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The Perks and the Challenges of a CBD Online Retail Owner with Brett Kimes

Episode 47 Brett Kimes

Brett Kimes is the owner and operator of Authentic CBD, a company that carefully hand selects the highest quality and authentic CBD brands available in the industry.

Brett Kimes went to college at Old Dominion University. After college, he helped start a biodiesel manufacturing company. Once the owner sold out the biodiesel plant he became a professional poker player for 4 or 5 years. After what they call “Black Friday”, he had to find a job. He became a recruiter then got promoted to recruitment director and after 5 years, recently, he left that position to start an online CBD retail.

Join us in this episode as Brett talks about some of the key areas that he had to find creative solutions for, the value of building a community, how he’s finding and choosing the brands and products that they sell in their store. And just like any other business, there are ups and downs and in this episode, he shares what keeps him grounded and motivated and a whole lot more.

Nobody is born and knows everything, you have to learn. – Brett Kimes

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Some Topics We Discussed Include

2:55 – The challenges of setting up the company
4:07 – His ultimate goal for the business
4:48 – Running an illegal business
6:15 – Some of the key areas that he has had to find creative solutions for
8:53 – The value of building a community
15:19 – How he’s finding and choosing the brands and products that they sell in their store
17:37 – His wife’s thoughts about his business
18:39 – How he’s educating the community
20:17 – What keeps him motivated
24:24 – Key pieces of advice to somebody who wants to get started in this industry

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Sonia Gomez: What’s up everybody? Welcome back to another badass rockstar episode of The Hemp Revolution. I’m your host, Sonia Gomez, the hostess with the mostess and in today’s episode, we are going to be visiting yet another entrepreneurs dope bash journey to freedom, that’s a lie, CBD industry does not give you any freedom. Either way, we are on the fun road to building an incredible business.

Sonia Gomez: Our guest today went to college at ODU, Old Dominion University. Following college he helped start a biodiesel manufacturing company so super cool, can’t wait to talk about that and go into sustainability. Once the owner sold out of the biodiesel plant he became a professional poker player for four or five years. I’ll take 10% that we called Black Friday, I had to find a job. So he had to find a job. He became a recruiter then promoted up to director of recruiting and after five short years, recently, he left that position and joined the online CBD retail extravaganza and I can’t wait to hear more about his journey, the challenges, the trials that come along with all of it. Ladies and gentlemen, help me welcome our guest today, Brett Kimes. What’s up, Brett? How are you?

Brett Kimes: I’m doing well. How are you? Thanks for the intro. That’s a great intro.

Sonia Gomez: You’re welcome. I am super excited. First of all, let’s just pay homage to the Batman and Star Wars on the walls super huge fan, myself. So glad to be in good company here. Tell me a little bit about your journey in the industry so far, how long have you been in business?

The Challenges of Setting up the Company

Brett Kimes: So I started my LLC in April and I had my virtual doors grand opening, if you will, in July bit of a headache to try to get credit card processing and get the website and shop setup. I actually originally had gone, I had everything set up and Shopify. And as I learned later, Shopify isn’t very CBD friendly. I think they are now but months ago they weren’t. So I had to end up changing platforms from Shopify to WooCommerce. So it’s a little bit of a headache to just get going. But once I finally did get going open my doors in July and haven’t looked back since.

Sonia Gomez: how’s it been going?

Brett Kimes: It’s been going it’s going pretty good. It’s pretty steady. It’s slow as all startup business can be especially in the retail industry, and in particular, having an online business where I don’t have that benefit of just like the foot traffic walking in so it’s a little bit trickier. You can’t advertise either technically with like Google or Facebook or YouTube or anything like that either. So it has had its own special challenges which have been interesting to overcome. So it’s a bit slow but steady just going in the right direction definitely trending and they’re trending up and trending in the right direction which is good.

Sonia Gomez: Nice. Are you featuring your own brand are you doing other people’s stuff?

His Ultimate Goal for the Business

Brett Kimes: Other people’s for right now the goal is to eventually have my own brand through white labelling type resources. I’m hoping if all goes well in the next year or so, give or take, so we’ll see how that goes. And then the ultimate end goal is to have my own farm. I am hoping that eventually, the United States laws change favourably towards all cannabis. And when that happens, I do believe that’s going to happen but when that happens, I’d like to have my own farm. I have my own strains my own brand my own oils, ideally I want to be a hemp and cannabis farmer. So one day.

