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Providing Proper Information to Fur Parents about the Benefits of CBD Based Products on Pets with Josh Sosnow, DVM

Josh Sosnow, DVM is the co-founder and chief medical officer of Companion CBD LLC, owner of North Scottsdale Animal Hospital, three DVM small animal hospital, owner of Desert View Animal Hospital, 1.5 DBM small animal hospital prior Veterinary Consultant to mission pharmacal, advised the company on the formulation of nutritional supplements for the pet market place.

Founder of urbanbiscuit.com in 2011 through 2013. Online retailer of organic green and recyclable pet products, practicing veterinary and small animal medicine and surgery for over 19 years, business owner for 15 years. Graduate of Occidental College and Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine and internship at the Animal Medical Center in NYC in a small animal medicine and surgery clinic.

In this episode, we’ll meet an incredible fur baby protector; Josh shares the value of educating the fur parents about the benefits, proper dosage, and precautions on CBD based products for pets.

We’re growing this company to try to provide CBD based pet products to principally the veterinary industry, but also the general public to help manage a variety of conditions that either traditional medications. – Josh Sosnow, DVM

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Some Topics We Discussed Include

3:10 – A veterinarian for 20 years
6:56 – Positive effects of using a CBD based product on pets
12:20 – How has the COVID crisis affected their business?
20:09 – Companion CBD and their top-notch product
22:35 – Creating a unique edge in the CBD pet industry
28:17 – Precautions on CBD based pet products
31:40 – Key pieces of advice on how to quantum leap into a success
37:39 – Where to find them

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Sonia Gomez: What’s up guys, Sonia Gomez coming to you from Denver, Colorado, on another amazing episode of the Hemp Revolution Podcast where we are sharing and telling the real story of cannabis and hemp through the eyes of the entrepreneurs who are pushing this incredible space forward. 

As you know, it is our mission to share the truth about cannabis and hemp so that you can make empowered decisions about how you care for yourself, the people that you love, and the conditions that you may be suffering from or otherwise take some responsibility for how you want to join the movement and being a part of this incredibly exciting industry.

Go ahead and check us out at medicalsecrets.com if you’re someone looking for products that you can depend on to deliver the results that you’re looking for. And if you are a budding entrepreneur or business owner in this space trying to break through some glass walls and brick ceilings or vice versa, that was a dyslexic moment. Go ahead and shoot me an email, sonia@medicalsecrets.com, and I will be excited to connect.

Today, we are having a pretty interesting conversation with the co-founder and chief medical officer of companion CBD LLC, owner of North Scottsdale Animal Hospital, three DVM small animal hospital, owner of Desert View Animal Hospital, 1.5 DBM small animal hospital prior Veterinary Consultant to mission pharmacal, advised the company on the formulation of nutritional supplements for the pet market place.

Founder of urbanbiscuit.com in 2011 through 2013. Online retailer of organic green and recyclable pet products, practicing veterinary and small animal medicine and surgery for over 19 years, business owner for 15 years. Graduate of Occidental College and Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine and internship at the Animal Medical Center in NYC in a small animal medicine and surgery clinic. 

Guys, we have just an amazing fur baby protector. So for all of you guys out there with pets who love pets and have a soft place in your heart for all of our four-legged family members, put your hands together and help me welcome my good friend Josh Sosnow? 

Josh Sosnow: Sosnow. 

Sonia Gomez: Sosnow. Ooh, that was a near butcher experience. How are you doing, Josh?

Josh Sosnow: Good. Thank you very much. 

A Veterinarian for 20 Years

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, I’m really happy to have you on the show. Been a while since I had somebody advocating for our furbabies out there. I’ve done some pretty extensive research into who you are, what you’re up to, and the numerous credentials that you have super happy to have you here. Why don’t you give our audience a little quick and dirty on who you are and how you got into the hemp and cannabis craze?

Josh Sosnow: Well, as you said, I’ve been a practicing veterinarian now for nearly 20 years. And I actually got approached by a friend who was working with a CBD cannabis company, a company that wanted to get into space early on, and this is going back several years now. And from there, we actually designed a clinical study for the company to evaluate its products in pet populations at around ten clinics around the country. 

