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Yet Another Poll That Shows More Americans Support the Legalization of Marijuana

The latest survey from Pew Research Center shows what is beginning to become the norm across the country. More Americans are in support of marijuana legalization than ever before.

Results of their most recent poll show that 61 percent of Americans now support marijuana legalization. This is up 4 percent from last year’s results of the same poll conducted by Pew Research.

One in six Americans now favor legalized marijuana, a far cry from what we’ve seen for decades. Of the 1,504 adults that were surveyed, only 37 percent said they did not favor any type of legalization. There were 5 percent who were undecided or refused to answer.

The results were released last Friday, highlighting how much things have changed as recently as 2010. This year, only 41 percent of people surveyed by Pew Research Center said they favored marijuana legalization, while 52 percent said they stood against it.

Today, Pew Research results show that its younger generations who support the legalization of marijuana the most. Millennials and Gen-Xers want to see weed legalized the most. Out of those born in Generation X, 66 percent are in favor of legalization. Millennials take the prize however, with 71 percent of them supporting legalized marijuana.

On the other side of the spectrum, the Silent Generation (people aged 71-88) also increased their desire to see weed legalized, if only by a bit. In the latest Pew Research poll, 35 percent of them said they would like to see weed be legal, a number up 2 percent from last year’s results.

The Pew Research Poll also showed a significant change amongst those who identify as Republicans. Long known to be staunchly against the legalization of cannabis, this conservative political party is beginning to change their mind. Younger Republicans lead the way, with those under the age of 40 supporting legalization 62 percent, compared to 38 percent who think cannabis should remain illegal. Older Republicans (those over 65) are still sticking to their old ways of thinking, with only 30 percent who support legalization, compared with 70 percent who don’t. Those in between (aged 41-64) are divided pretty much down the middle. 48 percent support legalization, with 49 percent against it.

Over all, the support of the legalization of cannabis only continues to climb. It’s suffice to say that future generations won’t know a time when cannabis wasn’t supported by the masses.

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