Time for a Tolerance Break? 6 Ways to Make Taking a Break from Pot (Almost) Painless

Everybody’s been there. Even the most serious of stoners take a tolerance break from time to time. If you’ve been smoking marijuana for a while (either medicinally or recreationally), and think it might be time to take a break…it probably is. Doing anything day in and day out can get old. 

Maybe you want to be a bit more clear-headed. Perhaps you’re not feeling the same effects as you once were. You might need to quit for a job that does drug testing. Then there’s always the money thing. Marijuana can get expensive, you know. Whatever your reasons for taking a cannabis tolerance break, it can definitely be something that benefits your overall wellbeing.

This doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. For those accustomed to regular cannabis consumption, taking a break can be easier said than done. It’s important to realize this before jumping right in to it. We’ve been there. Fortunately, we’ve figured out some tips that can make the transition easier.

6 Tips for Your Cannabis Tolerance Break

1. Understand It’s Not Going to be Easy

The best thing you can remember before going in, suddenly stopping something your body has become accustomed to isn’t easy. This is as true for cannabis as it is for alcohol, cigarettes, and sugar. You’re going to experience some kind of withdrawal. You will crave cannabis. Give yourself a week or two. Maybe longer if you haven’t taken a break in years.  There’s no doubt that the first few days will be rough, but before long your body will begin to adapt.

2. Plan Ahead

The last thing you want to do is wake up one morning and decide you’re going to take a break from weed. Doing so will really make the endeavor that much worse. Making a plan is key. Pick a date and stick to it. Give any weed you might have left to a friend to hold onto until you’re done. What’s left of that eighth is going to be tempting if you don’t, especially the first few days.

3. Expect to Be Tired

Are you someone who likes to toke with your morning coffee? Expect to be a little lethargic when you get going in the mornings if so. For many people, smoking cannabis in the morning helps to get the day going. If you’re one of them, you might feel super sluggish for the first few days. It will pass. Even those who don’t typically use cannabis during the day, might still find they’re a little more tired than usual. Rather than fuel up on more coffee however, try sipping on some green tea after your regular morning cup of joe. Green tea is still energizing, but won’t give you the jitters. And its full of antioxidants your body needs during this cleansing period.

4. Prepare for Some Sleepless Nights

Cannabis is one of the best nightcaps around. Just ask the countless people who use marijuana to help them sleep. Those who use cannabis regularly can find that sleeping is (really) difficult without it. Think about sipping on some herbal sleep tea before bed or maybe taking some melatonin. A guided sleep meditation can also help you fall asleep if you’re having trouble doing so.

5. Eat Good and Get Some Exercise

Your tolerance break might make your appetite take a break with it. Marijuana is, after all, amazing for appetite stimulation. Stock up on healthy snacks beforehand, so you’re not tempted to fill your cravings for cannabis with a bunch of junk food that will only make you feel worse. Whole foods and fresh fruits and veggies will give your body the nutrients it needs, and are an excellent accompany to your cannabis detox.

If you find you completely lose your appetite, remind yourself to eat at regularly scheduled times throughout the day. Eat small meals or snacks, forcing down what you can until your appetite comes back. Ensuring you eat food that’s healthy will give you energy to sustain the day, even if you’re not eating that much of it.

While you’re at it eating healthy and treating your body right, getting out and getting some exercise will feel amazing. Take a walk in the park. Go for a run. Hit up the gym or get to that yoga class you’ve been meaning to check out. The exercise is excellent for endorphins, and something that will help counteract those cannabis cravings.

6. Find Activities to Fill Your Time

Taking a cannabis tolerance break is the perfect time to do all those things you’ve been putting off. Think of other activities to fill your time. Pick up a new hobby. Join the gym. Visit a museum or art gallery you’ve been meaning to check out. Finding other activities to fill your time will get you out and doing something aside from thinking about how much you want to smoke weed. It really can be the perfect time to explore new things to do.


While it might not be the easiest or most enjoyable thing you’ve ever done, taking a cannabis tolerance break is doable. It’s important to remember that cannabis affects everyone differently. For some people, taking a break might be harder than for others. The symptoms a person experiences might be completely different from the next person’s.

Have you taken a cannabis tolerance break? Did you find some things helped more than others? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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