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What’s the Price of Weed Around the World?

If you’re a cannabis consumer in a US legal state, you’re likely not paying top dollar for top-shelf weed these days. As marijuana becomes regulated and more accepted, it’s becoming less expensive in several cities throughout the US.

In places like Los Angeles, Denver, and Seattle, for example, you can easily get a gram for less than $10. What about in other parts of the world, though? What’s the average price of weed around the world?

Despite its illegal status in many parts of the world, cannabis is the most-widely used substance worldwide. People love pot. And ganja is definitely a global commodity.

A 2018 cannabis price index was released by Seedo on Wednesday that shows the average price of a gram of weed around the world.

The 10 Most Expensive Weed Prices in Cities Around the World (Cost of 1 Gram)

1. Tokyo, Japan: $32.66

2. Seoul, South Korea: $32.44

3. Kyoto, Japan: $29.65

4. Hong Kong, China: $27.48

5. Bangkok, Thailand: $24.81

6. Dublin, Ireland: $21.63

7. Tallinn, Estonia: $20.98

8. Shanghai, China: $20.82

9. Beijing, China: $20.52

10. Oslo, Norway: $19.14

The 10 Least Expensive Weed Prices in Cities Around the World (Cost of 1 Gram)

1. Quito, Ecuador: $1.43

2. Bogota, Columbia: $2.20

3. Asuncion, Paraguay: $2.22

4. Jakarta, Indonesia: $3.79

5. Panama City, Panama: $3.85

6. Johannesburg, South Africa: $4.01

7. Motevideo, Uruguay: $4.15

8. Astana, Kazakhstan: $4.22

9. Antwerp, Belgium: $4.29

10. New Delhi, India: $4.38

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