And from that, I began to see the benefit of CBD in helping to manage a variety of conditions. So from that experience, I to this partner formed Companion CBD. And as a consequence, growing this company to try to provide CBD based pet products to principally the veterinary industry, but also the general public to help manage a variety of conditions that either traditional medications failed to manage more to augment some of the things that are done more traditionally when practicing Western Medicine.

Sonia Gomez: And why did you decide to integrate CBD? This is not like a just a general subject that veterinary or human doctors or doctors in general and not necessarily so like Yeah, cool. So let’s start a CBD Company, or let’s go ahead and integrate this into our clinic. What was the inspiration for you too? First of all, stay open and then fully weave it into the fabric of your guys’ practice?

Josh Sosnow: You know, I have always been open to the idea of using cannabis in some form. I think the biggest driver of forming the company came in when we designed the study, one of the key components was getting feedback from all the clients. We had about 110 owners that were involved in the study. And it was important to get their feedback, as well as their evaluations in terms of how well their pets were doing. The study was principally done with respect to osteoarthritis, and from the experiences and the feedback that we got from the numerous clients. Proof clients who are using more traditional meds and clients who were not using anything in their pets, we really began to see the benefits and how this provided an option that was currently lacking in the marketplace. 

And from that, we decided to move forward with a companion. It turns out that we have a lot of great medications and Western medicine, we have physical therapy, we have a lot of alternative modalities, but know one thing is right for every patient, so we need to have a variety of options. And admittedly, this is also around the time when clients were becoming more and more aware of cannabis as medication or CBD as medication. So it was actually an easy transition to introduce it into practice. Most of my clients had either personal experience or at least knew about it, so much so that it wasn’t really a situation where you had to sell them on the idea. They were very much open to the idea already.

Sonia Gomez: Isn’t that interesting? I how quickly things sort of progressed. I was not expecting this at all, I mean, especially since we had such a fight with cannabis. Arizona wasn’t necessarily the one who was pushing back so far. But I was a part of legislative development here in Colorado. And I’ll tell you what, it was not an easy conversation or an easy couple of years. While we ironed out the details of that. 

Positive Effects of Using a CBD Based Product on Pets

However, I’m noticing that with the sort of hemp revolution or hemp craze that’s happening right now, not only are thereby the truckload, thousands of people who are willing to participate, but there are also thousands of patients 10s of thousands of patients, millions, who are really asking the tough questions of their clinicians to say, how effective is this as an alternative treatment? What have you found, what to you was the most surprising finding that you have found from a clinical perspective, to see the positive effects of using a CBD based product, either independent of or in conjunction with other pharmaceutical medications when it comes to caring for pets?

Josh Sosnow: I see the first thing is the relatively few reports have side effects associated with the use of CBD. That’s not to say that there are patients out there who have experiences where they get diarrhea or vomiting. Other things can occur. But whenever we talk about using medications long term, we always have a conversation with owners about the potential for side effects, both short and long term.

And so far, we haven’t had to have a very in-depth conversation because CBD seems to be fairly well tolerated most of our patients, and at the same time, it seems to play well with a variety of medications that we commonly use, particularly therapeutic medications to treat osteoarthritis, seizures and so forth which is unusual at times, oftentimes we have to sort of developing this careful balancing act to manage all the medications that we want to use in a patient to treat a variety of conditions and CBD doesn’t seem to complicate that matter.

Sonia Gomez: Is there a particular story that stands out to you that really like served as an aha moment for you when you were starting to toy around with CBD?

Josh Sosnow: There is actually one of my own clients, one of my own patients, a golden retriever who has enrolled me in the study I mentioned earlier. And one of the interesting things was that once the owner started the patient on CBD, and this was a patient who had not been on anything else at the moment, one thing she came back and told me was that she didn’t realize if a dog actually enjoyed going on walks. She thought the reason the dog never went for a walk was that the dog just didn’t enjoy it. But it turns out when you added the CBD to the pet’s daily regimen, and the dog was in pain, that was uncomfortable. By adding CBD, it gave that dog the freedom now to enjoy walks, enjoy other activities that they didn’t think were possible. 

