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Top 10 Popular Indicas on the Market Right Now!

Cannabis has been the reason behind hundreds of debates and discussions and till date there is no concrete proof of its purpose. People still use it both for medicinal and recreational purposes. When it comes to cannabis, there are a few popular indicas which every stoner or researcher ought to know about.

popular indica strains, cannabis, medical marijuana, marijuana#1: True OG

This indica is one of its best in the OG Kush inheritance. With a THC level which can sometimes go up to 27%, this strain generates a deep relaxed sensation in both the mind and body.

#2: Skywalker OG

A blend between OG Kush and Skywalker, this strain gives high physical ‘high’. The strain is used to treat patients with chronic pains. Skywalker OG will give you a combination of both mind and body stimulation.

A sea of green marijuana plants and buds. THC crystals clearly visible. popular indica strains, marijuana, medical marijuana#3: Northern Lights

This strain has 90% indica and gives the user a blissful and physical high. Patients with chronic aches and pains tend to rely on Northern Lights for numbness. It is perfect for a relaxed rainy day stay in.

#4: Mr. Nice

This is a blend of G-13 and the hash plant. Named for the famous drug smuggler Howard Marks, this strain gives a sleepy yet happy high. It is mostly used medically to relieve stress, increase appetite and reduce pains.

#5: Lavender

This strain gives a relaxed smooth high with muscle relaxation. With its blissful aroma and earthly taste, it is quite popular among the consumers in the market today.

#6: Hindu Kush

This strain is 100% indica with a THC content of 20%. This results in a euphoric yet relaxed and blissful high.

cannabis, indica strains, popular indicas, medical marijuana#7: Berry White

This is a hybrid of White Widow and Blue Berry. It gives a strong physical high with a spark of imagination and creativity.

#8: Blackberry Kush

This strain has a blend of juicy sweetness and sour earthiness. It gives an ultimate indica experience with a full body high. If taken in moderate amount, this strain will glue you to your couch or knock you out.

#9: Bubba Kush

This is one of the popular indicas with almost 100% purity. It helps in easing muscle and chronic pains. A moderate amount will give you a relaxed happy high.

#10: Afgoo

This indica has fast acting and long standing effects. Like other indicas this train gives you a strong relaxed high. This old school indica gives a sleepy happiness.

These are some of the popular indicas one must keep track of if one is into it.

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