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Red Dragon: The Great Strain For Experienced Cannabis Users

The name of this strain, Red Dragon is apt as this is one of the most powerful cannabis strains. With 20% of THC, we would recommend this only to experienced Cannabis users.  Cannabis consumers consider this to be an exotic strain. This is because it consists of a mix of Brazilian and Himalayan Kush strains.

Close up cannabis flower - side view, red dragon,Basics of Red Dragon

The Red Dragon’s aroma is quite a unique one. It delves sweet, guava and citrus. But the aroma is a bit different from the taste, as the taste is more on the herb side of things. The fruity aroma and the herbal taste is a unique offering that only a very few of strains can provide.

The Red Dragon is a sativa-strain and the high is almost immediate. The mood turns upbeat and brings up smiles as well as laughter. But the upbeat mood is quick to begin and quicker to end.  Once the sativa side of things subsides the Kush part of the parcel imbibes a relaxing, mellow tone. Users soon experience drowsiness because of the Kush. The drowsiness can be light or heavy.

Who Should Try This Strain?

A word of caution, the effects of Red Dragon come out fast, swift and hard. Newer users of the drug might have this as a surprise. We can term Red Dragon as a social strain. It is great for anyone looking for an evening to unwind with friends.  Additionally, the Red Dragon is not a good option for anyone looking to get some focus-oriented work done. The Red Dragon isn’t the greatest choice if you are looking to get a lot of work done post your consumption.  People who are looking for an exit from their depression, anxiety and other mental problems usually consume Red Dragon.

This strain is the go-to one for medical consumers. The strain gives relief from migraines, headaches and even some kinds of inflammation.  The strain doesn’t just offer a mental high but a physical one too. So, it is quite the favorite of people looking for relief from arthritis and other muscle issues. The full body issues take some time to kick in. We would suggest that the consumers keep this in mind before they begin to unwind.  It is a great option for someone looking to lighten up and de-stress in the evening and afternoon. Another word of caution, first time and casual users might feel a sudden dizziness and even light-headedness come up.


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