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The Combined Power of Essential Oils and CBD With Amber Laign and Marci Freede

Episode 76 - Amber and Marci

Motivated by the personal struggles within their families, these two incredible women, Amber Laign and Marci Freede, founded Plant Juice Oils.

Amber is a licensed massage therapist. She discovered essential oils while looking for a holistic approach to help her partner, Robin Roberts who underwent a life-saving bone marrow transplant.

While Marci, a mother of twins, was looking for a natural alternative for one of her twins who had a lot of health issues pretty much since birth.

In this episode, Amber and Marci share how the combined power of essential oils and CBD helped their families get the result that they’ve been looking for and how this changed their quality of life. They also talk about their combined efforts in bringing these amazing products to the market to help many others. Stay tuned!

Essential oils are great, but the CBD with it together talk about a whole entourage effect. I mean, it was amazing. – Amber Laign

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Some Topics We Discussed Include

1:56 – The beginning of Plant Juice Oils
4:29 – AHA! moments when they started to put together CBD and essential oils
10:23 – Plant Juice Oils’ product suite
14:23 – The challenges of building the brand
21:08 – What keeps them motivated
25:11 – A mom’s perspective on the use of Plant Juice’s products
37:34 – Key Pieces of Advice to Entrepreneurs
44:04 – Plant Juice’s business model
44:26 – Where to find them

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Sonia Gomez: What’s up guys? Sonia Gomez coming to you from Denver, Colorado. This is another Rockstar lady boss episode of The Hemp Revolution Podcast. As you know, we are committed to helping you identify and understand the products that are going to give you the results that you are looking for, but also sharing and telling the stories of the entrepreneurs who are pushing this incredible industry forward. 

In today’s episode, we are going to be meeting with two lady bosses in the hemp CBD movement whose lives were changed peripherally and now they are committed to helping other people understand how they can use holistic remedies like CBD to transform the way that they feel and function on a daily basis. 

Amber and Marci met at a dog run in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Amber discovered essential oils after her partner Robin Roberts of Good Morning America went through a life-saving bone marrow transplant back here in 2012 and was looking for a holistic alternative to the many side effects from her treatments. 

Marci was introduced to CBD after searching for a natural way to help her daughter through some other, you know, challenging health issues. And together they created Plant Juice Oils by combining both the power of essential oils and the CBD into the same beautiful formula. Put your hands together and help me welcome I’m literally saying if you’re driving your car listening to my podcast right now, clap your hands. And welcome Amber and Marci. Hey, girls. 

Sonia Gomez: I’m so excited to have you girls. Truth be told, don’t worry guys. I love you too. But truth be told I have a soft spot and an affinity towards female entrepreneurs in this industry. Tell us quick and dirty who are you guys? How did you end up in this whole CBD circuit?

The Beginning of Plant Juice Oils

Amber Laign: Sure. I’m Amber This is Marci, and we created Plant Juice Oils. Exactly like you said, Sonia, we met in the dog run. And I was sharing my love for– at the time and still essential oils and my partner Robin was going through– She was just suffering a lot with her side effects from her life-saving bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy treatments. 

So I was in search of something besides the medications that she was on, and I discovered essential oils and then in the dog run like we all do, we go there we share Merc’s like blah blah blah. You know, I could not keep quiet about it. So I shared it with Marci. Here we are where she became a big fan as well. 

And then we just started making products but then someone introduced us to CBD. And it was like a big giant light bulb went off and we started researching about that. And, like, discovered that the two CBD put together with essential oils. This is amazing. We can add an extra layer to what we already had and it’s just been that’s helped my Plant Juice that was like the beginnings of Plant Juice oils.


Sonia Gomez: Amazing. What an incredible story. First of all, I’m so sorry that your introduction to holistic health and you know all of that well I wouldn’t say introduction but your integration of alternative health came from such I mean that is such a challenging thing to be going through my mother, my stepmother, who donated a kidney to my father has been thriving, not surviving but thriving with like second stage non-Hodgkins lymphoma and I am like watching her with her plant-based diet and her little essential oil thing happening and you know this inner Venus, nutrients like all these incredible things. 

And I’m like, do I need a diagnosis just to look and feel as young and beautiful as you are like what is happening here? She’s reversing time. It’s incredible to see how people are thriving with these simple plant medicines. Tell me more like what was some of the aha moments when you started to concoct these plants? Like these plant botanicals together into one product?

Marci Freede: I mean, for me, I became really interested in it because I have twins, one of them had a lot of health issues for most of her life. And right around 14, she started suffering from severe anxiety. And she had just kind of she was on some form of medication since the day she was born. We have just gotten her off of everything. 

