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3 Uses for CBD You Might Not Know

CBD has taken the world by storm. It’s been recognized by the World Health Organization (who called on the federal government to reclassify it from a Schedule I Substance), was recently deemed the “hottest natural product in history”, and has saved countless lives across the country.

You’ve likely heard that CBD is excellent for natural pain relief. Stopping seizures. Anxiety relief. Depression.

There’s also a bunch of benefits not everyone is familiar with. Check out the following uses for CBD you might not have heard about.

1. Acne

Studies have shown that CBD is an effective treatment for acne. Whether applied topically or taken orally, CBD regulates oil production by slowing down the sebaceous glands and reducing the production of sebum.

CBD also reduces inflammation. And as many people know, acne is regarded as an inflammatory disease. CBD can help decrease inflammation, which can in turn reduce the propensity for inflamed pores.

Anyone who has suffered with acne knows how seriously uncomfortable it can be to live with. It can significantly lower a person’s self-esteem and cause undue anxiety. Tried everything and still suffering from this dreaded condition? Maybe it’s time to try CBD.

2. Cigarette Addiction

Want to kick your cigarette addiction? CBD can help. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 24 smokers were given a vaporizer of either CBD or a placebo. Every time those participating in the study wanted to puff on a cig, they were asked to take a hit of CBD instead. The results should be of interest to anyone interested in quitting or cutting down on their cigarette intake.

While the participants who took the placebo saw no reduction in their cigarette intake, CBD was a different story. The participants who received CBD experienced almost a 40 percent reduction in the number of cigarettes they smoked. Absolutely a win for anyone who knows firsthand how hard it can be to stop smoking cigs.

3. Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia affects as many as 6-12 million people in the US. The most common treatment for this condition characterized by chronic, widespread pain are opioids, corticosterioids, and anti-inflammatory medication. CBD however, shows promise in treating symptoms of fibromyalgia by significantly reducing pain and inflammation.

The pain associated with fibromyalgia can make it difficult to perform even regular day-to-day activities. Walking short distances, climbing a flight of stairs, and even light household chores can feel like a burden to people who suffer from fibromyalgia. If you’re someone familiar with the discomfort of fibromyalgia, CBD can help.

CBD Can Revolutionize Your Health

As a non-psychoactive compound of cannabis, CBD can be used by anyone. CBD will not get you high. And it can help with a myriad of health issues. From addiction, anxiety, and acne to pain management, reduced inflammation, and more , CBD has the potential to revolutionize your health.

There have been countless individuals (children included) who have found tremendous health benefits from using CBD. Looking for natural pain relief from one of the most popular products to ever hit the natural health market? CBD has got you covered…and can benefit in more ways than one.

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