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Olivia Newton-John Uses Medical Cannabis to Ease Her Cancer Pain

Senator Richard di Natale, the leader of the Australian Greens party, has an unexpected ally in her mission to fix impediments in the way to access critical medicine.

Australian singer and actress Olivia Newton-John has joined Aussie Senator to Improve Medical Cannabis Access.


Olivia Newton-John’s Breast Cancer Survival

When the Grease star began to have trouble walking, she never imagined that it was due to cancer. Earlier this year, 69-year-old Olivia revealed her breast cancer recurrence 20 years after the original diagnosis. It has spread to her spine leaving her in agonizing crippling pain.

In an emotional interview with Australia’s 60 Minutes, Olivia candidly spoke about using controversial cannabis to ease the cancer pain. Calling it a magical, miracle plan, she uses it to medicate severe pain and inflammation caused by cancer relapse.

Her husband, John Easterling, grew the class B drug and made tinctures to soothe her pain.


Last week, in an interview with Today, Olivia said she was not scared that time because it was her second cancer battle. Although marijuana consumption is still a controversial topic in America, some experts believe cannabis helps with chronic pain, especially related to cancer.

Medical cannabis is extremely effective for pain management.

Many studies have proved cannabis to be more powerful and safer than opiates.


Due to Cannabis’s status as a Schedule I drug, researchers have a hard time getting access from the government to study weed’s medical uses. A double-blind placebo-controlled trial published in 2013 showed that people on low doses of Sativex reported less pain daily taking opioids.  Another Sativex-related research stated its benefits for improved sleep quality, especially for chronic pain sufferers.

A meta-analysis published in JAMA in 2015 and Dr. Abrams co-authored another comprehensive review of that same data also proved cannabis’s effectiveness for chronic pain in adults.

Researchers they have a pretty good theory.

Massachusetts-based medical cannabis expert, Dr. Jordan Tishler, says our brain processes pain signals in a very complicated way and cannabis act at nearly every step of the way.


A bunch of cells mediates the inflammation at the site of pain. These cells secrete chemicals that repair the damage and stimulate the nerve and their cells. Cannabinoid compounds, created by body and THC activate cannabinoid receptors found on these cells.

Cannabinoid receptors are also present in cells along your spinal cord and the areas of your brain involved in processing pain. So, THC interacts with your body at multiple points and calm inflammation and pain signaling.

Treating pain with cannabis isn’t as easy as getting high.

Regardless of your experience with cannabis, it’s wise to speak with a professional for a treatment plan. How much you consume and how you consume varies according to patients’ medical conditions.

Smoking cannabis is a carcinogen. Experts recommend using a vaporizer to inhale cannabis instead. Vaporizers heat the material without burning it.


For Newton-John, cancer battle introduced her stronger version of herself. Instead of cancer servicer, she calls herself cancer “thriver.”

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