And so then she gets hit with this massive, paralyzing anxiety and everybody kept saying, oh, put her on this and put her on that and for me as her mom, I just did not And you know, everybody’s choices their own for me, I did not want to put her back on another medication. 

And so, you know, everything happens for a reason, which is what we believe. And we were put together and, you know, I was listening to Amber explain all these things about essential oils. I want to try this for her. And it really worked. And so Amber and I would sit together and this is a little bit before we discovered CBD and we would just start making products for people and everything worked. 

And so we would have friends, I have a lot of friends going through menopause. She had friends going through different things. People say, Oh, can you make us something to help us sleep? Can you make us something for this for that and every people just loved our stuff? 

So that’s when we sat down and we were like, okay, we need to really do something with this because we’re onto something. And then on top of that, we were introduced to CBD and like Amber just said, that was just the icing on our cake of creating really strong data. 

Amber Laign: It was like I developed through Robin’s health journey. I developed severe sleep anxiety. I mean it was bad and so When we started creating and putting the oils together for a sleep roller, then we added the CBD to it, we’re like, what? This thing is like it’s really good. And we like to roll it on the bottom of our big toes because it just shuts down the penal gland. And, you know, inside of your wrist, but it was the essential oils are great, but the CBD with it together talk about a whole entourage effect. I mean, it was amazing. Yeah, that was like the first one. We’re like, wow, this is some gold.

Marci Freede: Yeah. 

Sonia Gomez: I have a friend who calls himself the godfather of Sports Medicine and he was behind– you remember that stuff? You might just be in my age group. There was this stuff and it was like in a package and you shook it on top of your food. It was called Sensa. Do you remember that? 

Amber and Marci: Yeah

Sonia Gomez: So he invented Sensa. And I was just like, oh my god, the sensa thing. It’s like blah, blah, blah. And he was just like, do you read to realize that that’s all plant-based cannabinoids and terpenes. Like, and I just called it other stuff. But it’s all like a whole totally natural product. And I was like, You’re kidding? Because like, yeah, for the last, you know, whatever, 30 years, I’ve been working with plant-based terpenes, and flavonoids, and, you know, all of these things to create these incredible products. But nobody knew what any of that stuff was. So I didn’t call it that I called it something else. 

And I was like, awesome. So you just picked, you know, 46 of 27 letters and put them together on the back of a label. So no one could pronounce what you created like. But the whole point of me telling you this is that imagine like a microscopic version of this shape, right? And you put it, it’s tiny, like tiny, tiny, tiny, and it’s this tiny little septum ring, and you drop the essential oils onto the silicone septum ring and you slide it in right here. You can’t see it. You can’t like you can’t even tell that it’s there. But it gives you direct like straight to your brain access to the terpenes that are coming from the essential oils or from the CBD or whatever. 

And being somebody who has used cannabis actively since I was a teenager and I’ll tell you my whole story of how I got introduced to it here in a minute, but I haven’t even had to use cannabis or even ingestible CBD sense because it’s such a powerful effect to have. It goes straight through the nasal cavity into, you know, like, I’m like, this is directly in my cerebral cortex. Like what else could I need right now? Oh, instant relaxation. 

I’ll send you girls one. It’s the most incredible little thing I’ve ever experienced. I’m like, dude, if this thing comes out into the marketplace, like who even knows what’s gonna– everyone’s gonna be walking around with these things in their nose. They’re incredible.

Marci Freede: Is it through the olfactory senses like how does that through the–

Sonia Gomez: It’s just like you breathe just the same way that you breathe? Yeah, it’s the same, same thing except it’s like directly in your nose. So there’s no like through the skin or anything like that. It just goes, I don’t understand the science behind it. I just got to be perfectly honest. But I’m like, oh, I can’t sleep. He’s like, no problem. Take this lavender and, you know, one drop of jasmine, put it in your hand dip your– he calls it a name in there and slip it into your nose and like 30 minutes later, I’m all like–

Amber Laign: that is like that is like creating something that’s truly not out there.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, I know. It was so instant. And that’s the thing that’s really incredible. Like, you’re one of the first ladies that I have met who are combining the power of essential oils and CBD together into one formula and you know, really talking about plant medicine as a whole like this is really extracting the essence of these really powerful plants and cannabis and hemp just happened to be one of them. It’s not the only one there’s so many benefits to these other plants. Talk to me a little bit about your products we what are the variety of products or scents that you guys put together?

