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The Real Dirt is the best cannabis podcast on iTunes. The Real Dirt is created and hosted by one of the nation’s premier cannabis technology and application experts, Chip Baker.

On each episode, Chip Baker interviews premier cannabis pioneers from all areas of the industry (legal, growing, business, etc.) to extract the the wisdom, tools and tactics you can use to be successful. This includes how to navigate your way through cannabis laws, regulations, economy of scale, growing, innovations and things you wish you knew before you got into the industry.

EP 99 Chip Baker

Porch Talk about Growing Cannabis in OKC with Chip Baker

Over the past few years, Oklahoma has made several significant changes to its drug regulations. It's easier to use now ...
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ep 98 real dirt on shrooms

The Real Dirt on Shrooms

Josh Kappel is Vicente Sederberg's founding partner, which specializes in risk assessment for multinational corporations and financial transactions in the highly ...
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ep 97 job growing legal weed

How to Get a Job Growing Legal Weed

Farhaj Mayan is a UI/UX designer, product owner, and passionate storyteller. He worked as an early employee at 3 startups (Drones, ...
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ep 96 guest for best channais

Pheno-Hunting and the Quest for the Best Cannabis

Through decades of perfecting growing techniques, Jive Cannabis Co. is creating a product of top quality. They enjoy spending time in ...
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ep 95 best weed in world is in L|A

The Best Weed in the World is in L.A

Brian Weiss has always been an advocate for cannabis and has had a secure connection in the cannabis industry for over ...
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eo 94 exille on strain street

Exile on Strain Street: Hard times in the Yucatán

Ted Mateja brings over ten years of experience in cannabis cultivation, project management, and regulatory compliance. A veteran of the armed ...
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ep 93 red bul to cpd

From Red Bull to CBD: Reinventing Energy Supplements

John Zolikoff came out of the motorcycle and action sports world. He worked for 15 years at Harley-Davidson and Austrian ...
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ep 92 irrigation guide

Step by Step Irrigation Guide

Michael Box is a lifelong disciple of plants and their cultivation. For the last 22 years, he has worked in ...
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Johnny B Truant

Finding Cannabis at 40: Professional Writer on Getting Stoned

Johnny B. Truant is co-founder and storyteller of nearly 100 novels, mainly fiction, in the Sterling & Stone Story Studio. The rights ...
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Cannabis Marketing with a Public Relations Expert

Lisa Buyer is an entrepreneur, author, wife, mom, digital junkie, and certified yoga instructor. She is the founder/CEO of The Buyer ...
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