Sonia Gomez: I Love it. Where are you located right now?

Brett Kimes: Fort Worth Dallas Fort Worth area but in Fort Worth.

Sonia Gomez: Cool. Very cool. Interesting landscape down there as far as the temperature around CBD. Are you pretty private about your involvement? Are you like–

Running an Illegal Business

Brett Kimes: No, wide open. So I did, truth be told I did get started just a little early before the laws all changed a couple of months but in June I believe is June House Bill 1325 passed which effectively allowed for hemp production and hemp-derived sales as well in the retail space, there’s a few rules that they have going on but in the end, everything was basically everything was legalized in Texas, even though it was already technically legal nationwide, Texas hadn’t actually updated their state laws to mirror that of the federal government. So theoretically, everything was kind of illegal, even though it was legal in the national spotlight it was illegal still here in Texas until June and then that officially took effect September 1. So now I can say I am open and I don’t really have to worry too much about it.

Sonia Gomez: Nice, nice. You mentioned a little bit of the challenges that you’ve been faced with and kicking off your online store, advertising being one of them. What are some of the other things and just to give some final reframe to the question. We have a lot of folks who are listening and trying to figure out like, what am I up against? What’s the best way for me to enter into this industry? Is it brick and mortar businesses online? And everybody comes with its own set of challenges? And there’s plenty of ways to overcome. What are some of the key areas that you have had to find creative solutions for?

Some of the Key Areas That He Has Had to Find Creative Solutions For

Brett Kimes: Okay, good question. So I would say the first the biggest one was the credit card processing. That was extremely difficult, especially early on, it’s getting a little bit easier. Now, I know that there are some companies out there that are offering lower rates than they used to, I know that there’s some big players like Square getting involved, which is really, really good. So it’s a little bit easier now, I would say folks that are now getting into the industry, I don’t think the hurdle or the challenge is going to be as large as it was for myself and for other folks who came before me.

Sonia Gomez: [inaudible] changes in three to six months, right?

Brett Kimes: Tonne of changes. Actually, ever since that congressional meeting that they had about, I think congressman about About a month and a half ago or so to talk about the whole logistics of legalizing and things like that. But after those meetings came the allowance of unions of, of union banking to back CBD companies and hemp companies, so ever since then things seem to be getting a little bit smoother for CBD companies, hemp companies.

But there are still some processing issues, you have to be very specific on your website or in your store. You can’t make any claims, no FDA violations, anything of that nature, obviously. And in fact, I had one that I mean, they went through my website with a fine-tooth comb to make sure I wasn’t making any statements or claims of treatments or cures or anything like that, which I don’t do. So yeah. But I would say the, the credit card processing part was the biggest hurdle that I had to overcome.

And then I would say next, you hit the nail on the head earlier with the advertising. It’s actually really frustrating. Facebook won’t let you advertise. You can’t advertise on Instagram. Although I’ve seen some advertisements on Facebook and Instagram so people have found loopholes. I tried to find that loophole and got my ad account shut down by Facebook. So I didn’t do it very well, I guess. So there are companies out there though, apparently that are doing pretty good campaigns that are, I guess, kind of circumnavigating the rules a little bit to allow some of these advertisings but point is I can’t advertise I tried and I couldn’t do it but Google works, add keywords can’t do that.

No YouTube, pre-roll ads, no Facebook ads, no Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, I did have to get a little tricky with some LinkedIn ads, but the conversions weren’t really there. So I stopped doing that. Yelp doesn’t do me any good because I’m an online store. The hurdle there to try to get the name out and get the word out that I exist has been probably one of the most difficult parts in addition to getting credit card processing.

Sonia Gomez: You and everybody else. Well, not everybody else.

Brett Kimes: Everybody, like three or four companies from what I’ve seen.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah. Well, some people do black hat, some people do white hat and then there’s there. There are a lot of really great strategies to be able to effectively market and we’ve been able to do it for three and a half years really well and are starting to work with some folks and helping them do the same thing. We’re actually we’re not an agency and where we don’t even have our own brand. But we’ve been a part of this for a long time, legislative development, building one of the largest online platform and education platforms that is on the web today.

And we have one of the largest messenger bots subscriber lists in the space and so we created some really cool ways to be able to navigate through the process of advertising online, especially leveraging social media platforms. So after I’ll share a little bit more about how we’re doing that, but the good basis of it is building a community and I think this is something that a lot of brands are really missing.