Marci Freede: Well our powerhouse product is definitely our Doze Off sleep roller, it is our number one, it is fantastic. People love it. We love it. I use it every night. Amber uses it, my kids use it. It’s wonderful. So that we have that we also have a product called Get a Grip which is for everyday stress. We have a product called Rev Up which is for energy. So when you get that kind of three o’clock slump, it’s a little bit of a pick me up and we have a Go With The Flow which is for women’s monthly pain. We have–

Plant Juice Oils’ Product Suite

Sonia Gomez: That was such a nice way of saying that.

Marci Freede: We have a Chill Out cooling spray which We actually created for women going through hot flashes, which was incredibly helpful but then we both discovered that it’s useful for so many other things like standing on a subway platform in the middle of July.

Amber Laign: Extreme heat in Cambodia.

yeah. It is incredible he will be down. So we absolutely love that and then we have a spray for muscle pain called melts away. And that also on our line is a pure broad spectrum tincture and a CBD cream. And that is our full line. 

Sonia Gomez: Ladies I love that you’re not a me-too product with tinctures and topicals like Awesome. Well done. And do you have them like in packaging like this like these little roll on thingies?

Marci Freede: Yes, we do.

Amber Laign: we didn’t realize [inaudible] video

Marci Freede: We don’t have any products to share.

Sonia Gomez: That’s okay. That’s okay. No, you can send them to me and I will share them on my platforms. 

Marci Freede: There is one thing we want to share about it is we have found the holistic world to be very neutral. Most people– you know it’s like tan or a white very pretty clean start we wanted to have fun with our products and so we created what we call like boutique packaging similar to this. Bright colors, perky names and you know we were having fun with it.

Sonia Gomez: Oh my god so great. I mean every single name like it all sounds so fun and so fresh which is refreshing when you get like The Sacred Elixir

Amber Laign: which is beautiful

Sonia Gomez: no judgment

Amber Laign: no judgment. I mean I love [inaudible] my crystals but we both are and I am one for beautiful packaging. It’s all about packaging. Yeah, really because when the lines started, we focused with women going through menopause and that was just like a very, who wants to also talk about it. No one’s talking about it

Marci Freede: And they’re angry 

Amber Laign: And they’re angry and depressed. Sweaty and sleep-deprived.

Sonia Gomez: sex, sleep and sweaty, like it’s just–

Amber Laign: yeah, it’s like you’re a hot mess. So, yes, we wanted to make it fun and you know and not be so serious. Or, you know, like middle-class sucks. I have it you’re in it.

Marci Freede: Yeah, I think

Amber Laign: I’m not there yet. I’m getting there. So are we have a play on words and they’re bright and they’re fun and, you know,

Sonia Gomez: I love how this universe works were like, it was just magnet to people together to create just like them the coolest project, and I love the passion project turn profitable business. How long have you guys been in business? 

Amber Laign: We came up with a concept about three years ago. We relaunched in April. Like I said, we started as a menopause line, and then we just opened it up completely to more pain throughout. And so that’s been since April. 

Marci Freede: Yeah, we’ve got a lot of time doing our CBD research. I mean, it’s not an easy thing to understand, as I’m sure you know, and we really wanted to understand it so we can help our customers. So that takes time. You know, and even I mean, as knowledgeable as we are with essential oils, we still wanted to really understand everything. We worked with a chemist to help us figure out different formulations and things like that. You know, it all takes time.

The Challenges of Building the Brand

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, totally. Tell me a little bit because we have a little bit of a mixed bag of people who are listening in on the podcast. We have the clients who are you know, everyday folks who are trying to figure out what brand, what product, what delivery system is going to work for them. We also have the budding entrepreneurs, folks to know that there’s an opportunity here and would love to jump in and just have no idea how to get started. 

And then there’s the existing brands who generally listen to my podcast to be like, yeah, that was me. Yeah, I would love to just talk about two aspects of starting this business. Number one, the challenges and then I’d love to talk about the celebrations. But let’s start with the challenges because they think that there’s especially now and with what I call the second or third wave of entrepreneurial efforts coming into this industry, there’s a misconception that this is like fast, easy money, when in fact, it’s a pretty significant learning curve. 

And what feels most natural to you in as a business owner are actually pretty restrictive here in this industry. So what were some of the challenges that you ladies were up against or are up against right now and trying to grow your brand and business? 

Marci Freede: we’ve had plenty of challenges. 

Amber Laign: We have a box we always say we’re just going to put all of our little mistakes and [inaudible] just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. We had I mean, it’s different because this is not an easy, quick, overnight success business. I think with anything that is successful down the line, it’s like–

Marci Freede: 10 years to become an overnight success.

