The Hemp Revolution


Join your host Sonia Gomez and James Brinkenhoff as they expose the REAL secrets of Green Rush.

NO SUBJECT IS TABOO as we are lifting the skirt to reveal the best-kept secrets and the truth from the pioneers and leaders in the fastest growing Industry in the World. Modern Society has demonized these plants, big corporations stand to lose billions of dollars in healthcare and multiple industries.

How to Be Successful in the Franchising Cannabis Market? Interview with Jeff Tacy and Brandon Bobart

Jeff Tacy is the CEO of Franny’s Farmacy whilst Brandon Bobart is their Director of Franchising. Jeff is actively involved ...
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How to Make a Social Impact Out of the Passion for Cannabis with Keyva King

Keyva King is the CEO of Royal Highness, a boutique that offers excellent customer service and high-quality CBD products. In ...
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Shauna Levy: Leading the Charge to Legalize Consumption Lounges in Canada

Shauna Levy is a respected Canadian cultural visionary who helped establish Toronto as an internationally recognized destination for design excellence ...
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The Challenges Faced by an African-American Entrepreneur in the Cannabis Space with Keyva King

Keyva King is the CEO of Royal Highness, a boutique that offers excellent customer service and high-quality CBD products. Her ...
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How to Stay Ahead of The Curve in the Cannabis Industry with Brandon Henry

Brandon Henry is the owner of Kalbra, one of the largest vertically-integrated manufacturers and suppliers of hemp-derived products in Pennsylvania. He is ...
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Is It Wise for a Startup Cannabis Business to Hire an Attorney Early On with Mike Alden

Mike Alden is the CEO of Blue Vase Marketing LLC, a multimillion-dollar full-service direct response marketing agency offering media production, sales, ...
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How to Find Your Niche in the Hemp and Cannabis Space with Shelby Isaacson

Shelby Isaacson co-owns Second and Seed, the most award-winning CBD shop in Florida; Synkron BioSciences, a boutique-style private and white-label manufacturing company; and Bogart ...
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Breaking down the Stigma: RE-engineering the Way People Think about Cannabis and Hemp with Jared Sawyer

Jared Sawyer witnessed how his mom went from perfectly healthy to passing away, undergoing chemotherapy at the age of 44, which ...
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An Air Force Veteran’s Journey From Military to Entrepreneurship with Troy Tucker

Troy Tucker is a United States Air Force veteran, a hurricane Iniki survivor, tech-savvy, and an uber passionate hemp enthusiast ...
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Matt Miller: The Professional Skateboarder Turned CBD Business Owner

Matt Miller has been skateboarding the streets since he was a little kid and never thought that this passion would ...
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