The Hemp Revolution


Join your host Sonia Gomez and James Brinkenhoff as they expose the REAL secrets of Green Rush.

NO SUBJECT IS TABOO as we are lifting the skirt to reveal the best-kept secrets and the truth from the pioneers and leaders in the fastest growing Industry in the World. Modern Society has demonized these plants, big corporations stand to lose billions of dollars in healthcare and multiple industries.

Providing Proper Information to Fur Parents about the Benefits of CBD Based Products on Pets with Josh Sosnow, DVM

Josh Sosnow, DVM is the co-founder and chief medical officer of Companion CBD LLC, owner of North Scottsdale Animal Hospital, ...
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The Synchronicities That Set Grant Jakubowski to a Path from Being an Employee into a Cannabis Entrepreneur

Here to share his cannabis and hemp journey is Grant Jakubowski, one of Vermont Pure CBD owners, a vertically integrated CBD company making ...
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How can Online Source for Hemp Work Towards Better Alternatives for the Planet with Morris Beegle

Leading cannabis/hemp advocate and entrepreneur, Morris Beegle is the co-founder and president of the WAFBA (We Are For Better Alternatives) family of brands, including ...
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A Turnkey Solution for Cannabis and Hemp Farmers from Seed to Sale with Chance Dite

Chance Dite is the Director of Education and Farmer Relations at Cultivaris Hemp, a serial entrepreneur, and a strong cannabis advocate ...
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Why is the Future of Cannabis Regenerative Agriculture with Dave Vanslyke

Dave Vanslyke is a new startup in the hemp space. They've joined forces with another farm last season to grow ...
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A Father’s Story: From Suicidal to a Successful Cannabis Entrepreneur with Johnathan Henry

Many people struggle with anxiety and depression that sometimes leads to suicide, and it's incredible to hear recovery and success ...
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How the Beauty World and Digital Marketing has been Kicking the Cannabis Craze with Evie Phillips

Former beauty editor, now creative digital agency owner/CBD advisor and consultant. Evie Phillips opened her curated CBD wellness experience, the ...
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Why Combining Hemp and Entrepreneurship Changes the World with Jaciel Hernandez

Jaciel Hernandez has experience in the digital marketing space and uses his current brand and business as an experiment to kick ...
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The Importance of Collaboration in Starting a New Cannabis Business with Elizabeth Robinson and Cory Moore

Here to share a little about their story, the trials, tribulations, and the tremendous successes that one can experience as ...
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How Cannabis Education Supports People to Work Professionally in Legal Cannabis with Trey Reckling

Trey Reckling is originally from Savannah, Georgia and has 15 years experience in higher education. He has specialized in conflict ...
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