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The Story of the First CBD Store in Texas with Chelsea Devos

Episode 74 - Chelsea Devos

Chelsea Devos is the founder of the first CBD store in Texas, The Cherry Apothecary.

Having first-hand experienced the great benefits of CBD, she made it her mission to help everybody get access to quality products and information.

Unlike others, Chelsea sees anyone helping Texas have access to cannabis as a friend. From a business perspective, she doesn’t have competition – only comrades.

In this episode, Chelsea shares how she started her business from having no capital to being the first CBD store in Texas and how she strives to educate the masses.

I’m not in this to double or triple whatever I put in. I’m really just in it so that I can have access to it all the time. And now I’m able to get the best cannabis I can find to as many people as possible. – Chelsea Devos

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Some Topics We Discussed Include

1:46 – How Chelsea learned about cannabis
4:42 – The transformation with her own family led her to start her own business
10:57 – Key challenges that she has or she is facing right now in growing the business
14:58 – Some things that she hopes to accomplish in her community through her store
16:18 – Key pieces of advice
27:07 – Contribution to the community
28:48 – Where to Find Them

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Sonia Gomez: What’s up, guys? Sonia Gomez coming to you from Denver, Colorado. This is another episode of The Hemp Revolution Podcast and we have yet another lady boss with us on today’s episode. As you know, we are committed to sharing the stories and telling the tales of the industry professionals, the folks who are pushing this incredible industry forward making it possible for you guys to have access to the best brands and products that are available on the marketplace. 

If you are looking for brands you can depend on to deliver the results you’re looking for, check us out at medicalsecrets.com and if you are a budding entrepreneur and you need help navigating your way through this incredibly challenging but amazing industry check us out at theemeraldcircle.com

In today’s episode, we are going to be speaking to the founder of the first CBD store in Texas. Tejas is not a friendly landscape to cannabis and hemp but somehow this lady boss has navigated her way through. She is unique in the sense that she is not in this business for financial gain, but to make a difference in her family and her community. She’s doing this because she believes that everyone’s health can benefit from and should be benefiting from cannabis and hemp. 

She was born and raised in Oregon, where cannabis is truly the culture and anyone helping Texas have access to cannabis is definitely a friend for her in her mind. There’s no such thing as competition. There are only comrades and collaborators. Ladies and gentlemen, help me welcome. Miss Chelsea Devos. 

Chelsea Devos: Hello, thank you so much. I’m very honored. Thank you. 

Sonia Gomez: Yes, you’re welcome. I’m super honored to have you on the show to love me a good lady boss. Tell me a little bit about your story intros can do all of the fun stuff, but it’s nothing like from the horse’s mouth directly. So tell a little bit about your story and how you got into the business.

How Chelsea Learned about Cannabis

Chelsea Devos: Well, I mean, you said it, from Oregon cannabis is just kind of cultural. And so that being said, I was a graphic designer for a long time, I was not always in the cannabis industry. And I moved to Texas to spend time with my grandparents. They were having health problems. And I just wanted to spend as much time as I could. 

So I moved here from Oregon, very different environments. You know, I mean, geographically, economically. It’s just a very different world living in Texas, but I was able to really, you know, excel in graphic design, I was able to leave that career and be a caregiver for them for many years. And then, you know, after they passed away, I was actually looking into moving back to Oregon, but at the time, you know, I didn’t have a plan. 

So right around that time, I actually met a founder of a very, very, very excellent and successful CBD company locally. And he’s kind of like my Sherpa, you know, I’ve gone to the cannabis convention in Fort Worth. In 2016 they had the first-ever, you know, cannabis conference. I can’t believe they had in Fort Worth more places, but, so I went there and it was just like, it was kind of like Alice in Wonderland. 

