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Natural Healing Herbs- Hey Women! Coco Chanel’s Handbags will now conceal your Pot

Natural healing herbs seem to go more secure now. Thanks to Coco Chanel, who are designing some nice handbags to secure your pot! They even came up with the idea to make pockets in women’s clothing once as well.

Natural healing herbs

Natural healing herbs

Marijuana and Accessories- The Relationship

Well, the relationship between the two has started from years. It was back in 2014 that a similar thought process led Jeanine Moss to design some incredible accessories company, which offered handbags with secret aroma blocking compartments. Well, this was something perfect for those who used to carry marijuana. She recently has designed something for women, which will be offering every woman some secret compartments in their clothing for securing their cannabis.

Marijuana and Accessories

Marijuana and Accessories

Cannabis- Why Women wants something Special?

Who doesn’t want cannabis treatment? And, when it comes to women, they always need something special. Ladies, of course, have special needs when it comes to weed. After all, they value security, privacy, and modesty in every way.

Believing her customers, they have been sharing some scary stories about their private items. This list even included cannabis, which often keeps on tumbling out of the purses, emitting fragrance everywhere. So, a special compartment was created to block the smell of cannabis in their handbags.

Moss believes the same!

Well, this is what Moss believes as well. Out there, the luxury bag business of $12 billion is happening. And, this also is not the first time; she has felt the need to act. With the commencement of her newsletter called Women’s Travel Connections, she realized that every hotel she was visiting to use to have the bad lighting, which was simply dangerous.

She even realized the cannabis business that was only catering to the need of females. So, she hired a designer for designing baby bags for Coach in China, where complex compartments were designed with the latest machines.

AnnaBis started selling in November 2015, where the bags were available in the variety, be it the price or size.

Cannabis and Females

Some people are living with the myth that only men consume cannabis. But the fact is that cannabis treatment is even taken by the females since years. It’s just that the men go out and purchase the stuff, which makes people believe that only men consume cannabis.

Her customers are not exactly classic potheads, she believes. Be it the young or the oldies, everyone is consuming cannabis in different forms. So, their aroma-blocking bags will simply be hiding the stuff inside the secret pockets, which will be giving them the protection and security about their personal stuff, which they always wanted. After all, women are multi-taskers. They always are juggling and carrying a lot of stuff.

Natural healing herbs, therefore, must try these handbags designed by Coco Chanel to conceal the pot inside, without letting anyone know what’s in their purse.


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