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3 Products for The Female Cannabis Consumer Who Enjoys the Finer Things in Life

In case you haven’t heard, the stoner stereotype is dead. Everyone smokes weed in 2018. From the celebs who have come out of the cannabis closet to the suburban housewives who gave up mommy’s little helper in exchange for Mary Jane, more people are consuming cannabis than ever. This isn’t to say the Birkenstock-wearing, tie-die loving, Grateful Dead listening stoner isn’t still alive and well. Counterculture will never die.

These days, all types of people are open about their love for weed. This includes the female cannabis consumer who enjoys the finer things in life. Those classy ladies who love themselves some fashion and stay on top of the latest tasteful trends.

If you’re a female cannabis consumer who loves the finer things in life, you’re in luck. The cannabis market is saturated with some super pretty and pretty amazing products that all relate to pot. Following are 3 of our favs.

1. Dope Nailz

Puff, Puff, Polish. Okay, so Dope Nailz nail polish doesn’t get you high. But the bottle is super cute, the polish is vegan and 5 free, meaning the known carcinogens (formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde resin, and camphor) aren’t present in these products. And they come in 9 different shades with names like “Super Lemon Haze” and “Fire OG.”

2. Beboe

Hello luxury cannabis products. When Beboe launched in 2017, the New York Times called it the “Hermes of marijuana”, pointing out that Beboe products wouldn’t be at all out of place on display in stores like Bergdorf Goodman. Beboe’s products are gorgeous and literally perfect for the weed loving ladies who also have expensive taste. Products (designed in rose gold) are priced at $60 for vaporizers (choice of sativa/cbd blend or indica and designed for single use) and $25 for 25 cannabis pastilles. They’ve also got a gorgeous gift box that contains all their products wrapped into one pretty package for $100.

3. Venna Vape Pen

Are you a pot-loving lady who prefers vaping over smoking? The Venna vape pen is a floral vaporizer that comes with a super smelling “beckoning blueberry” oil, promising to ignite your senses while inspiring a relaxed, chill vibe. They also have other vape pens for purchase to in flavors like “ravenous rose” and “melodic mint.”

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