Our consumer base here is becoming higher maintenance and they want to know why they should buy from you. And when we put a purpose behind a passion, or a passion behind a purpose, that’s how we can build profitability. And we really, but we brands and as people behind our businesses have to put an emphasis on community, and why we do what we do the way that we do it and what is the bigger purpose that we’re a part of, because people want to feel like they are a part of something. Otherwise they feel like they’re doing nothing.

People want to feel like they are a part of something. Otherwise, they feel like they're doing nothing. - Sonia Gomez Click To Tweet

So this theory is how we’ve been able to build a list of a million to a following of over a million people. We’ve impacted over 50 million people around the world. Were using email, messenger, all of these different tools effectively to market CBD brands, but everybody is connected through the community. So I’ll definitely share more about that later. But just for those of you guys who are listening, remember that while you’re building your brand, building the community simultaneously if not before, is like giving yourself your own focus group.

Kim Kardashian did this really well. Well Well, when she was starting to launch perfumes for instance, she had built such a massive following in social media. And I know she’s an extreme example, but she built such a massive following in social media that a lot of the decisions she made in business were based off of what her consumers or followers were telling her. How to design the bottles and what to do with A, B and C and D and she used it as a focus group so just some key considerations for you guys, while you’re out there fighting the good fight, is that who has your back but your community so the best thing that you can do.

The Value of Building a Community

Brett Kimes: Yeah, I hundred percent agree with that. In fact, that’s kind of what I started doing before I even created the brand or a name for the brand. Actually, I didn’t even have a name picked out but I started a Facebook education group. I started doing a vlog of like, how to start a business blog essentially. It was like a 17, 20 part series, something like that of just teaching people just following my lead and what I was doing and just trying to teach people as best I could on how to start a business and how to be free, essentially, and not have to work at a desk job or in a cubicle the rest of their lives.

And so I thought, well, let me try and build a community through showing people how to live their dreams, and then also with educating people about CBD before I even had a name picked out. In fact, some folks in my Facebook education group, were actually kind of spearheading an exemplary work. They helped vote on the right logo, I gave him a list of like three or four different logos and they helped pick the logo that I use now. So I even use the Facebook group community to help me when it came to picking out my logo.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, that’s the that’s the way to rock it. So poker?

Brett Kimes: Yeah, long time ago feels like almost a couple lifetimes ago.

Sonia Gomez: Did you like wear the glasses in the hat?

Brett Kimes: Yeah, no, I like talking to people. You might be able to tell I’m just a talker. I like just you know being present. I don’t do the headphones although I’m wearing some now and I bought some for poker, but I never really use them. The only time I ever use my headphones when I was playing are still to this day when I play once in a while is if just the person next to me just is like extremely annoying or drunk or something like that then I might put some headphones and just to kind of zone in.

Sonia Gomez: You could wear headphones at poker?

Brett Kimes: Yeah. And usually, in a tournament you catch game anytime and nobody cares but in a tournament places will let you wear them until you get to the money what they call the money which is where a certain number of people have busted out of the tournament and then they kind of pick up certain percentage where people get paid the lowest amount all the way to the winner essentially. And so once you reach what they call the money, then they don’t usually let you wear headphones or unless you’re on a feature table that’s televised. They typically don’t let you wear headphones either because it’s not really good look for TV if everybody’s wearing headphones glasses and you know not talking doesn’t make for great TV. So typically, those are the only times not allowed to wear headphones but yeah, usually you can.

Sonia Gomez: Oh my gosh, I don’t play poker but I played blackjack.

Brett Kimes: That’s a good game too. It’s my second favourite actually, away from poker games.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, that’s a fun one, but my friends are like huge into poker. And they got their gear and they got the thing going on. And I’m like, dude, I thought it was all about the poker face. Like if you’re hiding under glasses and T-shirts and like wearing bandanas like no one can see your poker face.

Brett Kimes: Yeah. I mean, you could still if you don’t have the glasses are you still have a very stoic face. And that’s usually what I do. So if I’m involved in hand, I’m not really talking too much I talk in between hands or when I’m trying to assess like what happened in the play before I might talk some people or something about it. But when I’m actually involved in the hand, I’m very quiet. I’m very focused.

Sonia Gomez: I’m antagonistic.

Brett Kimes: Very stoic, I don’t move too much. I’m just kind of like sitting there. And, but what I’m really doing is just thinking a lot and just trying to figure out what their ranges, what hands they could be holding, what they’ve played in certain situations like that, how they’ve played in similar situations before and yada yada yada just trying to figure out essentially what two cards they’re holding. And once you kind of figure that out, the game gets a little easier if that makes sense.

