What States are Legalizing Medical Marijuana in 2018?

We strongly believe there will be a day when medical marijuana is legal in every state, as well as on the federal level. We believe that one day the madness of marijuana prohibition will end.

There are still 31 states that need to pass medical marijuana laws before this becomes a reality. Are you curious when medical cannabis will be available in your state?  Maybe just waiting patiently for pot laws to finally pass? The following states could be legalizing medical marijuana in 2018.

3 States (Possibly) Legalizing Medical Marijuana in 2018


No, that’s not a typo. Utah could become the next state to legalize medical cannabis in the US. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, 76 percent of Utah voters are in favor of legalizing medical marijuana.

According to DJ Schanz, executive director of the Utah Patients Coalition, “People have made up their mind about this issue after years of being presented with the facts.”

The group has collected 140,000 signatures. There are 113,000 that are required for the issue to make the ballot in November.


While it’s not considered the most progressive state in the country, Missouri may soon legalize both medical and recreational cannabis. Missouri currently has two proposed initiatives that would legalize marijuana.

The first would legalize both medical and recreational marijuana. It would also automatically expunge all criminal records AND allow for the release of prisoners currently serving time for cannabis-related crimes. It would also prevent Missouri State Legislature from arrogating funds to enforce the federal marijuana ban. This would successfully protect the state from the Department of Justice.

The other would legalize medical marijuana in Missouri and use taxes to provide medical support to veterans. As of October 2017, this initiative had received 100,000 of 160,199 needed to make it to the ballot. If you’re in Missouri and want to see cannabis legalized, now is the time to make your voice be heard.


Spent any time in Oklahoma? If you have, you might argue that this would be one of the last states that would even consider legalizing cannabis. While sales and cultivation  are currently considered felonies in Oklahoma, this law could soon be set to change.

Voters in Oklahoma will have the chance to vote on cannabis legalization this summer. Proposed by Oklahomans for Health, it’s already received the required number of signatures and will be voted on in the state’s primary elections in June.

If passed, State Question 788 will allow the production and sale of medical cannabis in Oklahoma. Patients that are 18 and older will be allowed to possess up to 3 ounces and grow up to 12 plants at home, however can only have 6 mature plants at one given time. 


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