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Pueblo Colorado Expects to Award 600 Scholarships with Marijuana Tax Money

The future of prospective college students in Pueblo, Colorado just became a little brighter. On Friday, Pueblo County officials stated that they expect to award 600 scholarships for the 2019-2020 academic year.

There is almost $750,000 in funding available to graduating seniors in Pueblo…most of it thanks to marijuana tax money.

The Pueblo County Scholarship Fund estimates some $700,000 in funding from the marijuana excise tax. The Pueblo Hispanic Education Foundation will receive 10 percent of the excise tax, who will then administer the scholarships.

Director of the Pueblo Hispanic Education Foundation, Beverly Duran, says that to be eligible for a scholarship, applicants have to graduate from a high school in Pueblo County and plan on attending Pueblo Community College or Colorado State University-Pueblo.

According to Duran, the scholarship is increasing from “$420,000 last year to the $700,000 from Pueblo County.”

“This is really exciting,” Duran added.

The number of scholarships that are awarded will be determined by the number of applicants, how much funding is available, and the need.

Not only will the funding allow for prospective Pueblo college students to get the education they desire, it will also be used to renew previously awarded scholarships to students who are still attending Pueblo-based colleges.

Pueblo County Commissioner Sal Pace says, “We want to ensure the future of Pueblo is bright.”

The deadline to apply for a scholarship is March 1. Half will be given out in the fall semester, with the remaining half awarded for the spring semester. On average, between 300-400 graduating Pueblo seniors attend a local Pueblo college.

Scholarship applications are available at

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