Officials in Indiana Look to Stop the Use of Synthetic Marijuana

With weed still illegal in many states, people who want to get high are looking towards other alternatives. Synthetic marijuana…why not? It’s legal, sold in convenience stores across the country, and does its best to mimic the effects of the real thing. The only problem is that it can kill you.

Even those that don’t fatally overdose are experiencing extremely serious side effects. Hallucinations, seizures, and convulsions are common. Not to mention the mental effects that often result in erratic (and sometimes violent behavior).

Synthetic Cannabis: The New Epidemic?

Forget about the fact that while the real thing remains illegal, the federal government has done nothing to acknowledge where the real danger lies.

This isn’t stopping other officials from taking matters into their own hands to stop what has become a sort of epidemic of its own.

South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg wants to put an end to the synthetic marijuana madness.

When three kids were rushed to the emergency room because they had smoked synthetic marijuana and were foaming at the mouth, Buttigieg knew things had to change.

“I thought one of them was having a seizure until I saw two others that were in a similar situation,” said Buttigieg. “We called paramedics, they made it. But it was a real wakeup call for me about just how harmful and dangerous some of these substances are.”

South Bend Leaders Look to End the Problem with Fake Pot

Last Thursday, South Bend leaders met with community members to address the problem.

“The individuals who are purchasing synthetic marijuana, they’re not aware of the impact it has on them,” said councilwoman Karen White. “It’s cheap, they buy it and then they have to suffer the impact from it.”

Last August, synthetic marijuana was made illegal in South Bend. But as we’re all well-aware, making something illegal doesn’t make the problem go away.

“A law and ordinance can only go so far,” said Buttigieg at the community meeting. “That’s why tonight’s community conversation is so important.”

How exactly South Bend is going to stop synthetic marijuana use remains a mystery. Currently, businesses found selling it can face a fine from $250-$2,500.

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