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University of Maryland Cancels Cannabis Classes

Weed may be legal for medical use in Maryland, but that hasn’t stopped the University of Maryland from canceling cannabis classes that were set to be offered to individuals who want to work in the marijuana industry.

Cannabis classes were originally set to start last August, but amongst a midst of concern over federal laws and speaking with Maryland’s attorney general office, pharmacy school officials were told to terminate the program and all classes associated with it.

According to spokesman for the University of Maryland, Alex Likowski, “If there’s any question of the law, they are often consulted. Regarding medical cannabis, even though Maryland and many other states have approved it, it’s still illegal under US law.”

Cancelled Cannabis Classes Would Have Offered Basic and Advanced Cannabis Certifications

The cancelled classes were set to include both basic and advanced certifications in topics like cultivation, dispensing, manufacturing, laboratory standards, and evaluation. Before classes were cancelled, those who direct pharmacy classes were clear they were not supporting the use of cannabis. They instead referred to the university’s recognized training objective and desire to ascertain educational standards for those who would be working with medical cannabis. Classes were designed because medical cannabis was set to soon be available in the state of Maryland.

Part of the desire to create these classes that would teach students interested in working with legal medical marijuana in Maryland stems from comments made by Patrick Jameson, executive director of the Maryland Cannabis Commission. According to Jameson, “The commission expects the most highly trained and knowledgeable people will participate in the program.”

There is however, no specific certification program that exists. There is nowhere to turn in Maryland for instruction. Nowhere to learn how to grow legally, let alone learn how to run a medical dispensary or understand laboratory standards and how to evaluate a product.

Some Other Universities Support Cannabis Classes

There are other universities around the US that offer cannabis classes. Those who are looking to break into the legal business of marijuana do have options. Some of these options include prestigious universities such as Harvard Law School. Other college campuses that support cannabis include Denver University, Oregon State, and Hofstra.

Americans for Safe Access offers online training and has had a successful track record since they began offering courses. The curriculum that was scheduled to be offered to University of Maryland students was adopted from what has already been developed and proven effective by Americans for Safe Access since 2002.

There are also online options for medical cannabis training. THC University, the Cannabis Training Institute, and Green Cultured all offer cannabis courses to those interested in taking classes online. Students who had registered for cannabis classes at the University of Maryland however, are apparently out of luck.

Will the University of Maryland Offer Cannabis Classes in the Future?

It isn’t clear if classes will be offered in the future, as pharmacy school officials haven’t responded to any requests for comment. And while Maryland doctors aren’t required to have any specialized certification to recommend medical marijuana, the state does require that those in the medical cannabis industry are trained to grow, dispense, and have a clear understanding of laboratory procedures.

Where people interested in becoming a part of Maryland’s medical cannabis industry will go for this training is something else that is unclear. Without a certification program in place in the state, it seems that Maryland has some room to grow regarding those that want to legally grow medical marijuana.

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