That was it that I think experiencing that was a pivotal moment because this is a client I had known for many, many years. And it was so dramatic for the description of events that I just, I was both surprised and pleased, and it was one of those things that really caused me to pay particular attention to owners observations in this study because while we didn’t perform the study in the laboratory, we were relying on owner feedback. The positives that we experienced were pretty significant, were very clearly strong, positive experiences that owners were having. It’s not to say that some people didn’t have as much benefit, but when they did, it was pretty profound.

Sonia Gomez: Man, I remember watching my friend’s dog who had this debilitating tumor, and in his hips, the doctors had told him, the best thing to do is to put the dog down. And they were like, No, no, no, there has to be something else. And these are two like pretty conservative folks who never considered getting involved with the industry, let alone using the product themselves. They have had some pretty adverse reactions, to say the least, using cannabis based products, you know, paranoia, or whatever. They just didn’t enjoy it. 

And so they were like, No, no, no, we’re not going to put the dog down. And then they started to give it CBD. And then they started to give it a one to one ratio with THC and CBD and then moving more into a THC thing. Just because a friend of theirs, a friend of theirs were like kept pushing it on them and being like, come on, you guys have to try like, what’s the alternative, you have nothing to lose. 

Two and a half years later, the stupid dog is still running around like a puppy. Like, I couldn’t even if it wasn’t a stupid dog. But I’m just saying that like you think you get yourself all worked up and all worried and thinking that the end of life is near and you’re like making all the preparations. 

Meanwhile, the casket is collecting dust in the garage, and the dog is still playing running all around after using this thing that you would have otherwise never been suspect of. And it just continuously never ceases to amaze me that things like this are happening. And the results are not typical. Every dog, obviously just like every human, reacts to these things in their own way. But these types of stories always shake me to my core. And also are pretty uplifting, right? 

When you hear these types of stories where you see an older animal suffering, suffering, and then finding a natural alternative for them that actually brings that puppy-like spirit back, I think it is really, really sweet. And just such a better way to end that journey that you have shared with one another since they were a little puppy. 

How has the COVID Crisis Affected their Business?

I’d love to hear from you; the hottest topic in the world right now is the COVID crisis and the effects that this is happening on people’s businesses. And I think that there’s a lot of folks out there who have been negatively impacted by the COVID crisis. And at the same time, there’s a lot of businesses out there who are making this transition into more of a web-based interaction with our customers and clientele and seeing actually a stimulus or growth unexpectedly in their company? What side of the spectrum are you falling on right now? How has COVID affected you and your company?

Josh Sosnow: You know, it’s interesting that the direct to consumer sales have actually increased during the quarantine. Unlike in the veterinary industry, where we’ve seen a slight downtick in business, CBD businesses actually demonstrated an uptick. And the only thing that I can really attribute that to is that more people were at home, when people are surfing the web, we’ve got more and more people who are probably spending time with their pets and observing things they didn’t use to observe. 

And it’s they recognize the fact that we’re still, in many ways medicine, looking for solutions to problems, as is the case with COVID. And I think people were exploring the potential of cannabis and hemp alternatives. As one of those things, that is what their pets they can hopefully bring to bear to enhance quality life in a way that minimizes risk. Just to illustrate the fact that when we put patients on medications called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, a class of drug that’s very commonly in use to treat patients with arthritis. There’s blood monitoring that goes along with that. There’s always the potential for side effects. 

Well, if I can offer at least early in the disease process, an alternative, where that’s not the case, they very much appreciate it. And they recognize the fact that we’re really trying to do the best for their patients. But at the end of the day, I think during this crisis, it really has more to do with people being at home, spending time with their pets, people noticing perhaps subtle things they didn’t use to notice, because dogs but most of the day at home by itself, and that’s leading people online where they can find more information about more progressive alternatives like CBD and hemp and hemp extracts.

During this crisis, it really has to do more with people being at home, spending time with their pets. - Josh Sosnow, DVM Click To Tweet

Sonia Gomez: Yes, while I’m noticing for sure, now that I’m home a lot more, I’m like, Fuck, man, my kids are spoiled to shit. So I’m just, I only say that in the nicest possible way. I’m like, God, dang man. Good thing up. Mama’s back in town because I’m going to start whippet and just close my eyes and start slapping around here if you guys don’t get in line, you have four kids at home too, right?

Josh Sosnow: I do have four kids ranging in age from about four to fifteen.