Sonia Gomez: What’s your biggest win?

Brett Kimes: My second play of a world series circuit or not circuit of, excuse me a bracelet event that was during the World Series of Poker I came in second for 385,000 something like that.

Sonia Gomez: No Stop. Dope.

Brett Kimes: Oh, I was a long time ago though I don’t even have that money anymore. I wish I did.

Sonia Gomez: Next question is, how are you finding the brands and products that you are selling on your store right now?

How He’s Finding and Choosing the Brands and Products That They Sell in Their Store

Brett Kimes: Good question. So when I first started doing this before I even bought any inventory before kinda at the same time when I was kind of establishing my LLC, I was a part of a lot of Facebook groups and I was just listening to anecdotal evidence, just people telling the groups and like they would something Oh, well, hey, what do you recommend and then 15-20 people respond. And I just kind of did like a mental tally of all the different brands that people were using and the ones that they found the most success with. And that’s how I ended up with NuLeaf Naturals, Lazarus Naturals, CBD Distillery and a few others.

And then what I did was I said, Okay, these are the brands everybody’s using and these seem to be the brands that update their lab reports every month, they seem very honest and they seem to have up I was sort of looking forward they are very forthcoming, what’s in their products and so transparent Thank you, that’s what I was looking for. So they’re very transparent about their products and within them and I thought okay, so these are definitely some good companies.

Then I wanted to drill down into what their niche was right so for example, CBD MD, very prominent brand, they sponsor golfers and Olympic volleyball teams and things like that, but I actually don’t really like their oils that much. I don’t think they have the best oils but what they do have that I think ranks among the best up there with probably my attorney and maybe a couple of others are their anti-inflammatory creams and their pain creams. So basically, I bought nothing but their pain creams.

I bought some of their vape oils and some things just to try it, kind of get those as an inventory but I didn’t buy any of their sublingual oils or anything like that. I stuck to NuLeaf Naturals, Lazarus Naturals, the other prominent brands that have better oils than they had any other products that make sense. So I found each company that I liked, I found their niche area so I drill down just a little bit more, and just cherry-pick kind of their best products to sell in the store.

Sonia Gomez: I love it. I absolutely love it. Is this your first go-round at an online venture?

Brett Kimes: Well, technically yes, but a lot of poker was online before as you mentioned earlier Black Friday, which was in April a few years back I played a lot of online pokers so technically it’s– although was my own business, it was online, but this is my first like online, retail store my own business, my own venture, if you will. So yes and no, I guess is the right answer there.

Sonia Gomez: What is the missis have to say about it?

His Wife’s Thoughts About His Business

Brett Kimes: I think at first she was more interested in me doing something that was online versus a brick and mortar because of the exit costs that can be associated with having a brick and mortar so if you if you’re not successful, you have a lease you have to worry about, you know, you have to pay a second set of water bill second set of electricity bills, second set of gas bills, you know, and so She was, I think much more on board with me having an online store versus a live store.

But once I kind of talked to her about that, and I sold my car to fund this business, I sought funding I went out there and try to seek funding from people. But it wasn’t legal yet in Texas at the time, so nobody would touch me with a 10-foot pole, which was really unfortunate, but I thought, you know, what, why don’t I sell my car and dedicate those funds to starting this business? So once I kind of did that, I think she saw that I was serious and doing all this research. And she slowly but surely just started kind of getting on board with that. And then her and I talked a lot about the advantages and disadvantages of having a brick and mortar versus an online retail store.

Sonia Gomez: I love it. And the temperature from your community. Do you find yourself being a source of education and information for them? Or have you focused primarily on being online and don’t do too much in your community?

How He’s Educating the Community

Brett Kimes: So I do a tonne of education and stuff in the community, not just here in my immediate community, but online through my YouTube channel so I do a lot of educational videos right teach people how to read lab reports, what different types of CBD there are. So a broad spectrum full spectrum isolate, I break it down and I also break down what conditions that they might be best for.

I just recently released a two-part series on what are cannabinoids and what is CBD as far as what it is along the cannabinoid scale. Did some other videos on bioavailability just teaching people the different ways you can ingest CBD and what how different ways react with you and how different ways can get into your bloodstream delivery system exactly. So I do tonne of education. And I just and that’s just worldwide, anybody worldwide and whether that be I have other people watch my videos from the UK, from India from China. So it doesn’t really matter what the community is I don’t even sell outside of United States but I’m happy that those folks can still come to my YouTube channel and learn about CBD.