I mean, they just said this, you know, this one will wake you up and this one will put you to sleep and I’d ask them why, you know what, what were the reasons that these CBD oils and vaping and all. Why was the CBD having this effect? No one could answer any of my questions. So I finally met a guy that could and he introduced me and showed me lab reports the things you should look for, what the efficacy should be, what the quality should be, you know, he taught me the difference in distillate versus just raw extracts. And so, once I got very educated in CBD, and I had access to really high-quality CBD, the sky was the limit and split. 

Now to start a business, I mean, I had no capital. However, I really believed in this guy, and his quality was insane. But I told him I was like, bro, it looks like you made this label in your garage. And he’s like I did, I did print it in my garage.

The Transformation with Her Own Family Led Her to Start Her Own Business

Sonia Gomez: So it’s like, Awesome.

Chelsea Devos: Cool, but let’s get your look to match your quality. So, sure enough, I did a bunch of graphic designs for him. And he just paid me in wholesale hemp. 

So my first few invoices that I cashed out, my first few big wholesale orders from him, I just gave away and I send boxes to my mom, who is still in Oregon, and who has had her medical marijuana prescription for a decade. She has epilepsy. But she’s a lightweight so a little bit of THC. And she’s not having a good time. You know, I mean, too much THC, I should say. And she’s, you know, it’s not good results like she can’t consume enough medicine to get the relief she’s looking for before psychoactivity of the THC would kind of be too intense. 

So that’s where the CBD stuff really shines. I mean it’s everything that we love about the cannabis plant without the high so, so people like her, there are a ton of people that the psychoactivity from the THC is too intense. And I think that’s where I just call CBD flower. It’s like cannabis light, you know, it’s like–

Sonia Gomez: it is diet weed.

Chelsea Devos: It is. it’s like you know, it’s helping a lot of people that are not trying to catch a bus. So you know–

Sonia Gomez: because of the transformation you saw with your own Family you started your apothecary down in Texas where is that?

Chelsea Devos: So yeah I’m in Oak Cliff south of little bit south of downtown it’s the coolest community in Dallas that I’ve found. It’s working-class families it’s very art you know art district, I’m down across the street from the Texas theater which is kind of cool and historic You know, that’s where they got the RV as well but yeah, so yeah, I mean this really cool little niche part of town I found this– it’s kind of tucked back away I was going for dispensary vibe. So you know if you go to Colorado and they talk a little dispensary in a closet, you know they don’t care.

Sonia Gomez: As long as we can get weed in there. We’re good.

Chelsea Devos: Well, right and it’s exactly it’s also really quiet. You know, I don’t have a street-facing window which is the time to get my rent down. But also gave like this is you know, set back even to Saturday and someone comments like this is kind of cool. It’s back here. It’s quiet. I’m down a hallway and a little separate room down the hallway. So my storefront is very small. My presence is kind of small physically, but [-] was doing it. 

You know, they passed the compassionate care act in June of 2016, for the children with epilepsy to have access to CBD, so I actually started my business in July of 2016. Just because I knew I’ve found quality products, I knew that people were going to be looking for this stuff to get relief, and I traded my time and my design skill in exchange for hemp oil, and then I had inventory to open a store. So it all just kind of happened real fast. 

And I had very little to work with in the beginning, but it exploded. You know, these people would come in even just the first month I had my doors open. I didn’t expect that type of illnesses that I would see I didn’t expect the severity to come through the door that first 30 days, but–

Sonia Gomez: Pretty incredible

Chelsea Devos: then it really lights your fire because you’re like, Oh my god, Texas not only needs this foot panel, everyone deserves this. 

Sonia Gomez: they’re like Texas. Everyone’s fucked up. I’m gonna be rich. No, I’m just kidding. 

Chelsea Devos: Texas is ready. You know these. These are just everyday people just trying to live their lives but their education on cannabis was low, cannabis was non-existent. So I just wanted to do everything I could to help get it here. And then people started referring to me as a pioneer, which was the most flattering thing I’ve ever heard, just to kind of help get it here. And now though, there’s a guy across the street that opened the CBD shop in June. He’s got my same spiel, it’s on YouTube. He’s got my same hours of operation. I was a little confused why he opened right across the street, but then at the same time, I was just flattered, you know, is honored and stoked that we can have CBD stores on every corner now that it’s really happening. 