Sonia Gomez: Got it sounds like we’re in the same bad rom-com right now as it’s–

Josh Sosnow: It’s actually it’s actually more like Groundhog Day, every day. Same thing over and over and over again. Yeah, it’s a bit bit of a challenge, needless to say, during the quarantine.

Sonia Gomez: Are you making human biscuits now with high milligram dosages of calm that ass down for babies are what?

Josh Sosnow: I have to admit it, the thought has occurred to me, if anything, I’d love to be able to put these kids on a treadmill for two to three hours a day and just exhaust them. That way, they spend the rest of the day slumped over on the couch, not bothering anybody.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, we’re gonna need you to bring in some of that exercise equipment from the clinic. And let’s strap these kiddos up and one after the other. Let’s get that train going. Because I’m telling my three years old my 17-year-old is lying on the floor as we speak, I’m almost positive that this is the scene downstairs, lying on the floor face down with a cell phone in his hand as if it were connected and fused to his body. 

The three-year-old probably has makeup from one side of her face to the neck, if it’s not on some other piece of valuable furniture in the house. And she is probably running circles in spirals. My teenage girls are nowhere to be found because they couldn’t be bothered with the scene if I paid them. And I’m telling you, somebody is going to come in here hungry in 15 minutes, and I don’t have any food for them.

Josh Sosnow: It sounds familiar Oh, too familiar. Right now, I could I can tell you, my 15-year-old is well she’s in her online school. But the 12-year-old is glued to the PS4 as his life depends on it. 

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, it’s like the matrix. We should just plug them into the brain. 

Josh Sosnow: Right now, it would be a lot easier than trying to play the role of teacher for four different kids.

Sonia Gomez: I’m telling you what, and we don’t get paid enough. I don’t, and the government didn’t take into account that we’ve recently acquired three other full-time jobs. Since the COVID crisis shuts us down, what’s it been like for you and your family? What kind of preparations or precautions are you guys taking right now, you know, obviously, following the shelter in place orders that are there, you’re in the medical space. So you understand cellular mutation and all of these incredible things that happen inside of us mammals that are putting us at risk right now, I’d love to hear what’s your opinion of this whole process? 

Josh Sosnow: You know the biggest thing that we’re doing is making sure that the kids are religious about washing their hands, especially go out for a walk or for a bike ride. We’re really minimizing their exposure to other environments. Occasionally when we’re out of the grocery store, we will wear masks. But we’re just trying to be practical, with respect to limiting our exposure to large groups of people in places where we could come in contact with, you know, folks who are potentially ill, which obviously, as you pointed out, isn’t easy, because we’re spending most of the time at home, looking for things, creative things for kids to do. 

But yeah, I mean, even at work in my work environments were when we interact with clients on a curbside basis, we’re wearing masks, we’re making sure we wash our hands religiously, we’ll try to minimize the interaction with as many people as possible, and still try to conduct business as well as we would want to provide you the service the clients expect from us, which can be a bit of a challenge at times. 

But the nice thing is that people still and seemingly have accepted these changes and haven’t complained and recognize that we’re doing it in the best interests of our staff. Because if I don’t have my staff, I don’t have a place to care for their pets. So it’s been nicely received. And I have to really think my clients for that because some of the changes can be uncomfortable and difficult, especially when they have sick or ill pets.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, I have to agree it’s somewhat of a ghost town where I am. And I’m in a, and I would say the neutrally affluent area in the sense that it’s like, 50 years ago, it was probably considered the country part of Denver and one of the nicer areas to live because it has bigger yards and things like that. But in today’s day, it’s probably pretty average sort of living quarters, and it is a ghost town around here. People aren’t; they yell at each other from across the street. Say hello. The parks are shut down at somewhat of a ghost town. It’s a little bit surreal, and my three-year-old is telling everybody the police told you couldn’t go to the park. And if you get sick, they’re going to put a stick in your nose. 

Companion CBD and their Top-notch Product

She’s like when she walks around with her little play mask on from her little doctor kid. So it’s pretty interesting here we’re doing our best to keep a light heart about it. Companion CBD, the name of your company, what are the products that you guys are producing specifically for pets, and have you integrated it anything in for the pet parents?