This is not an easy, quick, overnight success business. I think with anything that is successful down the line, it's like 10 years to become an overnight success. - Amber Laign Click To Tweet

Amber Laign: you know, you make your mistakes, and it’s not an industry where you would think that like, I’m a massage therapist. That’s what I was doing before this. I still see clients and that is run completely different how you would start into the cannabis industry and especially, you know, we call it the wild wild west, there’s really, there’s regulations, but there’s not regulations. 

People are kind of finding– you’re finding your way, where do we fit, now we’re being accepted by credit cards now and we’re not being accepted by credit card payments. And it’s like, you know, and then your customer is like on this graph that is just kind of floating along with you and you’re just like, hoping you’re not drowning, blah, blah, you know, because they trust you. And once you have your customer, you know, and you give them something where they feel connected to, it’s like, they rely upon you, they want you to guide them. And so it’s tough. 

It’s like all of a sudden, like, Nope, not taking credit cards anymore. You know, it’s just, yeah, things just change really quick and you got to be flexible. You have to absorb as much information as possible. And then you also have to be willing to learn, you know, and also at the same time, it’s kind of crazy. 

Things just change really quick and you got to be flexible. You have to absorb as much information as possible. And then you also have to be willing to learn, and also at the same time, it's kind of crazy. - Amber Laign Click To Tweet

Marci Freede: I think also I think our first major challenge was the day we went live with our first website was the day that we learn first website you can’t use a regular merchant account for credit, I had no idea. And we went live, Amber was on a plane to Taiwan on vacation. And I was like, oh my gosh. 

We just, you know, at the very beginning, we didn’t know that you couldn’t advertise on Google, you couldn’t advertise on Facebook that you couldn’t use, you know, all of these regular you couldn’t go to a bank and get a merchant account. We just had no idea. So that was our first major challenge, which we got over obviously, we learned and then I would say, with you know, we knew that the farm goes asking at the end of last year, and we knew what was going to come with it. So we were anticipating it, we had no idea I don’t think anybody knew how it was going to come on so fast. Where it was literally like, what CBD what CBD to it being every single place you can imagine. Oh, yeah, virtually overnight. 

And so where we were really trying to get to our spot in this industry. All of a sudden it was completely full. And so it’s been challenging. So you know, we believe in our product, and we keep just pushing forward. And we know that we’re helping a lot of people, which is always the most important thing to us. But it’s just challenging. It’s right now, it’s just super challenging.


Sonia Gomez: I know, I know, the struggle and the struggle is real. I’m working with a lot of brands and businesses. And, you know, being that I’ve built my audience to such a significant size, I’ve worked with a lot of brands and businesses to help sort of stabilize distribution, merchant processing and banking solutions, you know, the supply chain and just making sure that there’s the margins that you need and want to be able to grow your business to be, you know, profitable, having, you know, wholesale accounts and all these different things. 

And then finally, the marketing and advertising piece for some reason that is the area that I have just been able to knock it out of the park, every platform, every major search engine, like everyone’s getting shut down, and I’m like, Like, I’ve been doing really well in that in those areas, and so I’m totally familiar with those challenges. And I’ve been really excited to, you know, help and offer solutions in those areas. 

And in a moment I’ll share what in our segment we call it words of wisdom. And it’s just some pieces of value that you can add to the community who is listening on like what you’ve learned and what you would advise them to do and, and I throw some cake in the end of that as well. 

But first, in the spirit of the challenges and you know, the perseverance that you have to have when working in this industry. What are some of the key stories or case studies or, you know, lasting impressions that you guys have from working with your customers or even inside of your own family that wake you up at 6am every day to get back to work? You know, even when you have had your heart broken or you know fall in new face first in the mud the day before, what keeps you going back?

What Keeps Them Motivated

Amber Laign: I would say hearing from our customers it is what keeps us going. When we feel like we have hit a wall or you know, you feel like you’re you know you have like five steps forward and then you take like six bad hearing from our customers and on my way to– was it Thailand last year? 

It was the second time I was going to Thailand. I was getting ready to board the flight and one of our we call them Plant Juice peeps. And one of our peeps reached out and they get really personal and they will just spill everything out to you and it’s– you feel for them because it’s you’re drawn into their story. 

Anyway, she was suffering from debilitating migraines to the point Where she almost ended her life and because she was unable to get through her day, or her days, and she was desperate, and so she asked if we had anything to help with her migraines and I said, you know, we don’t have something specific, but we can ship you our tincture. Take it for X amount of time, monitor how you feel, see if it really works for you and, and then report back to us. Let us know how you’re doing. 

