Reap Marijuana Medical Benefits More easily with New Law for dispensaries

marijuana medical benefitsIn Lansing, MI, a group of Michigan lawmakers is suggesting changes for the existing medical marijuana dispensaries. This will allow users to reap the marijuana medical benefits in a better way. The law suggests that the dispensaries should remain open while they are applying for license, contrary to guidance previously issues by the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

The department and the Medical Marihuana Licensing Board are working together to license marijuana dispensaries, which are currently operating in legal grey area. The first, the board was thinking to ask all medical marijuana dispensaries to shut down in short order if they wanted to be considered for licenses.

But, after some time, the Department said it would request existing dispensaries cease operation by Dec. 15, or it would be a possible impediment to get licensed. Rep. Yousef Rabhi, D-Dearborn Heights, Sen. David Knezek, and D-Ann Arbor are introducing legislation that would rather allow the dispensaries to keep operating, although, their applications for licenses are pending before the board.

What Experts Have to Say about it

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Rabhi said, “We can’t go back in time. Here in Michigan, we have something very important: safe access. And while the legislation that was passed in 2016 changes the landscape, we can’t let this intermediary period disrupt what we’ve built here in the state”

With increasing marijuana medical benefits, the demand for this bill has increased. His bill, House Bill 5014, defines are already-operating dispensary that applies for a license before Feb. On 18, 2018, as a “licensee” until the board makes a decision on the dispensary’s application, essentially giving the operation legal cover to continue operating while its application is pending.

His bill, House Bill 5014, talks about an already-operating dispensary that applies for a license before Feb. Knezek plans to come up with a similar version in the Senate. But, the lawmakers say, it’s necessary to protect patients, who joined them at a press conference on Wednesday.

Medical marijuana patient Justin Nichols is an Army veteran uses the medicine for injuries he got in the Army. He said “About two years ago I found myself in avery dark place. I went to the VA and was given just a slew of prescription drugs.” While talking with another veteran he learned about the value of treating with cannabis, instead. Today he’s healthy and running his own business.

What Customers Have to Say
marijuana medical benefits

Carla Boyd is on the board of the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan. And, her 15-year-old daughter has a form of epilepsy that wasn’t being controlled by regular medications, and uses oil extracted by marijuana to control her captures. Continued access to medicine for epilepsy patients, she said, is important. With the increasing uses of medical marijuana, the demand for this weed has increased.

Boyd said “It is critical to ensure practical transition for existing patients who rely on this therapy right now.”

Rep. Tommy Brann, R-Wyoming, who supports the bills, said his brother has MS and is a medical marijuana patient. Brann is an owner of a bar, and said in regulatory areas like liquor control places can come up with provisional permits until their permanent ones are issued.

Brann said, “But this is life and death. So they should have the same rights if not more rights to stay open.”


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