So not only do I help try to educate my immediate community, I can help educate the world on CBD and cannabis in general. And that is actually one of my ultimate goals of my educational channel on YouTube is to just try to change the world’s perception of cannabis in general but especially with hemp and CBD.

Sonia Gomez: Where can they find your YouTube channel?

Brett Kimes: Just youtube.com/authenticCBD, easy to remember.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, that’s really easy to remember. What has been something that just like totally inspires you about your work? Like, is there a specific particular story that when things get tough you go back to and they’re saying like, no, I got just one more push, or, I mean, you’re still pretty new in the space. So perhaps it hasn’t. It hasn’t come to that quite yet.

What Keeps Him Motivated

Brett Kimes: Well, actually a little bit when I was going through my challenges and those adversities because those are very strong barriers to entry. You know, when you’re talking about being a people being able to pay for their products, that’s a barrier to entry and, and not being able to advertise that’s a really big barriers. So a lot of times, you know, I would get down I’ve even got some videos where people can see me where I’m just like, I don’t know if this is going to work, I might fail. This might be just a disaster. I mean I’m on video it’s posted on YouTube where I’m saying this to everybody like I’m going to be a failure this is not going to work.

Sonia Gomez: four day beard?

Brett Kimes: Yeah, absolutely. So what kind of keeps me grounded the right word but motivated actually has been Gary Vaynerchuk, Gary Vee?

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, I love Gary Vee

Brett Kimes: I love his stuff. I mean, it’s anytime I’m down I pop in a podcast of his or I’ll watch a YouTube video where he talks about patience and providing value for people and not expecting anything in return, being kind to people just kindness being greater than greatness. Just those kinds of things that just you hear other people going through trials and tribulations through his interviews and things and it just puts things in perspective a little bit. It’s just like, you know what, everybody goes through these are growing pains every starting company has no matter what industry you’re in.

Now, granted, it might be different for hemp and CBD but it’s still growing and growing pains nonetheless for any startup and just hearing other people’s issues and then him just kind of preaching to everybody just about having that patience and dealing with a macro versus the micro and just those kind of things just kind of kept me just going, you know what I could do this, I’ve got this, I’m not going to quit now because if I quit now and never know what this could have been and even now I think about that stuff and I’m you know there’s times where it gets tough and there’s times where gets a little tough and just not only do I not have quit me, It helps to just watch those videos and just or listen to his podcast just go all right you know he talks about just keep going, keep going. If you quit now like you’ll never know and not knowing having that regret would just be just detrimental, I think to my mental health long term, so in the macro, so I just keep going keep fighting.F

Sonia Gomez: Man, sometimes I just need somebody to cuss me out and I just listened to Gary Vee and just how fucking selfish can you be?

Brett Kimes: It’s so true. It’s so true. One of his things I’ve been trying to really nail down in my mentality recently has been don’t get too high on the highs and don’t get too low on the low You know, he doesn’t hear the booze, but he also doesn’t hear the cheers he claims, right? So it’s actually a very good point because there was times where I might get three or four sales in a day. And I’m like, Yeah, all right, things are going really well. And then I don’t have one for a week. I’m like, oh, man, this is depressing. Like, I’m gonna be a failure.

So I was like, I gotta get off this roller coaster and just try to be even-keeled and just say, you know what, this is how it is that there’s ups and downs when you first start out, and it’s, you’re not gonna have a sale every day for a while and just try to just remember, you know, to have patience and just think about the macro-micro failures are fine. You’re supposed to have micro failures, how you gonna learn if you don’t have micro failures. It’s how you learn from those and how you get through those in the macro level that really make the difference. And it’s true.

You're supposed to have micro failures, how you gonna learn if you don't have micro failures. It's how you learn from those and how you get through those in the macro level that really make the difference. - Brett Kimes Click To Tweet

Sonia Gomez: Man, that’s some good shit.

Brett Kimes: I can’t take credit for it. That’s Gary V’s teachings, right? He’s the man so

Sonia Gomez: is he’s really really good. Yeah,

Brett Kimes: shout out to Gary Vee. If your–

Sonia Gomez: shoutout Gary Vee, hashtag follow you.