It’s I think about a month later she reached back, her entire life has completely flipped around. She just recently got married. She is back in society. She’s contributing, she’s happy, she’s healthy. Of course, she’s not cured. You know, you still have migraines, but the fact that she was able to manage them and bring them down to a point where she can get through her daily life stories like that. And she is one of our biggest advocates and she spreads Love and it’s like positive, you know, positive feedback. It’s amazing. I get [inaudible]

Marci Freede: Yeah

Sonia Gomez: like I know, I’m over here. I’m all like.

Amber Laign: So incredible. So, It’s like, I don’t know, I don’t know if it’s the connection, you know, because of Robin, my partner Robin. And, you know, it was she was so public what she went through when they find that, you know, or they just reach out to us. I don’t know, they just spill everything to us. 

Marci Freede: And it’s I think we’ve always gotten us kept us going like amber said is that when we help people, we only always wanted to do this to help people and when people come back to us, and thank us, like this story and so many others. That is absolutely what keeps us going because there are times that it’s just so hard, and it’s just overwhelming. And you just got to keep moving forward. Which is [inaudible]

Sonia Gomez: yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Well, that’s the perseverance right that it takes. Marci, I’d love to hear from you from a parent’s perspective. Because I know that a lot of your, a lot of your searching and curiosity around, you know, alternative remedies was in pursuit of her happiness and wellness on behalf of your own child. And there are times where I have been criticized and ridiculed and I get to collaborate and connect with other moms in, you know, separate communities from mine who are saying like, God, this, it just feels right, it feels like the best option because I don’t want to see my daughter experiencing a, b and c anymore. 

I’m getting teary-eyed right now. Because as a parent, like that’s your one role in life, right is like, all of a sudden, you are not an individual anymore. Your Life doesn’t matter. It’s all about, you know, nurturing this next little person. So when you started to integrate and develop your line and you know, it’s all good and well when you hear case studies from other people, but when it’s right at home in front of you that’s a completely different I’ve chills everywhere. 

Talk to me a little bit about your experience from the mom’s perspective when you started to use your products on your own children.

A Mom’s Perspective on the Use of Plant Juice’s Products

Marci Freede: Um, yeah, well, like I said at the beginning, I mean, Alexa my daughter, I have twins, they were preemies. They were 10 weeks early. And my one daughter was hospitalized for a month but my other was hospitalized for three and a half months. And she had a tremendous amount of health issues. And God today, she’s great. She’s fine. We’re putting our college applications in. She’s doing wonderful, but we had a lot of really tough years and she was on so many different medications. 

And at the time, way before I knew anything about holistic, you know, you just listen to the doctors and now we’ll give her this and give her that and let’s increase this double and let’s do it, you know, and at that point, it was really keeping her alive and it was helping her but like I said, as she kind of went through puberty and got older, we were weaning her off of all these medications and I just, it was so crazy how it all happened at the same time, but it was like oh my god, she’s finally medication-free and then maybe three months later, she got slammed with this anxiety and I have no experience with anxiety. 

So for me, it was very paralyzing as a parent, you see your kids suffer. I mean, she was suffering, suffering, and I had a lot of difficult conversations with people who, you know, put her on this medication give her this you’re not doing her any justice by not putting her on that but I felt like for her to start an antidepressant or an anti-anxiety medication at 14 years old. It’s just not it wouldn’t be fair to her. I feel like she would have a tough time ever getting off of it. I felt like she would be on it for the rest of her life. That was just my feelings on it. 

And so I started giving her essential, really started with essential oils. And I noticed that it was really helping her and then once we discovered CBD, I started giving her the CBD every day and it just has made a world of difference. To see both of my 17-year-old daughter’s reach for essential oils or CBD if they have a headache or if they have their period or you know, it’s never any more, can I have ibuprofen? Can I have this? Can I have that they go right to my oil box? What’s good for this or what’s good for that amount? I have a headache and I have a tension breaker. I mean, it’s fantastic to see them. Just learning that whole part of it and how much it’s helped them. It’s great.

Sonia Gomez: What was the first of all, congratulations, like that takes that takes a pair of balls to do that, especially in the upper west or east side of men. That is not the most welcoming community for an alternative. Let’s just be honest for a second. So, I’m dying to know like, you know, at tea time with the girls, what was the feedback that you got when no, not medicating.

Marci Freede: I mean, I had my friends, they were making fun of me and they would make fun of us all the time like hippie-dippie oils. They had no idea what CBD was. They would roll their eyes like oh, here she goes on something else. Remember when she comes to her house? Remember when she did this? And, you know, they were just making fun of me with everything, but I just yeah, I knew I was onto something. I really didn’t care what they thought. And now it’s just so funny for all the people that made fun of us are the ones who are now. Like, can I try your CBD?