Sonia Gomez: yeah, it’s awesome. 

Chelsea Devos: So now it’s just about quality. You know, I see these people that they’re trying to sell isolate for higher prices than you can get full spectrum and I went in this one place and the guy had a box of pre-rolls CBD pre-rolls are $45 for this box and you break one open and it’s literally leaf and sticks. You know, they’re these loosely packed, shake rolls for $45 for like, I mean people are going to be really sad and pissed when they find out that they’ve been getting ripped off so I’ll stop working with a company if their quality changes you know, it’s getting flower in from a place for a long time. And then they started sending me but it wasn’t trim. So now I’m getting leafy tiny little rock hard brown flower. I just want to quality the–

Sonia Gomez: I got 30,000 pounds of like the high-grade hemp flowers. So we’ve got your back, no problem.

Chelsea Devos: It’s hard to find, you know, consistency with companies. It’s hard to find– Does it taste good, but people want to take so–

Sonia Gomez: something it’s not just like, the cherry, whatever the Alaskan whatever,

Chelsea Devos: or just yeah, I mean, it’s it. People are not– Now Texas’ big problem is people gotta get educated so they know they’re not buying swag. It’s uh you know, that’ll be the next hurdle but

Sonia Gomez: I think there’s a few hurdles in there but [inaudible]

Chelsea Devos: You’re right. I just meant for people as far as knowing how to buy CBD products and cannabis and stuff. 

Sonia Gomez: So yeah. How long have you been in business?

Chelsea Devos: Three years, since 2016

Sonia Gomez: Wow, very cool. And what, what were some of your key challenges or key challenges that you have or are facing right now in growing your business?

Key Challenges in Growing the Business

Chelsea Devos: There are a lot of places to buy CBD now. So when I first started, there were you couldn’t get it anywhere. Except for you know, maybe they had it at the sex shop or the head shop. And so I was just trying to create an environment where you could take your kids, you could take your grandmother, you know, and it’d be comfortable to talk about what’s going on. You didn’t have bongs and dildos behind the guy that’s explaining it. You know, like that was that was–

Sonia Gomez: They’re like this will help you feel really relaxed.

Chelsea Devos: [inaudible] So, yeah, I mean, now they’re everywhere. And what I hear from people, I want returning customers, but they’ll come back and they’ll say, you know, I went to this other store and I bought some stuff because it was cheaper. It was closer to my house or whatever. And I said, how’d you like it? And you know, nine out of 10 people will tell me what they didn’t like about it so–

Sonia Gomez: they’re like well, come back here on I

Chelsea Devos: use a lot, right, like thanks. It always means a lot that they come back It does mean something that I gotta be picky about quality when I sell. So, yeah, that’s kind of the next biggest challenge is that it’s on, you can get it at 711. But is it gonna help you feel better is the question? So, you know, as long as everybody’s selling high-quality stuff then for that day, we got a long way to go. So yeah,

Sonia Gomez: so competition and quality have been your two biggest challenges.

Chelsea Devos: Like I said, You know, I mean, I had a nationwide company open up about a mile down the street from me again, you know, I thought it was great. They even came to Oak Cliff, like maybe this part of Dallas could turn into some kind of cannabis Mecca, you know, in a perfect world, but this place open about a mile down the street, they’re in California, they’re in Chicago, they’re much, much larger than I am. I was like, oh, man, we’re gonna lose all this business. And I think it did the opposite. I think it made more people aware of his presence and more people found me and you know, they might be standing in there and notice that they don’t carry products are there, their prices are really high that’s a lot of other places the prices are really high so I’m not in this to double or triple whatever I put in. I’m really just in it so that I can have access to it all the time. And now I’m able to get the best cannabis I can find to as many people as possible so

Sonia Gomez: awesome I love it. So you’re prime you’re not dealing in like actual cannabis. So you’re dealing in hemp products right?