Josh Sosnow: Thus far, we focus strictly on the pet market. I was a veterinarian wanting to design products initially for these specifically for the veterinary market, but we’ve since expanded those to the overall pet market so we can sell them direct to consumers. The line of tools that we use right now that we formulated come in different a variety of different strengths, which was necessary depending on the size of your pet and the condition that we’re treating since those in various quite a bit. 

The line of tools that we use right now that we formulated come in different a variety of different strengths. - Josh Sosnow, DVM Click To Tweet

The soft chews, the treats, come in strengths of 510, 20, and 40 milligrams, which gives you a fair amount of flexibility when it comes to dosing different conditions. But everything that we produce currently is a soft chew based product. We have a number of lines that we’ve designed that we want to introduce here sometime over the next course of the next 12 months. Assuming the economy world are ready for them, things have gotten completely crazy. But we haven’t really branched out into the human side of things. Our focus has really been the pets in the pet market.

Our focus has really been the pets in the pet market. - Josh Sosnow, DVM Click To Tweet

Sonia Gomez: That’s good. I think that you know, many, many folks have said notoriously that the riches are in the niches. How are you guys marketing to stand apart from the rest of the industry right now? It’s a crowded space. Everybody in their mother has some sort of CBD product. And yet there are a few brands that are really standing out. 

So one of the things that really made us stand out to me when I was doing my research about CBD brands and specifically CBD brands for pets was the fact that you have your life in-person clinics and as well as your product line. How are you marketing yourself outside of your clinic? This is my first question. And my second question is, what kind of advantage do you think you have on the industry in the way of product companies because you have your built-in clinic.

Creating a Unique Edge in the CBD Pet Industry

Josh Sosnow: The first thing is what marketing gets in your hands is really taking the form of providing continuing education lectures, seminars, both on a local and national level. I’ve spoken to many large groups, I have spoken to small groups of folks. We get mostly veterinarians, educating them about the benefits of CBD and hemp-based products. So from that, people get to know us Companion CBD. And oftentimes they choose to use our products because of the education that we’re providing. 

We get mostly veterinarians, educating them about the benefits of CBD and hemp-based products. - Josh Sosnow, DVM Click To Tweet

One of the big advantages of education is that it’s what’s called race approved so that millions get continuing education credits when they attend it. That’s been the biggest way that we’ve reached the veterinary community. And from that, there’s also been a fair amount of word of mouth as well. 

The direct to consumer, honestly, it’s been reliant more or less on social media. But as you pointed out, everybody in their brother has a product out there that they’re trying to sell. It’s a bit of a challenge. So admittedly, our goals, our marketing has not been heavily tied to the direct to the consumer market. But it’s out there for people should they choose to pursue more information or want to contact us directly. 

As far as the advantage, I think, the most significant advantages as a veterinarian, I approach this from a clinical perspective. When it comes to the formulation of a product, I’m thinking about my clients and what would be easiest to administer to their pets. And also, when it comes to dosing, which is key. We’re trying to follow where the science leads us. Oftentimes in the CBD and hemp industry, there’s a lot of anecdotal recommendations that are made. And if you sort of scratch beneath the surface and try to understand where some of the dosing recommendations are coming from, your hard-pressed to find a good answer. 

So I think one of the things that really helps us is that we’re clinically driven. And we’re trying to rely on science both on the human and veterinary side to guide our decision-making processes as far as formulation of the products and dosing recommendations.

Sonia Gomez: So good. One of the things that stood out to me when you were sharing is the fact that you are really educationally driven as you’re marketing to veterinary clinics. How many veterinary clinics have picked up your product thus far?

Josh Sosnow: That’s a good question. I’m not the sales guy. 

Sonia Gomez: Roughly. Roughly. 

Josh Sosnow: In the dozens. 

Sonia Gomez: Nice, very nice, and what kind of education are you putting out there in the form of webinars and stuff? Like what for you, are you noticing to be a theme in the kinds of questions or concerns? Or what are the things that veterinary clinics and their owners want to know from you before integrating CBD into their clinics?

Josh Sosnow: The biggest thing is, obviously, how to dose the product correctly. Oftentimes, what people come across online is grossly inaccurate or severely under dose, so they want to understand what proper dosing requires of them. Something as simple as understanding that the products need to be given twice a day versus once a day because of the pharmacokinetics and how the product is metabolized in the body. 