Brett Kimes
For sure. For sure. I recommend him to everybody. I really do.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, no, I’m all over him too. Absolutely good. You should be Yeah. Yeah, he is so badass. I guess the next thing I want to know from you, especially in these beginning stages, you’ve learned so much in kickstarting, and I love that you’re like plugging into people who are like just super powerful in the positive message and give like, a tonne of value around how to build and grow and survive and thrive as a business owner.

What are some key pieces of advice that you could offer to somebody who’s just wanting to get started, but may not know, you know what to do? Or perhaps they don’t have the confidence? What are some key pieces of advice you could offer?

Key Pieces of Advice to Somebody Who Wants to Get Started in This Industry

Brett Kimes: It’s a good question. I would say first and foremost, just do it. I mean, you know, when you’re first learning something new, you’re trying something new, you’re not going to be an expert. So you’re not supposed to have the confidence of an expert, right? But if you just sit around wondering all day, thinking, Oh, I’ll do it later, I’ll do it later and just procrastinating on it. Well, what ends up happening is you just never do it. And then you’re always wondering, Well, what if I had done this? It’s almost 2020 you know, we have the internet at scale.

And there are ways that people can just get out there and get started, whether it be through a podcast right or a YouTube video or actually just starting a business, just sign up your LLC pay a couple hundred dollars, just get that going, you know, just start the process. And then from that process and from that experience, you’d that’s when you gain the confidence and you know, it’s natural to not have that confidence when you first start, but the only way to get it is to get outside of your bubble and start it. That’s the best piece of advice I think I can give

Sonia Gomez: Is just get out there and do it. I absolutely love it. I will second today’s episode with some golden nuggets and I’ll just piggyback right off of what you were saying. always happens where like where I’m so inspired by my guess says that I’m just like yeah, duh that but I will say a frame it a little bit differently and say imperfect action is better than perfection every single time. There’s no such thing as perfect. Get your shit together and just try, try even if it means failing and fail forward.

If you’ve failed and fallen flat on your face trust that you have surrounded yourself with people who are going to lift you up by your belt to get you back on your feet, dust you off and spank you right back into line. There’s just like, that’s what a mom is good for. If you got on your bike and you tried to pedal and like my sister when I taught her how to ride a bike, I couldn’t explain to her how to stop and she was so scared of stopping that she wouldn’t even start. And so I was like, just run into something and you’ll stop and, like too little to realize what I had just said. And she actually did it. She just like she’s like, okay, yeah, I got this.

And then when it was time to stop, she ran into a parked car. And I was like, it she like smashed on it like it, you know, like a bug on a window. fell on the floor. It was like, you know, beside herself and we immediately had to transition into you know, candy and movies and snuggles and you know, the band-aids or whatever, but it’s just that from that point on that was like, she still did it for like four more times she like kept hitting the parked car to stop until she finally figured out like, that hurts I’m going to find another way, and she did it.

So imperfect action is better than no action at all. You never know what you’re going to miss out on. If you just sit around, waiting for things to be perfect all the time. Secondarily is you don’t know what you don’t know. So surround your people with it. Surround yourself with the people and the mentors who can guide you along the way and shortcut that path to success. There’s quantum leaps that can happen in a condensed period of time if you are listening to the people who are a little bit further ahead and can help you sort of shortcut that.

And then finally, I’ll say don’t be cheap, cheap asses. Do not race. Don’t be cheap. Invest in yourself. Invest in your business, invest in the results that you want to have so that you can make progress and if you are having trouble acquiring the resources that you need sacrifice, sell some shit. I know for a fact you don’t need all that shit that sitting around you right now sell some of it and turn it into flow be in flow with what you want to do and the resources and then they say, decide what and when and the who and the How will show up. That’s right what when the who and how we’re going to show up.

And I definitely recommend that you do your research and find out what you don’t know. And then surround yourself with the people who do know so that you can make those quantum leaps in a condensed period of time. That is my golden nugget for the day. Any last words that you can share with it?

Brett Kimes: Can I touch on that actually? Excellent. Okay. So one of the things you said about you know, don’t be afraid of failure and I think that’s really a key thing to tell people or to talk about and advise people on because you’re right and nothing’s perfect. Especially when you start out, you’re not supposed to be perfect, right? So you are going to fail, you are going to lose like if you’re listening to as you’re watching this, you are definitely gonna lose, it’s gonna happen, you’re gonna fail. But it’s what you learn from those failures. That’s what that’s how we learn as human beings.