Chelsea Devos: Well, and hemp is cannabis so that’s the terminology I try to use as it’s all cannabis but yes, it is absolutely hemp. Because we’re in Texas, we can’t have any THC. So nothing I have–

Sonia Gomez: Well, I just wanted to make clarity. So I’m from California, so that’s I’m of the same opinion, cannabis is cannabis whether there’s THC in it or not. But if you use the word out in public, they’re like, no, no, no. And they even think it’s really weird to see the misconception because they even think that like, THC is separate from– know that THC comes in marijuana. CBD is a different plant. They think that like CBD is a different plant. It’s funny

Chelsea Devos: All the time I’ve had people tell me CBD only comes from a male plan so the Yeah What else? I mean I try not to use the word marijuana I mean I use it–

Sonia Gomez: No, it’s not. 

Chelsea Devos: that distinction that classification where it’s all cannabis but hemp and marijuana are different because THC and I don’t know I just hate that term but you’re right marijuana, hemp is–

Sonia Gomez: I hate the term.

Chelsea Devos: It’s the appropriate word to use. So yeah.

Sonia Gomez: Well, it’s meeting our communities where they are, you know, what are you gonna do? One small step, one small step at a time. What are some things that you hope to accomplish in your community through your store?

Some Things That She Hopes to Accomplish in Her Community through Her Store

 Chelsea Devos: I think all education should be free. I think access to education should be a universal ability. So that’s the one thing that I’ve tried to put out there and it’s my number one focus to continue to put out there is just help people learn and answer questions and remove stigmas and fears. 

First CBD Store in Texas

And I think one of my favorites is people that come into the store and say, No, and I don’t like cannabis. I don’t want anything to do with it. But now I’m in a situation where I’ll try anything. And then, sure enough, they have such positive results that they become advocates for it. So it’s every step. It’s every like one mind at a time that progressively gets better. And I think that’s how the stigma is gonna die. So if I can help my community in any way, I just need to continue teaching people.

First CBD Store in Texas

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, love that. What would be some key pieces of advice that you would share with somebody in a state where they feel like it’s never going to get legalized but they want to get into the industry, and I’m just not quite sure how or what the first step should be. what would be some key pieces of advice that you could offer?

Key Pieces of Advice 

Chelsea Devos: Well, I actually just had someone come into the store the other day and they just opened a business, I get a lot of emails and people that messaged me that have just started their business. And unfortunately, you know, I can’t give a lot of monetary advice as far as taking out loans and going into debt. And thankfully, I didn’t have to do any of that. So I don’t know a lot of those answers but if you can find a high-quality product, that’s it. I’m really picky about I try to make sure that everything I sell the labeling is very clear that there’s no– some people have gotten really tricky with their labeling, too. 

Find a high-quality product, that's it. - Chelsea Devos Click To Tweet

So another thing you have to look for is if anyone’s suggesting that you sell it according to someone’s body weight. I think that that’s just like a scam. Number one. No, because no supplement is administered by body weight. You don’t take aspirin or anything according to body weight. So I think that I avoid that, you know, if any of their marketing or labeling says for specific to illness or poundage, you know, take a certain amount I think they’re just trying to deal with. So I don’t mess with those companies. 

Another thing to look for is if they’re actually labeling the CBD content, or just the content of the hemp extract, that’s huge, too. I’ll say there’s 25 milligrams of CBD on the front, but then you flip it over and that’s just hemp extract and maybe the extract was only 40% CBD. So now you just got a lot of mislabeling I try to avoid those things first and foremost and then it then I start trying products personally to get a taste and–

Sonia Gomez: experience 

Chelsea Devos: right knows if it tastes really nasty no one doesn’t matter how much it helps a lot of people don’t want to take it. if it’s bomb water you know it’s not going to sell so right?

