The Hemp Revolution


Join your host Sonia Gomez and James Brinkenhoff as they expose the REAL secrets of Green Rush.

NO SUBJECT IS TABOO as we are lifting the skirt to reveal the best-kept secrets and the truth from the pioneers and leaders in the fastest growing Industry in the World. Modern Society has demonized these plants, big corporations stand to lose billions of dollars in healthcare and multiple industries.

The First Grassroots Hemp Event in Texas with Ramiro Rosas

Ramiro Rosas is a father, a cannabis/hemp consumer and advocate, and a business owner. He has always been a cannabis ...
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Cultivating and Processing High-Quality Hemp Products in Michigan with Patrick Trail

Patrick Trail is a pioneer of his sector. He has studied chemistry and Business Information Systems in college. After college ...
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Can Cannabis Cure Skin Cancer and Other Skin Diseases? Interview with Aracelis Vidal

Aracelis Vidal's cannabis journey started about three years ago. When she learned about the cannabinoid receptors within the human body, ...
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Why Quality Strains are Essential when Running a Hemp Company? With Chris Cronin

Christopher Cronin has been in the cannabis/hemp industry for 15+ years. Like every green thumb, he started working in a ...
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How Farmers and Churches in Texas are Embracing the Cannabis and Hemp Industry with Adam Byrd and Chris Patillo

Adam Byrd and Chris Patillo are the co-founders of Wichita Falls Texas Hemp Company. They met at a local church ...
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Unlimited Opportunities for the Cannabis and Hemp Industry in the Global Marketplace with Todd Scattini

Todd Scattini is a retired Army Colonel who served his country for 27 years. He is the global CEO of ...
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How an OG in Breadfruit Brings the Best Hemp Varieties to Farmers and Growers With Josh Schneider

Josh Schneider is the Founder and CEO of Cultivaris Hemp LLC, a young plant company based in San Diego, California ...
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Secrets of Southern Oregon’s Premier Boutique Cannabis Farm with Ethan Felcher

Ethan Felcher is a lifelong cannabis aficionado and advocate. He was raised in a weed-smoking family and moved to Portland, ...
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How to Avoid Getting Ripped off by Your Cannabis Broker with Lance Kreck

Looking to jump into cannabis or hemp business but don't want to do farming or don't have connections with the ...
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How Effective Communication Increases Sales in the CBD Market? With Melissa Jane Stapley

Cannabis works differently for everybody. What works for you may not work for somebody. So, how can we guide the ...
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