Rise and Shine Stoners: 5 Tips for the Best Wake and Bake

If you’re like a lot of Americans that smoke weed, you might smoke two joints in the morning before you smoke two joints at night. Did you know Americans wake and bake more than any other country in the world? True story. Almost a quarter of the US population that smokes pot does so within 5 minutes to an hour after waking up.

Are you one of them? Are you new to smoking weed and want to see how a wake and bake might help jump start your day? Do you smoke cannabis regularly, but never in the am?

Whether you want to try it or make the most of your already established morning wake and bake routine, here are 5 ways that will help you “rise” and shine for the most lifted way to start your day.

5 Tips for Your Morning Wake and Bake

1. Know the Day’s Priorities

It’s vital you know what’s priority for the day. There’s a difference between a Monday morning wake and bake and an easy-like Sunday morning wake and bake.

Have a lot on the list that needs to get done? Ready to have a solidly productive and successful day ahead? There are plenty of cannabis strains that will help you crush your daily to-do’s. Click here to read about our favorites strains to smoke when you need to get sh*t done.

Don’t have much to do? Sweet.

2. Know Your Optimal Dose

Everyone who smokes weed is different. You might be the kind of person who rolls out of bed with a blunt, or you might have just started consuming cannabis and are good with like one hit. Personally, I’m like a good solid bowl pack…preferably paired with organic coffee.

Knowing your optimal dose is key, especially when you’re just starting to smoke weed in the morning. The last thing you want to do is get too high. When you know your optimal dose, you’ll know exactly when you hit that sweet spot.

Be aware however, that this can change. There’s a lot of factors that can affect your morning high. How much sleep you got, your mood, and your diet will all determine how your first tokes of the day influence the rest of it. Be sure to dose accordingly.

3.Find Your Morning Rhythm and Stick to a Routine

If you’re going to become a master at the whole wake and bake thing, it’s fundamental to find your morning groove and stick to a regular routine. Need to leave the house by 8am? You don’t want to smoke weed at 7 and lose track of time for the next hour.

Whatever makes your mornings run most smoothly, do that. Only smoke a few hits of weed before you do so. Sticking to your regular routine, staying productive, and moving with your own morning rhythm are all crucial aspects of a successful wake and bake session.

4. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

We know that marijuana can lead to some pretty serious munchies, but rather than give in to the craving to stop by Donut King on your way to work, do yourself a favor and eat a healthy breakfast. A banana followed by a trip to Donut King kind of counts. Especially when you’ve got the munchies.

What we eat has a direct effect on the way we feel. You can eat either before or after your morning sesh…it’s all about what works for you. Some people are starving when they wake up. Others, not so much. Eating something when you wake and bake however, is paramount to how you’ll feel the rest of the day.

5. Don’t Smoke Weed in the Same Clothes You Go to Work In

Huge rule for anyone who wants to smoke weed before work who doesn’t work with bosses that are cool with you coming to work high. The smell of marijuana will linger on your clothes and give your game away the moment you walk in the door. Best advice, smoke before you shower (which will feel amazing when you’re high), then put fresh clothes on before you head out for your day.

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