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Mike Tyson to Open “Tyson Ranch”…A One-Stop Cannabis Shop in California

There are plenty of celebs who have jumped on the legal weed bandwagon. Martha Stewart has teamed up with Snoop Dogg, Whoopi Goldberg has her own cannabis-infused menstrual relief line of products, and Willie Nelson has his very own strain of pot. Mike Tyson is next in line, ready to cash in on legal cannabis in California by opening a marijuana ranch a couple hours north of Los Angeles. 

Mike Tyson Cashes in on Cannabis by Making Plans for a Marijuana Amusement Park Ranch

Tyson recently purchased 40-acres in California City, half of which will be used to grow high quality weed, with the other half turned into a marijuana “amusement park.”

Tyson has gone into this legal weed venture with two partners, Jay Strommen and Robert Hickman. They will do business under the name Tyson Holistics, with the name “Iron Mike Genetics” used for branding purposes.

So far, there’s nothing like it of its kind. Tyson Ranch (the unofficial name of the facility), will have an amphitheater that will showcase presentations and live shows, a garden with a distinctive water feature, a factory where edibles are made, an extraction facility, as well as classes at “Tyson Cultivation School” that will teach growers at Tyson Ranch the latest methods and practices of growing high-quality cannabis.

California City Stands Behind Tyson and His Commitment to Improving the Lives of Residents Through the Cultivation and Education of Cannabis

Tyson is strongly supported by California City Mayor, Jennifer Wood. She believes Tyson Ranch will be a great asset to the community, bringing jobs, revenue, and income to the some 14,000 residents of the small desert city.

“Thank you so much, sir, for your commitment to our community,” Wood told Tyson. “And thank you for your great people you have working with you. They are very, very community minded.”

Tyson Ranch is located about 110 miles north of LA and about 60 miles southwest of Death Valley National Park. It’s located close to Edwards Air Force Base, with Tyson hoping to create several new jobs for veterans. He plans on employing as many veterans as possible, and says that taking care of women and men who have served in the military is one of the main concerns moving forward.

Tyson’s new weed ranch will also be dedicated to improving medical research of marijuana. On the 20-acre cultivation site, THC and CBD will both be grown with the highest standards in mind. CBD strains (the non-psychoactive cannabinoid) will be grown in abundance, then extracted and deeply researched.

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