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Solution to Aphids: Get Rid of Them Quickly & Easily!

There can be nothing worse than having your cannabis get infected with aphids. These tiny insects are brown, green, yellow or black in color. The color and size of aphids will depend a lot on what stage of life these are at. The round and bigger sized ones are adults while the tinier, whiter and thinner insects are young ones.

Such insects can prove to be quite harmful for your cannabis by making it turn yellow in color. Aphids also have a tendency to produce sugary sweet liquid. This in turn results in the formation of sooty mold, which can be tough to get rid of.

Aphid Infestation, APhidsTo know more about how you can get rid of aphids and keep your cannabis safe, read on.

Examine your Plants with Care

The first thing that you need to do is to check your cannabis very frequently for infestation. Aphids are very tiny in size and may have wings. The ones that feed on cannabis are known to be green in color. As a result, such insects can be quite easy to detect. If you examine your cannabis plants on a regular basis you can understand if these are insect ridden or not.

Make Use of Power Sprays

There are a number of power sprays that you can make use of in order to get rid of these insects. Such power sprays are harmful for the insects only and not for you. It is therefore not always necessary to wear any protective mask when using these sprays. You need to make sure to spray your plants twice daily for best results.

Aphids, aphidOpt for the use of Insecticidal Soaps

There are several insecticidal soaps you can wash your cannabis plants with, to remove aphids. Insecticidal soaps are widely available for sale online and are highly effective. You should ensure that you wear gloves when washing your cannabis with such soaps. This is because these soaps have a high concentration of chemicals in them.

 Use Spinosad

Spinosad is an excellent insecticide that can be very effective for terminating aphids. It is available for sale in bottle form. You can procure this from stores online for low prices. Spinosad is needs to be used once a week over cannabis plants only to show results.

Thus, getting rid of aphids from cannabis can be done rather easily by keeping the above mentioned points in mind. Carry out the tips given in an organized manner and your cannabis will be rid of such insects easily.


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