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New Survey Shows Majority of Vets Favor Medical Marijuana Legalization

Surveys across the board are now showing that more and more people support the legalization of marijuana. Even cops and republicans are more on board than ever regarding legal pot. A recently published survey shows that an overwhelming number of veterans feel the same.

American Legion Survey Shows Most Veterans Want to See Medical Marijuana Legalized at the Federal Level

In early October the American Legion conducted a survey that 1,360 people responded to across the US. Of these respondents, 513 identified themselves as a military veteran, while 289 identified with being a veteran caregiver. Results of the survey found that 81 percent of military veterans and 83 percent of caregivers were in support of the federal government legalizing marijuana to treat a mental or physical condition.

The American Legion is an organization that strongly supports the rescheduling of marijuana by the federal government. According to Joe Plenzler, director of media relations for the American Legion, “For several years the American Legion has been pressing the federal government to remove cannabis from Schedule I of Controlled Substances Act so that medical investigators could research the drug and its efficacy in treating PSTD, chronic pain and other illnesses that affect veterans.”

Other Key Findings of the Study Show Majority Rules When it Comes to Supporting Medical Marijuana Legalization

Other findings in this recent survey showed that of the 1,360 people who responded, a whopping 92 percent are in support of medical marijuana research. 82 percent of respondents said they support the legalization of marijuana.

Of the veterans and caregivers that responded to the survey, over 90 percent of both supported more research into medical cannabis.

Even the majority of survey respondents in non-legal marijuana states say they support more research into marijuana. 60 percent of those living in non-medical marijuana states still support the research of medical cannabis.

People of all ages are also in support of federally legalized medical marijuana. 79 percent of survey respondents over the age of 60 said they were in favor of the federal government legalizing marijuana. Respondents aged 46-59 had 87 percent in favor, while 31-45-year-olds had 96 percent in favor. Those 18-30? 100 percent of them support federally legalized medical cannabis.

The times certainly are changing. The survey found that 1 in 5 veterans use cannabis to help with physical or mental issues they’re experiencing. Authors of the survey also noted that it is “clear” from the research they conducted that veterans across America are getting weed in both legal and non-legal medical states.

The people are allowing their voices to be heard, and they want to see a country where medical marijuana is legally available to all. According to Plenzler, “We already know that greater than 80% of the American public supports research into the efficacy of medical cannabis. What this survey shows is that America’s veterans feel even more strongly about the need to study cannabis and its potential in treating, PTSD, chronic pain and other ailments veterans face every day.”

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