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New Study Shows Workers in the Cannabis Industry Believe Their Future is Bright

Those employed in the cannabis industry might not make as much as people in other professions, but a recently published study shows they’re optimistic about their future.

Data was collected on 494 cannabis industry workers by compensation data and software company, PayScale. Both medical and recreational cannabis employees were surveyed, and data was collected from September 2015-September 2017.

Study Shows the Majority of Cannabis Industry Workers are Positive About Their Future

The study found 68 percent of workers in the cannabis industry believe they have a bright future ahead of them. This compares to 59 percent of American workers not employed in the cannabis industry during the same time period.

According to Katie Bardaro, PayScale’s chief economist, “There’s a lot of opportunity for growth because it is growing and increasing so rapidly. From accountants to developers creating online websites to brand-awareness people to help market products-all white-collar work.”

Bardero added that other growing industries in the cannabis business are in research, development, and the science of cannabis.

There are countless jobs that have already been created in the cannabis industry. These include the obvious: growers, budtenders, store managers, etc. There are also the lawyers, economists, analysts and project managers.

What Are Average Salaries of Cannabis Business Employees?

While national data isn’t truly available (as recreational cannabis isn’t yet legal in all states), the PayScale survey looked at the medium annual incomes in the US of the legal cannabis industry. Averages wages published by PayScale were:

  • Budtender: $28,300
  • Medical Marijuana Grower: $38,000
  • Operations Manager: $43,500
  • Retail Store Manager: $44,000

Because there is not yet enough data from retail cannabis businesses, PayScale used the medical industry to calculate medium wages. The company believes “it’s safe to say that retail growers earn similar wages to medical growers.” They added however, that they “do not have specific data on this front.”

Whatever the average wage of a cannabis industry employee might be, most are extremely satisfied with their positions. They are after all, working with weed. What’s not to be happy about?

Are you someone who works in the legal cannabis business? Do you feel like you’ve got a bright future in the position you’ve chosen? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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