Nobody is born and knows everything, you have to learn. And as you go throughout your life, you learn and when, you fail, you learn from that and you build and you grow and don’t fail at the same thing twice. That’s kind of, I think, something important that a lot of people just don’t try because they’re afraid of failure, you have to get rid of that fear of failure, and just know that you need failure in order to grow, you cannot grow and you cannot learn without failure. It’s impossible.

So I wanted to say that because I think that’s a great point that you made. And also, you know, you said about, don’t be cheap. I do think you need to sacrifice and I think that’s a good idea. I will say though that if you can do as many things yourself as you can do, I would recommend at least trying that first without having to spend a bunch of money. I feel like I wasted a lot of money on trying to have people build this website. site and all this stuff, when in the end, I ended up teaching myself how to build a website. And I went in and kind of redid all their work a little bit, which made me think, Man, I wish I would save this couple grand and I would have that for inventory right now if I would just tried to do it myself first.

And you know, the videos like with my pop my videos and podcasts and stuff, it just means I don’t have a camera crew, I don’t pay anybody to do my editing, I do all the editing, I got all the lighting and everything you know. And I just did that by learning how to do that kind of stuff from YouTube videos, basically. But the point is, is you can learn how to do some of these things. Now, if you’re not great at something like if you don’t want to be on camera and you’re not, you don’t have a camera presence. That’s okay, maybe you’re a good writer. Or if you’re not a good writer, maybe you’re good at creating content for like Instagram or Facebook.

There are definitely some things that you can do that you don't have to pay somebody for. And then those things that you just can't do, then you need to go out and find somebody for them and like you said, don't be cheap. - Brett Kimes Click To Tweet

But there are definitely some things that you can do that you don’t have to pay somebody for. And then those things that you just can’t do, then you need to go out and find somebody for them and like you said, don’t be cheap, you get what you pay for. So if you have to sell some shit around you or sell your car like I did, you know, if you can, you can live without a car, you know, go for it. You have to make those sacrifices and if you do make the sacrifice, don’t be cheap on it.

Sonia Gomez: Definitely, I definitely agree with what you just said, I think educated investments are the most important thing to be aware of and do your research know who you are paying to do the job, you know, and the sale is easy. The follow-through follow up is tough.

Brett Kimes: I wish I would have done more research when I was finding somebody to help me create a website and all these other things I I probably wouldn’t have chosen the company that I did. And so I wish I would have had your advice a year ago. So where you’re too late, but hey, now we’re trying to help you out and you know, now you can listen to us and do your research.

Sonia Gomez: Yes, absolutely. And if you’re looking for resources, check it out at the Emerald circle. com We only align ourselves with people who have proven results in the CBD space. There’s lots of talented people out there not negating anyone else’s experience, but it’s a tough transition because a lot of the things that you feel 100% normal for you in business or not applicable in this space so that’s right you know go ahead and check it out at the Emerald circle calm we have some resources there with people who have proven results and just want to help get shortcut those things for you guys because we’ve spent, you know a quarter-million dollars making mistakes and gaining some incredible traction so if I can help save anybody any money and time that is what I want to do.

Brett Kimes: 
I don’t feel so bad now I’ve only I feel like I’ve only made about five to $8,000 worth of mistakes. So I don’t feel that bad than if you’re talking quarter million here.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, well, we’ve invested over the last three and a half years about 200 plus thousand dollars into building our community into building our, you know, mentorship programmes for online certifications, you know, and just going through the trials and tribulations of you know, investing into mentorship that didn’t work or you know, contractors are not really I think our biggest mistake ever was not really having a clear picture of what we wanted, we saw what everybody else was doing and whatever.

And we were like, Okay, great, let’s reverse engineer what they’re doing. And then we went on to that finding out too late that we you know, after investing a bunch of time and money, that that wasn’t necessarily something that felt inflow for us or necessarily something that we were passionate about or that the intricacies of the business wasn’t purposeful enough for us to want to stay committed to it long term. So it wasn’t like we were just like up fuck that up. Oh, but that up it’s like, we I think we’re searching outside we had gone through a little bit of a background on the business track here.

We had gone through a pretty significant transition and really, really terrible partnership going completely awry. were quite literally, our partner emptied the bank account and just disappeared and we were left with zero dollars and You know about $10,000 in debt and with the exception of what was in our personal bank accounts, which was minimal, you know our business paid for everything so brutality yeah, it was just a rugged rugged time period and that it when you suffer that kind of loss or when you you know what looking back I can say like we were negligent we trusted somebody with everything without having any insurance or any agreements or you know, any of the things that feel totally normal now, we did a lot of handshake deals and trusted you know, a very, very close friend with little quite literally with the bank and the cow,

Brett Kimes: you know, and it was a close friend to

Sonia Gomez: it was a close friend.