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, they’re like,

Marci Freede: I always say like, you were laughing at me. No, I wasn’t laughing at you. Okay, sure. So yeah It’s nice that they finally realize what we realized a couple of years ago.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah. Well, you know, everybody has their own learning to deal with their own timeframe. So congratulations.

Marci Freede: [inaudible] Also, right. Yeah. Yeah.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah. Yeah, it’s very much about the education. Hey, I get it all the time. I’m a mother of four. You know, I Run one of the largest candidates, community education platforms and communities on the internet. You know, my, it’s funny, like at my son’s football game, or in the gym, even he’ll, like text me and he’ll be like, what’s the name of that CBD brand that’s made specifically for sports recovery. And then I’ll get a call from his coach and he’ll be like, you know, your son was really educating the whole team on CBD recovery for post-game, you know, blah, blah, blah. And I’m like,

Amber Laign: It kinda feel good though right?

Sonia Gomez: No, it feels amazing. Like, I feel super great about it. I’m at my, you know, at my daughter’s preschool and this is probably my most recent experience. My daughter’s preschool right now, super beautiful Montessori school, you know, blah, blah, blah. Everybody has their quote-unquote well to do and so they’re in everybody’s business all the time. They want to know everything about you. Right? Well, what does your mom do? 

So I’m there. And I’m like mingling with some of the parents and one of the ladies is talking about teething. And everyone’s like, Oh, yeah, we just use this or we just use that or just give her Tylenol. And I’m, like, sitting there just saw. And I didn’t want him to ask me, I felt like self-conscious about what my answer was going to be for a moment. And then they all turned to me at the same time and was like, What did you do for teething? 

And I started well, well, I use this amber necklace and CBD oil. And they were like, what? And I was like, CDB oil. And they were like, why? And I’m like, CBD oil. And they were like, what is that? And I’m like, Well, do you know what lavender is? And they’re like, yeah, I’m like, do you ever use lavender like in essential oil? They’re like, yeah, and I’m like, Well, I use CBD oil from hemp or cannabis. And here’s all the things about it, but I just rub it right there on her gums and the kid hasn’t cried or kept me up one night. And they were like, oh CBD have to live like this and then like, you should have seen my phone like not even a couple of hours later there was like, Hey, so where can I get that CBD oil and I’m like oh yeah Bridgette double price, double. 10% up I mean off.

Amber Laign: yeah, that’s like they thought we were crazy. They really like what are you guys talking about? 

Marci Freede: You know it’s so interesting to I’m not going to name this the shop but you know there’s a lot of CBD shops opening up everywhere but there was one downtown in New York City and I went in I was downtown with my daughters. We walked into check it out and they had like, CBD iced tea that they were giving out to the customers. And it was a hot day and I said to the girls like Oh, do guys want a little iced tea and the woman who worked in the store was like, they can’t have any that their kids. And I said you can’t give CBD to children and I mean, this was somebody else’s Look who worked in a CBD shop. And she was looking at me like I had three heads and she was like, Okay, and then you know, we just kind of left it, but I was like, Wow, she has no idea what she’s doing. 

Sonia Gomez: Yeah. So that’s a huge problem. So I think that that would be one of my key challenges is like there’s still such a massive gap in education to help people understand like, first of all, what it is where it’s derived from, you know, the difference between I mean, truth be told it’s all cannabis, but there’s just, you know, different families of it. So where it’s derived from the THC or like, what are the cannabinoid contents in there that are going to give you what effects right and just understanding the difference like vitamin B and vitamin D are not the same thing, but they’re both vitamins, right? 

Just understanding the ingredients in the items that you choose to use in a holistic space is, you know, really, really good and what’s funny is that we don’t ask the same questions for pain medications, we don’t ask the same questions for heart medications, we just trust the face value that the doctor says, you know, the average time frame that we spend with our doctor is less than seven minutes less than three times per year. That’s less than 20, less than 21 minutes a year that we spend with a person and yet we are like happily eating whatever they prescribed to us. 

I went through this. First of all, I just want to like fully resonate with both of your guys’ stories. I myself received 2, 3, 4-page emails with like, you know, pictures of Ted’s pictures of smoothies where they’re like dropping in the pink shirt if you like in these smoothies and like I get all this stuff and I’m like totally I feel like I’m their best friend, right? It’s just the best feeling ever to get that to develop those deep connections. But um, from the parent’s perspective, I was raised by a mom who was the by any means, necessary mom. 

