. In addition to this, studies conducted on animals also indicate that food consumption increases by inhaling cannabinoids.

Medicinal Cannabis and Muscular Tension

Medicinal cannabis is also effective in relaxing muscular tension. A study was conducted by American Cancer Society in 2004. This showed that the people with multiple sclerosis who started using cannabis in liquid form containing cannabidiol and THC, felt a decrease in shaking and muscle spasm.

The patients suffering from severe multiple sclerosis experienced a decreased muscular stiffness and less frequent tremors by intaking THC. This experiment was conducted on eight patients. All of them stated a “high” while only two patients experienced slight paranoia and discomfort.

Medicinal Cannabis and Pain

It has been a strong belief that medicinal cannabis has a pain killing effect in case of chronic pain. People suffering from neuropathic pain often tend to use cannabis to relieve their pain.

Medicinal Cannabis

Medical Cannabis for chronic pain

An experiment was conducted in 2010 by a medical association journal in Canada. Based on the research, 20 men and women, having an average age of 45, were given cannabis of different strengths. Over the duration of 60 days, each individual smoked a different strain at different times of the day for five days. After this period, their levels of pain were recorded. The highest strength of cannabis showed the lowest pain. Indicating higher levels of THC may lead to even lower pain.

Medical Cannabis and Nausea

The research conducted by National cancer institute suggested that cannabis eases out the symptoms of nausea and vomiting.

Medicinal Cannabis and Anxiety and Insomnia

In addition to the above-mentioned uses, medicinal cannabis is also being used by people to treat sleeping disorders and anxiety. Patients who inhaled cannabis were successful in achieving a better mood, less anxiety and increased happiness. Cannabis has also shown its usefulness in leading to a deep restful sleep.

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