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Silver Haze: The Hybrid That Provides Euphoria

When you visit a dispensary for buying your month’s stash, you will be welcomed with almost a hundred varieties of cannabis strains. Each strain is different from the other, whether it’s the texture, the color, or the effect it has on you. Due to such diversions in one niche itself, people all over the world are pooling in to sneak a taste. The cannabis market has something for everyone. There are strains that could kill your social awkwardness. Some strains would give you a sedative feeling and help you with insomnia. Other strains would make you race through space and time.

silver haze, medical marijuana, cannabisInspite of the large diversity, all strains are categorized as sativa or indica or a hybrid. Most of the more renowned strains are hybrids that are made by crossing two or more strains. Silver Haze is a very potent strain and will make a first time user go reeling.

Strain Details

This strain is a hybrid cross between Haze and Northern Lights. Sensi Seeds were the first to prepare this strain and soon after it gained fame throughout the United States. The strain is very psychoactive as it can have 20-24% THC content. An average bud of Silver Haze has about 14-20% THC and almost 0% CBD.

The strain is forest green with few threads of orange and yellow. The frosty trichome patches gives this strain its silver hue. The strong citrus-sweet flavor of this sativa hybrid makes it a classic. Towards the end you will feel woody and pungent undertones that make this strain a delicacy all together.

Auto Purple Kush, cannabis crystals trichomes, marijuana plant medical tool against pain, buds hemp ripe, silver hazeSilver Haze is predominantly sativa with distant indica lineage that makes it very potent. As a result of indica and sativa parentage, this strain gives a strong head and body high.

Effects and Uses

The strain is for morning use. If you have a long rough day ahead of you, just take a toke of this wonderful strain and you’ll be all boosted up. The sativa hybrid will give you a strong happy and uplifting sensation that will plaster a permanent smile on your face. This strain doesn’t just help you relax, it will help you focus and spice up your creative juices.

Due to its high THC content, doctors often recommend it to patients suffering from insomnia, chronic pains, anxiety, depression and stress. It is a perfect partner for PMS days.

Silver Haze is smaller, more compact and a lot less colorful than the other sativa hybrids out there. Don’t let looks fool you though. This strain is one of the strongest sativas out there. It’ll be your perfect companion for a night out with friends.

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