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Puff, Pass, & Paint: How One Colorado Company is Blending Cannabis and Art


When recreational cannabis laws were passed in Colorado in 2012, Denver-based painter Heidi Keyes’ creativity kicked in, and she thought of a business idea that would combine her love of art and cannabis. In this stroke of creative genius, Puff, Pass, & Paint was born. Five years later, this business spans three states and is offering a safe space that allows for people to discover their own artistic side by using cannabis.

Cannabis Inspires Creativity

Countless artists have found inspired creativity through the use of cannabis. Performers like Snoop Dogg, Miley Cyrus, and Rhianna are adamantly outspoken about their love for cannabis. It’s said that Maya Angelou smoked marijuana “with reckless abandon”, and actor Morgan Freeman once advised people to “never give up the ganja.” Lady Gaga smokes “a lot of pot” when she writes music. And let us not forget Jack Kerouac and Hunter S. Thompson.

Puff, Pass, & Paint lets people tap into their own cannabis-infused creativity by combining several classes with cannabis. For those looking to tap into their inner-Picasso, painting classes are offered. Other classes currently include pottery making, infused skin-care, and cooking.

While cannabis is certainly encouraged, it isn’t required that participants partake. For those who want to use cannabis to ignite their creative side, smoking, eating edibles, and other forms of cannabis consumption are all welcomed. 

Plenty of Cannabis-Inspired Classes at Puff, Pass, & Paint

Painting classes are some of the most popular that Puff, Pass, and Paint offers. Painters and cannabis consumers are encouraged to freely create their own masterpiece in an intimate and inspired space.

Interested in learning how to cook with cannabis? Puff, Pass, & Paint has you covered. They offer a Puff, Pass, & Bake Cooking Class with 4:20 chef, Jarod Farina. In a 2.5 hour class, students learn how to make all kinds of cannabis-infused edible creations, such as hard candies, desserts, entrees, “budder”, and more.

What started as a creative notion in one painter’s mind, has turned into a business that has been “highly” received in several other states. Puff, Pass, & Paint offers classes not only in Colorado, but in other cannabis-friendly states as well. In California, you can find classes in the Bay Area, Sacramento, Orange County, and Los Angeles. There are also classes offered in Portland, Oregon, Las Vegas, and Washington DC.

Classes Offer a Therapeutic Blend of Art and Cannabis

Aside from giving people a chance to tap into their creative side with the help of a little cannabis, Puff, Pass, & Paint is giving back to the community. In their Bay Area classes, they’ve teamed up with Operation Evac, an organization that works with veterans with PTSD using cannabis as a way to heal.

According to Keyes, “After one of those classes, an attendee approached me with tears in his eyes, thanked me for the class, and said he hadn’t been so relaxed since he entered combat. That reminded me why we do what we do. I fully recognize the benefits of cannabis as a truly healing plant.”

Both cannabis and art are truly therapeutic. Combining the two together can become an extremely empowering experience to say the least. People from all over the world are coming to Puff, Pass, & Paint to experience a world of creativity inspired through the consumption of cannabis. All in an atmosphere that offers an opportunity to connect with others and enjoy some marijuana while opening up to their own inner-muse.

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