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Odor Control Tips: Check Out How To Grow Cannabis Indoors!

As exciting it is to grow cannabis indoor, it is that much difficult to control the odor. If the problem is unattended properly, it can emit strong pesky odor causing inconvenience to your neighbors also. Fortunately, here are some odor control tips be it a large or small indoor cultivation.

Woman pours fresh clean water into the glass, odor control tips#1: Checking Humidity and Temperature Levels

As the first step to control odor, humidity and temperature should be controlled. The molecule that causes odor in cannabis plant, i.e. terpenes thrives in high humidity and temperature. Terpenes basically develop in bloom phase. Thus, you need not to worry about the vegetative state as it emits low odor. The best way to get rid of the odor is using dehumidifiers and air conditioners to get rid of the heat and humidity out of the quickly.

#2: Having proper air circulation

When you use lights like HIDs, it causes heat in the garden. This can lead to odors. So, you need to check out odor control tips to get rid of that. During vegetative stage, air should circulate every few minutes and in bloom stage, it should circulate every minute. Thus proper air circulation is essential to keep temperature and odor levels low. The solution to this problem is having circulating fans along with standing fans and having proper ventilation duct. On the other hand, it will also keep the level of used carbon dioxide stable.

Blue silica gel ,moisture adsorbing on the plate, odor control tips,#3: Applying Absorbing Gels

In spite of controlling temperature and humidity and having proper air circulation there comes a time where it becomes very difficult to control the odor. You will notice that your living space air also has fresh floral smell. Thus, you can use absorbing gels as one of the odor control tips. This gel simply absorbs strong, unpleasant odor and replaces it with more pleasant one. This gel doesn’t eliminate the odor but it masks the bad odor and makes it more pleasant. The odor removing sprays also acts on the same principle.

#5: Using Carbon Filters

The most effective ways to remove odor from the room is by using carbon filters. This filter contains highly ionized and activated carbon which attracts dust, spores , hair etc matters responsible to carry the odor from the air just like a scrubber acts, for this it often called as “carbon scrubbers”. Carbon filters also can act as a CO2 controller along with an exhaust fan and air controller. This carbon filters should be placed at the highest point of your grow space. This carbon filters are of different shapes and size and can be complimented with exhaust fan, it will clean air and circulate contaminated air.

If you have an area with controlled temperature, and proper ventilation and carbon filter exhaust, you can remove the odor completely from the room. If still odor remains, it can be removed by using gel and sprays.

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