Brett Kimes: It’s just very unfortunate. I’m sorry that that happened. That’s Yeah, it not everybody’s I guess has the morals that they should have. Right.

Sonia Gomez: Totally. Addiction played a role in [inaudible] seemingly new habit developed and whatever so it is, yeah, it is what it is. And everybody has their own journey. And I think for us it was, it was a huge eye-opener that brought us into digital marketing. Before that, we had run brick and mortar businesses for the last for a long time.

My now husband who was that my best friend, and his ex-wife, were running a successful lotion company, they were growing all of the herbs that were aromatic herbs that were infused into the products and so it was a completely different model. And once we decided, once all of that happened, we were like, let’s do a digital thing that gives us time and location freedom and, and hopefully financial freedom.

So we joined an MLM and an online MLM. And neither one of us could hardly send an email and with but I could sell my face off And within 26 days or something, we had made 20 grand. Wow, we were selling a high ticket product and that is capital to invest into a mastermind. And I think it over and over and over again we rinse and repeated this model of like made make a bunch of money in MLM or network marketing or direct marketing company, spend it all on mentorship trying to get the results that they have realized too little too late, that that was not our passion, you know, really having to heavily invest into tech stuff because that wasn’t our skill set.

And just in the last couple of years, we’ve been able to bridge the gap. I ran a successful coaching programme called the transformation code. I did all of this stuff. The point of me sharing all of this with you guys is that two things I realized and recognized you can’t pay your way into success, number one, number two when you’re doing something that fulfils you with purpose and you have passion and if you feel like you’re in flow with the universe, you’re not forcing anything, that’s when you’re going to get the best results.

And then finally, do your research on who you are paying because it you want to like you can’t throw money at a problem and expect it to get fixed. You just like what you’re saying here is you had to go back and learn what you could have done in the first place and it costs you a couple thousand Well, yeah, it cost me a couple thousand but it took me 20 times not one, right. It’s just, it’s just a learning process. And so it’s been, it’s been a tough but really, really great road and because of that I’m able to mentor and help people you know, overcome a lot of those adversities and I’ve built incredible relationships with folks that do have proven results and I’m like, I’ve personally paid you so I know you can help somebody else with this for I would pay you if I have the money and help some of my folks with this so it comes full circle it came full circle.

And I’m really, really excited to be celebrating the success that we have achieved thus far. So I’m excited very nice you’re doing because it’s a grassroots movement of, you know, starting small and allowing that ripple effect to grow and building you know community and conversation. I love the education that you’re doing that with a lot of what caught my attention. Thank you. Let me welcome you to the show. And all of your social handles will be right here so that people can follow what are some last words that you’d like to close today’s interview with?

Brett Kimes: Last words? I don’t know. I can’t think of any actual we’ve covered a lot actually.

Sonia Gomez: Tell them where they can find you.

Brett Kimes: You can find me pretty much at any of the social media as you mentioned, but also get authentic CBD calm that’s the educational website get authentic CBD calm and you’ll find all of my YouTube videos there, blog postings, podcasts, I try to get as much educational information on there as possible. In fact, that’s the primary goal is to have people learn about CBD before they buy whether it’s for me or anybody else. I want people to just learn first then go find the right product for you even if it’s not at our store so check me out again authentic CBD calm.

Sonia Gomez: I love it you heard it here first guys this was a really good interview absolutely love it. I love talking about all of the business sides of things because I know that you guys are out there trying to figure out how you can take advantage of the fastest growing cash-rich industry in the world right now. There’s so many different ways to enter in so many different ways to succeed, lots of pitfalls that you have to be careful of, but more tools and resources that are available than ever to help you get through and let’s say bridge the gap you’re going down your journey.

If you are a consumer and you are looking for products that you can trust to deliver the results that you’re looking for, check us out on medical secrets calm if you’re a budding entrepreneur, existing business owner and you need tools resources, mentorship started to go ahead and check us out at the Emerald circle.com all of the social handles will be available to you inside of the blog post along with the show notes and highlights from today’s interview. I’m your host Sonia and this is The Hemp Revolution. We’ll see you guys on our next show. Bye, peace.

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