Sonia Gomez: like bottled water no one’s gonna buy it in a–

Chelsea Devos: a rough place to be for a product so yeah. And just get as educated and uncomfortable as you can with all things cannabis because I see, you know, I don’t know, that’s kind of a thing I see that people are not doing and I hate to see anyone going in this just be like a car salesman, if they’re not passionate, you know, but a lot of people are, you know, it’s actually it was up in Colorado. I went on some dispensary tours. And it was just kind of like Joe Blow car salesman. trying to explain cannabis to me. And it was like, How long you been in this industry guy? Like, five minutes, you know? So that’s really cool. Yeah, like, you know.

I hate to see anyone going in this just be like a car salesman. - Chelsea Devos Click To Tweet

So those are the things that I noticed having come from the culture and being in the industry is you got to be really transparent with what you’re selling, and you have to be very educated. So anyone doing that’s going to be successful though, you know, and I welcome them to any questions or anything I can do to give guidance. I truly don’t feel like I’ve got, you know, like, I’m going to lose a sale or anything. I think anyone that’s doing this is, is helping the movement know it’s helping 

Having come from the culture and being in the industry is you got to be really transparent with what you're selling, and you have to be very educated. So anyone doing that's going to be successful. - Chelsea Devos Click To Tweet

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, helping the cause. See, what do I got for words of wisdom. I always do these like words of wisdom segments inside of the podcast because we have sort of a mixed bag of words. And there’s people who are like wanting to get in people who are in and are just like, you know, faced with some sort of challenge and, and the glass ceiling. 

We also have just like the customer base who is just like listening in and wanting to know what’s different about these different companies. So my words of wisdom for today. I’ll play in the education band with you I’m all about education. As a matter of fact, I’ve built my entire company, on community and on education. And I believe that what– I’ll say it over and over again, you don’t know what you don’t know and you don’t know until you try. 

So there’s a lot of people out there in the world right now who just have zero clue and there’s so much information that is being put out into the marketplace. But the thing is, most information that is coming into the marketplace and you’ll that you’ll find on like Google or Yahoo or Bing or whatever search engine you’re using. Right now is fueled by a brand and most brands are owned by people who are cash-rich and knowledge-poor. They’re like the fad followers who are coming in from parts of the country or the world or whatever. And they’re coming in to get in on the fad. They see the opportunity, they want to get some cannabis cash in their pocket. They want to be a part of the hemp revolution, they want to say that they were there too and I’ll tell you just because you were at the fucking concert doesn’t mean that you were on stage with the band. 

Okay, like, the thing is, is that you don’t know what you don’t know and where you’re sourcing your education from and how the ripple effect of that is going out into communities is so so important. So make sure that you are educating yourself first and foremost that you are working with a reputable source of education and then sharing the truth rather than the fads that are being pushed out by a brand which has an agenda to guess what, get you to buy their stuff. So, not all information is created equal and not all CBD is created equal. Um, and it’s important for you to know the difference, especially in order to build the faith and the trust with consumers who are looking to transition off of their medications and are really looking for something that has, you know, proven results. 

The second piece of advice and information or the second piece of advice that I would give you would be, again, location, location, location. Knowing your demographic, knowing where you are and how that community is growing is so super important. And there is that ripple effect. That if you have like Pete’s coffee on one corner, Starbucks will have a drive-thru on the other corner. If you have McDonald’s you also have Wendy’s, Burger King and Jack in the Box like everybody goes in the same place because if the line is too long McDonald’s, they’re going to Wendy’s. You know, if they’re out of fries at Wendy’s, they’re driving across the street to get to Jack in the Box. It’s just the way that business works. And you know it conflict competition is complimentary to be across the street from one another. 

The final piece of advice that I will get is there’s only one unique you so it doesn’t matter how big or how small, it’s all about the motion in the ocean. Right.

