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Regular Cannabis Seeds vs. Feminized Cannabis Seeds: What’s the best option?

Cannabis growers who set out to grow their first cannabis plants often face many difficulties. Right from the type of soil to different varieties of fertilizers, a cannabis grower needs to think of everything. But, the most important question a grower usually faces is: Regular cannabis seeds or feminized cannabis seeds? What’s the best option to grow? And, what’s the difference?

Growing marijuana requires skill, and if you’re a beginner who’s just planning things, we recommend you head here: Guide for Noobs.

Whether you want to grow photoperiod or autoflower cannabis strains, you have to choose between feminized cannabis seeds and regular cannabis seeds. Firstly, it’s important to know that cannabis seeds are available in either female or male species. Most beginners choose regular seeds because they are more affordable, but before you decide what to choose, you need to understand what they mean.

Regular cannabis seeds

These are simple cannabis seeds with no fanfare. They can be either male or female and you will know only after you plant them. If the plant produces pollen sacs or balls instead of flowers, it’s a male cannabis plant, but if it produces pistils it’s a female cannabis plant. Breeders require both male and female cannabis plants to produce seeds, but growers prefer only female plants because that’s where the action lies.

Growers and cannabis smokers love sensimilla buds instead of buds filled with seeds. Sensimilla or seedless buds are potent with maximum THC as they are produced from female plants. Cannabis plants that produce both flowers and pollen sacs are known as “hermies” and not preferred because they aren’t very strong. So, in order to prevent hermies, growers need to grow only female plants or separate the male and female plants before they are pollinated.

Regular cannabis seeds are produced when a male and female plant are crossed. It’s not possible to tell whether a regular cannabis seed is male or female just by looking at it no matter how many people tell you otherwise. You can identify whether a plant is male or female only after it begins to flower, so you need to choose seeds before you plant them.

So, what’s wrong if you plant regular cannabis seeds? Well, it’s perfectly fine, but if you want only female plants, you’re better off buying feminized seeds. For instance, if you buy 10 regular seeds, all ten of them can be male plants if you’re really unlucky. Of course, all ten of them can be female too, but that rarely happens. It’s generally assumed that you will get at least five male and five female plants with ten regular cannabis seeds, but one can never be sure.

So, if you plan everything and plant ten seeds, you might end up getting more male plants. Since your goal is to produce high-quality sensimilla buds, you will be forced to throw out the male plants or at least separate them from the female ones because you don’t want them pollinating. In other words, you’re losing money, and although regular cannabis seeds are cheaper than feminized cannabis seeds, you’ll end up spending the same amount of money. Sometimes, you might spend more if you get more male plants.

Feminized cannabis seeds

Cannabis breeders breed feminized cannabis seeds using special techniques. Crossing a male and female plant will only yield regular seeds, so they use colloidal silver to force the plant to produce female seeds. The resulting seeds are all feminized and the plants will also be female. So, let’s say that you buy ten feminized cannabis seeds. Since they are all female, you can plan everything perfectly.

Also, novice growers who don’t have a lot of experience growing marijuana need to be able to separate male and female plants. Over time, you can easily do that, but you might have a few problems in the beginning, and that’s another reason why feminized cannabis seeds are recommended. Since newbies are sure that all the seeds are feminized, they don’t have to worry about separating the plants anymore.


You can buy both regular or feminized cannabis seeds to see what suits you the best. Many growers slowly gain experience and start breeding regular seeds to avoid buying expensive seeds in the market. Producing feminized cannabis seeds is a lot tougher than regular ones. Sure, it’s possible, but you need time. The best option is to purchase feminized seeds and reduce expenditures as much as possible.

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