And when I was in high school, I was in a near-fatal surfing accident. And it went a little something like this. I was at YMCA camp surf, and they’ve attracts like all of these people from all over the world to volunteer as camp counselors. And there was like Brazilians and Australians and Kiwis, and get out to Argentinians. And they’re just like the smoking hot 97 pack, you know, butts made of steel backs that are just like you could, you know, they’re just snap a quarter on that thing. 

So I was 16, and I’m in the leadership and training program to become a camp counselor and we got an hour free in the days I’m like letting out my hairs down to my butt at the time and I’m like letting out my long flowing locks, having my Baywatch moment running on the beach, and I like run into the surf. And these guys I’m like, I know they’re watching me and I get out there and I like catch the wave of my life and I’m flying in the mist is flying and it’s like this perfect moment. And I get knocked off my board and I hit the floor like a ton of bricks and now the hot guys I was showing off for are like, dragging me out of the waters, knock down my nose, seaweed stuck in my hair, and I nearly drowned that day. 

And as I was laying on the beach doing my finger and toe check, I had numbness I had tingling, and I didn’t want anyone to know so I just got up and I walked away not getting fully checked out. Well, that day ended up triggering years and years of seizure-like symptoms in my body where I would wake up and sleep paralysis screaming like I was being abducted by aliens. Or, you know fainting at school because I was in such severe pain I would wake up in the hospital and I was spending three out of five days at the hospital being overmedicated, overprescribed experimental everything 10s of thousands of dollars later and you know what felt like thousands of hours. 

We still had no answers and my mom kept fighting on my behalf to just get the answers and eventually found a holistic neurologist who introduced me to my endocannabinoid system taught us about phytonutrients and strain selection and all of these different things. And that education alone transformed the way that my family did things in our household and within three months, I was off my medications, within six months, I was off over the counters and within nine months, I had lost 100 pounds.

Amber and Marci: Wow.

Sonia Gomez: So that really started my advocacy and you know, when I had you ladies pop up and I saw your passion for helping lipstick remedies and the different roles that you’re playing and really working with public figures and becoming public figures yourself. I was so honored and proud to have you girls come on and share, you know your story and your passion for your company. 

What are some key pieces of advice that you could offer new entrepreneurs or budding entrepreneurs as they’re considering getting started and want to figure out like, what’s the best way for them to make an impact and an income in this space? What are from the horse’s mouth? What are some pieces of advice that you could offer them? And I want to hear from each of you.

Key Pieces of Advice to Entrepreneurs

Marci Freede: Well, I would say, if it’s something that you believe in, wholeheartedly, do not give up and know that it’s a long, tough road. It’s long days, every day, seven days a week. You know, you put your whole life and everything into this and you don’t see results for a long time and that can be very discouraging. So my biggest advice would be to Don’t give up. And accept that you’re gonna make a ton of mistakes. And you learn from those mistakes. 

If it's something that you believe in wholeheartedly, do not give up and know that it's a long, tough road. It's long days every day, seven day days a week. - Marci Freede Click To Tweet

I mean, like amber said at the beginning, we have a, we always joke about it, we have a box, and we’ve made some of the dumbest mistakes. But we’ve learned from every single one of them. And we are proud to say that we’ve never made the same mistake twice. So, you know, don’t beat yourself up too much. We’re all human, we all make mistakes. And thirdly, I would say, you know, just try and come up with something that’s unique and different and stands out and as hard as that is, that’s really the way you’re going to make any noise in this industry right now.

Sonia Gomez: Yes, I totally agree. 

Amber Laign: Let’s see where to begin? I just put Yeah, like, What was the question?

Sonia Gomez: What are some key pieces of advice that you would offer somebody who’s trying to get into this space and I just started to navigate their way through. I’m here to like, take notes. I’m like, Yes. 

Amber Laign: No, always, always, always, like Marci said, always do what comes true from your soul from your heart that you believe in. That is one thing that we both stand by, you can, you could jump on the bandwagon and you can create something and you’re gonna be part of this big buzzy industry. It’s your love of what you do that’s going to keep getting you through that’s what you know. You’re gonna make a ton of mistakes. I mean, it’s a she Marci said everything. It’s I don’t know what else to say.

It's your love of what you do that's going to keep getting you through. - Amber Laign Click To Tweet

Sonia Gomez: [inaudible]

Amber Laign: You end up spending– Be careful what you spend your money on. You may think you’re going to need all sorts of flashy fancy this that do not do it, your money will go. You will spend it so quick. You will get a ton of money if you raise money. Be very careful that you spend it on. And all of us sudden people just come they start coming after you and they’ll pitch you something and this and you’re going to need it and you don’t need any of it. You don’t need any of it to stick to what you believe in. Start narrow and deep and go for it.