Simple things like that are things that people want to learn more about. The second thing is what conditions potentially CBD can help manage. A fair number of people who inquire about CBD are already aware of it with respect to arthritis. But there are plenty of other conditions in which we can use this particular product. This type of product, I should say, to manage the disease. But I think the third thing that clients are really interested in is what risks does it pose to their pets, long term health. 

As I pointed out earlier, conversations about long term side effects or adverse effects are important never we administer medication. And clients are very aware of those things these days. So we need to make sure that we’re trying to provide a product that potentially has a lot of benefits, but has a relatively small risk associated with it and explained to owners what that entails. So I think those are the things that are most interested in learning about. 

And then, of course, there’s the whole process of trying the product, I mean, we still have to use the old tried and true method of trial and error, to see if the product is really going to benefit the patient. Sometimes that means making dose adjustments as we go along with administering the product. But ultimately, a little bit of trial and error is necessary to see if a CBD product is the right choice.

Ultimately, a little bit of trial and error is necessary to see if a CBD product is the right choice. - Josh Sosnow, DVM Click To Tweet

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, totally, it makes sense. I’ve noticed that a lot of clinics just want to understand the safety and efficacy of products; they’re not really certain of what’s in the product or how it could affect any of their patients, animals, or humans; the same concerns are across the board. The next thing that I get confronted with quite a bit is the dosing challenges. And then the final thing is, you know, any chemical reactions to medications. 

In clinical trials with humans, we have found that there are a few different medications that do actually create adverse reactions, and they tend to be involved with like heart medications, for instance. Have you noticed with when it comes to working with fur babies, are there any concerns like that you have around conflict with medications, or are the dosages that you and Companion CBD work with low enough that there isn’t anything to really be concerned about?

Precautions on CBD Based Pet Products

Josh Sosnow: You know, some of us in classes of drugs that are used in human medicine, we use veterinary medicine, things like anti-seizure medications, anti-anxiety, medications, medications for certain GI disorders. And so in theory, you can see an alteration in metabolism if you would co-administer CBD with one of these other drugs. Now, I have to admit, and I have not seen that in practice. And with respect to some of the heart medications you had mentioned earlier, we don’t typically use those in veterinary medicine because of the diseases they treat we don’t typically see in our veterinary patients. 

That’s not to say that with more widespread use, we won’t begin to see more contraindications or medications, which coadministration would be a problem. But thus far, it seems to be a pretty safe choice. And admittedly, one of the things people have to realize is the physiology of a dog, and a cat is extraordinarily similar to the physiology of the human. So if we experience problems in one species, by co-administering two drugs, there’s a fair chance we may administer, excuse me, we may experience the same type of problem on other species. So we’re very cognizant of that fact, draw from the human literature whenever we can, particularly when we have a complicated patient who’s on multiple medications.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, that makes really good sense. And how do you alleviate somebody who perhaps is not so familiar? For instance, if you’re working with a clinic that is in Alabama, and they haven’t had as much exposure or opportunity to really see the culture of cannabis that’s cultivated around the legal cannabis market, let alone the CBD market, which is still pretty fresh and new in those communities. How do you address those types of concerns or hesitations that somebody without that amount of exposure would have? How do you talk about that and sort of softening the edges? 

Josh Sosnow: From our perspective, we go to veterinarians first. Because the veterinarian is still considered a reliable source of information to the pet owner, so we try to educate the veterinarian, who, in turn, tries to educate the owner as best they can. Hoping that since the message comes from a veterinarian and not from the source or random source online, it has nothing more credibility that comes across from somebody who the client already has a fair amount of trust in. 

We try to educate the veterinarian who, in turn, tries to educate the owner as best they can. - Josh Sosnow, DVM Click To Tweet

So we focus on the veterinarian and trying to provide them with the best type of education, and in so doing, have them reach out directly to their clients. So it’s a more organic approach than trying to just post something online. But we think it’s the right approach, especially as we’re trying to manage sometimes, conditions with multiple medications, we need the input of the veterinarian to sort of strike that delicate balance, make sure we’re not doing any harm.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, it makes perfect, perfect sense. You have done an incredible job creating a position for yourself and the future of medicine. I believe many people are quite resistant to it, while others are jumping on the opportunity to integrate something new into the fold. 