Chelsea Devos: You know, I originally thought I would want to open 100 stores, but I worried that I would dilute the quality and I’m not trying to make a bazillion dollars. So yes, girl preach it.

Sonia Gomez: Well, I’m all about I’m all about the intimacy. So if you have a store the size of Nordstrom, or if you have the store the size of a closet, it doesn’t really matter. There’s plenty to go around. But what matters is that you create a moral code that your customer base can depend on. So I love what you’re Saying Chelsea about having quality products and really understanding the difference. And you know, really understanding what’s going to be best paired with the ailment that you’re trying to work with or the symptoms that you’re trying to work with or the results that you’re trying to achieve. 

The intimacy and standard and moral code can actually be spread across 100 stores. If I walk in Nordstrom, in Miami, I get the same experience that if I walk into Nordstrom, in San Francisco, because there is a moral code, there’s a set standard of operation and you don’t have to break that down and I think that you should be into this. This is like my opinion. I think we should be into this to make legendary type money right now. Because with the right people making the right amount of money, we can continue to promote and support the right kind of change. If the folks who are in this for money are the ones making it all we’re gonna just end up you know, cutting down our forests and bleeding out our legs and rivers and, you know, raping our world’s resources. And that’s not good for anybody either. So

Chelsea Devos: you’re absolutely right. And I wouldn’t mind making a bazillion dollars and [inaudible] of course, I just never at the compromise of quality. So you’re at what you’re writing.

If I had a million dollars, I’d use it to save the world. So, you know, that’s, you’re right, it needs to be in the hands of the people that care. So

If I had a million dollars, I'd use it to save the world. - Chelsea Devos Click To Tweet

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, I definitely think so. And people with the right moral code, you know, I think that there’s this common misconception around finances. Especially I see in like the cannabis game like people are like, Oh, well, I don’t need to make that much money because, you know, I know I have the best products and I’m like, cool, but like, what if everyone else had the best product too because you were supplying it to them and you got a benefit from the upside like, for me, mean money is just one piece of energy that allows the greater good to happen and I mean, money just makes you more of what you already are anyway. So for me, I’m like, we need to get more people with good moral codes making the money here so that we can start to, you know, see more transformation happened in our communities. 

I asked this question a lot to other stores to others like store owners or business owners and they almost can never answer it. I ask the question, you know, what is your social contribution that you’re making with your company? And they’re like, y’all word you know, sometimes we donate and I’m just like, that’s what we’re up against here. So my question for you is, as you are growing into a bigger enterprise, and you’re sharing more of your education and your belief system around how this business should grow and how the people should have access to educate and stuff. What will be your contribution that you’ll make to your community?

Contribution to the Community

Chelsea Devos: Yeah, you’re right. It’s something that I have not specifically thought about.

Sonia Gomez: You said it earlier in this show, girl. You said I believe everybody should have access to free education.

Chelsea Devos: Well, I do I do. I guess it’s you know, when you think specific to a community, like good, I volunteer, I giveaway. But I know knowledge is the number one asset, but it’s what has, it’s the thing that I didn’t expect to become the biggest part of my business. You know, I mean, I just went into this knowing that cannabis was helping me that hemp was hemp oil was you know.

I’ve got really bad physical pain. I’ve got pans and scar tissue in my body. I’ve got some pretty severe anxiety that I have dealt with for a really long time. And so my quality of life is through the roof. I’m three years off of any Opiates or Benzos or anything, so yeah. My mom who’s you know, had epilepsy since I was a child is almost three years without an episode. 

So you know, not wanting something so, right. So for I’ve been personally affected it’s and that’s why I got into it. You know, I walked into this and I would have said, but now seeing that the power and the knowledge and the way that the people having appropriate education because this is the internet’s a great resource, but it’s all very conflicting. So just being able to share testimony. You know, that’s if I could, if I could give that evidence or that education, I should say that’d be the most valuable thing to give for sure.