Sonia Gomez: love that. Love it. Such good advice, spoken like true boss babes. I will throw in some cherries to these words of wisdom peas and say, Hmm, there’s two types of return on investment that you have to be aware of. There’s a return on time invested and there’s a return on money invested, really understand where you’re trying to cultivate your return from. There’s a whole formula to getting that and a lot of folks want to believe that their products are for everybody. 

But what I love about what you ladies have done is you have created an everybody line with specific products for specific people who are suffering from specific challenges and that in itself allows you to create a direct message to market match. So the return on time invested can be very potent because you know where you go and who’s going to be there and the message that you’re going to speak when you get there and there’s a certain level of conversion that will happen because you understand the message to market match. 

The same thing on return on money invested really understanding that while you’re being prospected by the vultures picking up the meat that you know you there’s some key questions you should be asking number one, what are your results in the CBD and cannabis space? Because they may be the best firm in the world and they are the ones that brought diamonds to the marketplace and created the whole marriage industry. But I’ll tell you what, if they do not have proven results. I like to say numbers on the scoreboard that are verifiable testimonials. Don’t do it my friend testimonials do not do it because of course, they’re gonna send you the people who are happy with their shit. 

You know you have to be you have to use discernment and really ask for the metrics that show measurable results in the industry that you are a part of, we have a unique set of rules. So really understand the money that you are investing should be with mentors or professionals who have proven results or numbers on the scoreboard. 

And then finally, is take your time to build your team, team and time or team is going to be the thing that buys you your time back and do everything that you can from the very beginning to understand the key pieces of your business as each component is added on, but also position yourself in a place where you can remain in a visionary position and watch you project where you want your company to be, where you want it to go and then build your team of incredible people that are going to help you to get there. 

Otherwise, you’ll find yourself running in this rat race of like I’m the best and then you’re not. So, team and time two most valuable assets that you have the time that you need to remain in a visionary position, and the team who will help lift you so that you can remain in that spot. Those are my words of wisdom for today.

Amber Laign: You know that that’s I’m just gonna say something really super quick. We are so fortunate Marci and myself to have incredible people that have helped us along the way. And it is so important. They don’t want anything from you. They are your mentors. These are your people. And we like every day which we are so fortunate to have so and so [inaudible] to help us with this. So yeah, it’s so you’re so right. That is so important.

Sonia Gomez: Yes, absolutely love it. I am so excited to follow your lady’s journey and as you grow and build, first of all, where where are you guys distributed right now? Like are you in retail stores are you primarily doing Online Sales What Is that all? What does that look like right now? What’s your business model?

Plant Juice Oils’ Business Model

Marci Freede: We are primarily online. We’re starting to get into some small local stores and we’re looking to kind of grow that in 2020 but at this point, we’re focusing on building our e-commerce site and our website presence.

Sonia Gomez: Love that. where Can everyone find you if they want to follow and be a part of the Plant Juice peeps community?

Marci Freede: ah @plantjuiceoils, and then the same thing with our website, plantjuiceoils.com on Instagram and Facebook are two main and website and we love questions if anybody ever needs any advice or wants to learn anything info@plantjuiceoil.com, we’re happy to answer any emails. 

Sonia Gomez: I’m going to be emailing you and be like, Hi, [inaudible]

Marci Freede: Definitely I’m going to send you some stuff.

Sonia Gomez: Okay. Yes, please do. I’d be happy to post it inside of our community. I definitely want to do a follow-up. I love following the ladies, I’d love to talk about collaborating inside of our community as well. I think that there is such a great need for essential oil education there. So this is not the last that we have seen of you, girls. For those of you who are tuning in today, thank you so much for being a part of this incredible community. I hope you enjoyed our interview with Marci and Miss Amber. And I am just like so super. I’m humbled by the work that you guys are doing in this incredible space and the approach that you have to excellence just congratulations so much to be proud of. 

For those of you guys who want to find out more about their brand, all of the handlings social media channels and links will be posted inside of the blog. Make sure that you check out our show notes and highlights from today’s show. If you are a budding entrepreneur or existing brand who is hitting that inevitable glass ceiling check us out at theemeraldcircle.com happy to help you breakthrough and really start to create the impact and income that you want inside of the green rush. And if you are a person looking for brands and products that you can depend on to deliver the results that you are looking for, check us out on medicalsecrets.com, happy to help. I’m your hostess with the mostess Sonia Gomez and we’ll see you on our next show.

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