What would be some key pieces of advice to budding entrepreneurs whether they have an established business that they want to integrate something like hemp or CBD into, or they’re just getting started in trying to consider what their path in this space could be. What would be one or two key pieces of advice that you could offer them to help them make that firm decision or quantum leap into a success?

Key Pieces of Advice on How to Quantum Leap into a Success

Josh Sosnow: I guess the first thing that comes to mind is that raising money is difficult. And it continues to be difficult. It’s never an easy thing to do. But with that said, I think one of the things that help to distinguish our product lines from other companies is the fact that they’re science-based. We’re really trying to go to the literature and use the literature as the guide rather than just try to formulate a product and put up to the market. 

One of the things that help to distinguish our product lines from other companies is the fact that they're science-based. - Josh Sosnow, DVM Click To Tweet

We want to see clinical improvement because we understand that if the client sees the benefit of the product that we’re using, they’re going to continue to buy the product on a recurring basis. And one of the biggest things I hear about pizza from people who have tried CBD based products before is the disappointment with the fact that they didn’t see any benefit. And when you start really delving into why it usually comes down to it was the wrong choice product, it was the wrong dose, it wasn’t the frequency of administration was wrong, something really simple, it could otherwise be avoided by just, again, putting a product out there slapping a label on it just have something to sell. 

I think one of the other keys is transparency, which is to explain to people why you’re doing what you’re doing. You know why you formulated the products the way you do, there has to be a reason for it. If you can’t get that type of answer from a company owner, I think that’s a concern. 

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I think the third thing is you have to follow the science. Right now, we have our principal hundred products, which use CBD isolate versus full-spectrum hemp extract. And the reason for that is that most of the science concerns the use of CBD itself in veterinary medicine, so we’re trying to follow the science and produce a product which is evidence-based and easily dosed, rather than trying to take advantage. And granted, this may change in the future. But we want to take advantage of the entourage effect just as much as anybody else. But we want to understand it to a much higher and better degree than we currently do. And we don’t want to mislead people by providing a product that truly may or may not have the proposed benefits. So we stick to the known science, and in this case, it has to do with this use of CBD.

Sonia Gomez: So good. Well, I think a piece of advice that I would give to you guys, as you are starting to consider integrating CBD into your existing businesses or jumping feet first into an opportunity like this. You know, and to be clear, my advice would be different, you know, three months ago than it is today. 

So today’s advice for you all is in the face of adversity, we must unearth opportunity, and were to the traditional face of business is going to be changed forever the practices that we have to adhere to, the way that we will socially interact. There’s the pre 911 sort of method of conduct, post 911 method of conduct, we’re going to have the pre-Corona method of conduct, and we’re going to have the post Corona method of conduct. 

And so I think while we are considering your entry or participation into this industry that you might consider brushing up on your computer skills because everyone is going digital and the companies who have made that seamless, and by the way, it’s not seamless for anybody. But for the people who have made the seemingly seamless transition online-focused resources, there are a bit ahead of the curve. If you have not yet integrated into the online space, I highly suggest that you start to make that transition because that is the only way for you to remain relevant. And in the face of multiple consumers who are looking for your type of product. 

From there, you need to be cultivating content, and whether it’s by being on the podcast, starting your own kind of podcast, writing articles, doing Facebook Lives posting on social media channels, however, it is we have more control over the reach that our companies, our brands, our visions our missions have, because of this little thing called the World Wide Web. 

So I highly suggest that you start to integrate those and develop those skill sets that so that you can stay relevant, because there’s no telling how, if we open the country back up in August, November is right around the corner, and everybody’s going to be talking about the flu shot all over again. However, there is no [inaudible] yet. So until Uncle Bill Gates comes out with something that’s solid, there’s not really any treatment for that right now. So I highly suggest that you guys get ready for the future of business, which will be more eCommerce based rather than brick and mortar. 