Sonia Gomez: What’s the name of your store and where can people find you?

Where to Find Them

Chelsea Devos: So I’m called the Cherry Apothecary, and I’m located in Oak Cliff, Texas, which is just south of downtown. I’m across the highway from the Dallas zoo, but I’m right across the street, from the Historic Texas theater is my easiest landmark. And you can also find me online at cherryapothecary.com. I’ve got almost all of my products available on my website. And there a few things that you know, are simply too large or too heavy to ship so you got to come into the store to kind of check out some things but any questions you have, feel free to call or email, you can even text message you know the phone number and someone will get back to you and try to help you as best we can. 

I’ve got a team of people that I’ve really cultivated to be kind and patient and I want to share this education also. It’s very hard. I’ve gone through you know, that’s been the thing I think that’s been most uncomfortable about growing business is this is such a little personal project for me. I don’t have knowledge specific to growing a business, particularly. I tried to hire several people and have dealt with, you know, theft and dishonesty. So I was–

Sonia Gomez: Building a team is so hard. 

Chelsea Devos: I did not know that was coming when I was trying to get this business thing kicked off. I thought,

yeah, I had to So anyway, I was pretty naive. It’s been slow grow for me, but I do appreciate everything you’re saying that you know, I think the financial aspect of this is, has been secondary, but yeah, it’s very important. So I’m not trying to downplay that. My team, specifically my best friend and He’s practically my cousin. His name is Randy. He’s the store manager that another gentleman named 

Sonia Gomez: Shout out Randy.

Chelsea Devos: He goes by Remy. So Randy and Remy pretty much run the place and they’re as knowledgeable as I am almost there. They’re really great guys. So if I’m not there, they can help you out. It’s just a really comfortable vibe. That’s, that’s my biggest compliment is people come in the shop and it’s just chill. So

Sonia Gomez: I love that I’d love to see your shop. It’s so cool.

Chelsea Devos: It’s small, it’s humble, but it’s comfortable. And you can bring your kids you can bring your grandmother you can be can ask us anything, and we’ll do our best to help you.

Sonia Gomez: Love it, love it. For those of you guys who are tuning in, and you’re considering to get into this space, listen to the words of wisdom that we share in these episodes. Those are priceless tips and tricks and, you know, things to consider is like, how do you navigate through building your own team? How do you navigate through understanding the quality of product, the consistency, maybe something that you get from a brand the first time is not as great as the second time? Every batch is different. 

So you have to understand and then having the mentality that there is no competition but that you yourself are fierce competition because you have one key differentiator in your company these are the things that like really start to set yourself apart from the rest of the people who are coming in droves to this industry. So for those of you guys who are tuning in and you are considering getting into the industry, make sure you check out our other episodes. 

And if you are looking for consistent products that you can rely on to deliver you the results check us out at medicalsecrets.com. Chelsea, what are some last words that we have to share with our community before we end today’s episode?

Final Words

Chelsea Devos: I’m pretty much still just humbled and honored that I was asked to do this. Yeah, I mean, give hemp a chance if you’ve ever been skeptical, now’s the time. I mean it is. It is a lot of availability and a lot of really good quality. So anything was a Rick Simpson said Cannabis hemp is a very legit solution to most of life’s problems. And you know, there’s a lot of things we legally can’t say but I think cannabis is helping the quality of life for everybody that is involved in it. So, you know, if you haven’t tried it already, please do and if you have any questions about how to get the most relief I’m here, so

Sonia Gomez: you’re just sweetest cherry pie, my darling I love it. You’re just like you have the best energy ever. I hope you guys do reach out to Chelsea because she’s just like this calm, cool drink of water on a hot summer’s day. I’m super excited to be your hostess with the mostess of The Hemp Revolution Podcast. I am Sonia Gomez, and this is The Hemp Revolution if you don’t know that or ask somebody. We’ll see you guys on our next show. Thanks for tuning in.

Chelsea Devos: Thank you.

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