The Real Dirt


The Real Dirt is the best cannabis podcast on iTunes. The Real Dirt is created and hosted by one of the nation’s premier cannabis technology and application experts, Chip Baker.

On each episode, Chip Baker interviews premier cannabis pioneers from all areas of the industry (legal, growing, business, etc.) to extract the the wisdom, tools and tactics you can use to be successful. This includes how to navigate your way through cannabis laws, regulations, economy of scale, growing, innovations and things you wish you knew before you got into the industry.

Toklahoma: Growing cannabis in Oklahoma

In this episode of The Real Dirt Podcast, Chip talks to Darryl Souza and Chris Bane of Cultivate Colorado and Cultivate OKC.  Combined, Darryl and Chris have been ...
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The Problems with Planting Clones Outside

Medical cannabis has just been legalized in Oklahoma and is being legalized in more states in the US. And for ...
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