The three different ways to stay in business or to get into the business. Number one is getting a job and developing the new skill sets you need to be relevant and needed in this exciting industry. The second is to tailor your existing business very similar to what you have done, my friend tailoring your existing business to integrate hemp and CBD into it. Now you just so happened to start another business in the process. But you had an incredible platform to launch from. So I think that’s a beautiful example. And then finally, is to start your own business, which again, you have done. And it seems to me that that’s where everybody wants to start. But there’s just there are so many other ways to get involved in this space. 

And I really, really implore you guys to carefully assess what resources you have what skill sets you to have before making the jump into space because you’re absolutely right. It is not easy, Josh to raise capital for this industry. And people really, really struggle when they are undercapitalized and don’t have the proper team or timing calculated into the runway that they create with their resources. Where can folks find you, Josh, if they are interested in following your journey or testing out some of your products?

Where to Find Them

Josh Sosnow: So they can find us through our website companioncbd.com, I can be reached directly at josh@companioncbd.com. We have a tremendous amount of information. We’re putting together a journal library as we speak, that people can have access to that shortcuts the need to do a random search throughout the web that they can contact me through one or both of those places for more information.

Sonia Gomez: Sweet. And finally, what is your guys’ big goal for the year? What are you guys working towards this year to stand apart? Like what’s the big milestone?

Josh Sosnow: We have several other product lines we hope to introduce before the end of the year, the COVID situation notwithstanding, and several product lines designed to help manage specific conditions both for the consumer market and for the veterinary market.

Sonia Gomez: Amazing, super excited to be in celebration with you guys. As you see, those things come to fruition. Obviously, this is creating a challenge and opportunity for the right types of business owners. So I’m sure that you’re going to be one of them that is standing at the finish line with us and super excited to get to know you and to share your story here. Any final thoughts before we end today’s interview?

Josh Sosnow: It’s just that you know, I think from a medical standpoint, from a scientific standpoint, CBD is so something new. It’s new for a lot of practitioners because of the types of brains that we use veterinarians have, and we always want to see evidence, hard evidence before we begin to engage in conversation or to prescribe something that’s new like CBD. 

And while that’s still developing, slowly in the industry, oftentimes with something like this, it’s the anecdotal experiences which initial help guide us and keep that in mind going forward. It’s there was a struggle at first, now people are more amenable to the use of CBD and cannabis-related medications. And I think over the coming years, we’re going to see that continue to loosen. So we look forward to it. And we look forward to being part of the industry as a whole.

Sonia Gomez: Yay. Round of applause for you, my friend. I’m super excited to be shored up and shoulder up with an entrepreneur like yourself, really excited to talk about some further collaboration, as well as our website is called medicalsecrets.com. And we talk about the best kept medical secrets. So far, our focus has been humans, but this year, especially with a crisis of COVID, we’ve wanted to integrate a lot more information about family wellness and holistic approaches towards self-care and self-maintenance and how to prevent and also reverse chronic illnesses or ailments. And I really want to integrate some education and information and further resources for the pet industry. 

So I would love to talk further about that offline. You guys who are tuning in, go get to hear that conversation. So stay tuned for our announcements. And thank you again for spending your morning with us. We’re really excited to have you on the show and to be in collaboration and congratulations on all of the change that you’ve already created in your family and community through this incredible plan.

Josh Sosnow: Well, thank you very much for having me today, Sonia.

Sonia Gomez: Yeah, absolutely. My pleasure. And for those of you guys who are tuning in, thanks so much for being a part of our Medical Secrets family and Hemp Revolution community. We live to serve you every day with the truth about cannabis and hemp and will continue to do so right here on The Hemp Revolution. 

Season Two will be The Hemp Revolution live, which we broadcasted live across all of our social media channels. It will be a hemp health edition. So we will be talking about all the things that you need to be aware of when it comes to keeping a healthy, happy family. All of the different products or methods or recipes that you can utilize in your journey to the transformation now is the time to take full control of how you feel and function on a daily basis. 

Check us out at medicalsecrets.com for more information. And if you are a budding entrepreneur or business owner in the space, sonia@medicalsecrets.com is where you can reach me. I’d love to have you on the show. Find out more about your story, and I’ll look forward to connecting. Shoot me a message sonia@medicalsecrets.com. I’m your hostess with the mostess, Sonia Gomez, and this is The Hemp Revolution. We’ll see you at our next show, guys.

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