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The Strongest Weed for Pain Relief

Pain is the number one reason patients turn to medical marijuana. This pain can be derived from a variety of conditions. A person may have pain because they were in a car accident or they may have chronic pain due to cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy.

You’ll find that there is big debate of sativa vs. Indica strains when it comes to combating pain with cannabis.

Sativa weed is often the preferred strain because it provides an energetic high. Indica is known to provide a full-body high, which would be the ideal choice for anyone with severe body pain. A person that may be suffering from the effects of chemotherapy would likely prefer indica. But patients are not limited to just one or the other when it comes to marijuana strains. In some cases, a hybrid strain may be the best option for your pain.

The strongest weed for one person may be drastically different than the preferred weed for another person’s pain.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 strains of weed for pain.

1.     ACDC

If doctors have to choose one strain that is the most effective at helping a patient with pain, it is definitely ACDC. This strain has high amounts of both THC and CBD. A hybrid, this strain will provide the user with:

  • Relaxation
  • Intense focus
  • Slight energy increase
  • Slight your euphoric feeling
  • Happiness

You won’t become a couch potato after taking this strain, but you also won’t have the immense uplifting effect of a sativa-dominant strain either.

2.     Blackberry Kush

Anyone that is having severe pain should seek a strain of marijuana that is high in THC. Sometimes, you want to take your mind off of the pain and simply numb the body. This is exactly what Blackberry Kush provides to you.

You’ll feel:

  • Lazy and relaxed
  • A euphoric high
  • Sleepy
  • Happy
  • Creative

You definitely don’t want to take Blackberry Kush if you have to go to work or school, but you do want to take it if you have severe pain.

3.     Harlequin

Harlequin is the ideal strain of marijuana if you have an injury or disease that causes inflammation. A good example of this is arthritis. What makes this strain so special is that as a high CBD content.

You’ll notice an immediate euphoric a feeling, while also being focused and uplifted.

Euphoria will come over you, and you’ll have a clear mind that allows you to stay focused. I would recommend this strain of marijuana for anyone who has school, work or needs to stay focused for any reason.


  • I’m paralyzed from a car accident and I live in SC so as u no it’s not legal here yet and I buy from off the street,and I don’t know what strain I’m buying. HOW can I get any of the strains that you are talking about? PLEASE help.

    • Other than moving to another state, or purchasing for use in another state, there’s not much you can do. I’m sorry.

  • I do not like smoking for any reason. What, if any strains , can be eaten & provide severe arthritis pain relief? Degenerating joints has already put me in a wheelchair & conventional pain meds affects my digestive tract & in turn the control of my diabetes. I live in Fla. & need to be able to ask informed questions of my physician.

    • I encourage you to do so! There are many medicinal strains that are contained in edibles – they vary by location. With the medical marijuana market hot in Florida, there should be a nice selection.

  • I’m having several problems Fibromyalgia, arthritis, bladder pain, muscle pain. Even though it’s legal in Ohio, I have no idea how to get edibles. I don’t want to smoke it.

    • If you have a local medical marijuana dispensary, they may sell edibles. It totally depends on them and what they stock. But, IMO, if they all stocked edibles more and more would flock to the benefits of medical marijuana.

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