The Hemp Revolution


Join your host Sonia Gomez and James Brinkenhoff as they expose the REAL secrets of Green Rush.

NO SUBJECT IS TABOO as we are lifting the skirt to reveal the best-kept secrets and the truth from the pioneers and leaders in the fastest growing Industry in the World. Modern Society has demonized these plants, big corporations stand to lose billions of dollars in healthcare and multiple industries.

Creating Stability in the Hemp Supply Chain with Mike Andrus

Mike Andrus is a graduate of the Temple University Fox School of Business and has been an entrepreneurial leader with over ...
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Learn How to Measure Success in your Business with a Master of Strategy, Dr. Jim Alvino

Dr. Jim Alvino is co-founder of Cannabis Health & Wellness Center and CBD Health & Wellness Center; and founder of ...
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The Combined Power of Essential Oils and CBD With Amber Laign and Marci Freede

Motivated by the personal struggles within their families, these two incredible women, Amber Laign and Marci Freede, founded Plant Juice Oils ...
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Breaking through the Common-Sense Regulations by Maintaining Professionalism and Quality in the CBD Retail Store Business with David Pellicane

David Pellicane is the owner of Nashville Hemp and is a political activist who supports common-sense drug laws and several environmental ...
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The Story of the First CBD Store in Texas with Chelsea Devos

Chelsea Devos is the founder of the first CBD store in Texas, The Cherry Apothecary. Having first-hand experienced the great benefits ...
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How to Use Cannabis Consumer Data to Build Your CBD-Hemp Brand with Mike Luce

Mike Luce is a long time market research professional. He spent nearly 20 years developing market insights for some of ...
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How to Build a Successful Cannaboutique with Martell Gollidah-Andrews

Martell Gollidah-Andrews is an African American with a wide reach in the industrial hemp industry. He owns the Hashtag Hemp Co ...
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3 Great Minds Behind a Successful CBD Business with Boris Shcharansky

Boris Shscharansky is the Chief Operating Officer of Papa & Barkley, a company committed to producing safe and reliable relief ...
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How Passion about Fitness, Health, and Quality Life Led into a CBD Business Venture with Darren Filpi

Darren Filpi, the co-founder of Gud Body and the Gud Body Journal, has always had this entrepreneurial spirit but he ...
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How to Craft a Brand Story that Brings Massive Sales to Your CBD Business with Paul Booth

Paul Booth is a brand builder and a market development strategist who develops and executes data-driven strategies that boost traffic ...
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