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Medicinal Marijuana – Legalisation Calls in UK

A group of peers and MPs conducted an inquiry for legalising medicinal cannabis for patients suffering from certain health problems. Currently, medicinal Marijuana is being used extensively throughout the world. The inquiry conducted by peers and MPs says that medicinal cannabis must be allowed in the UK.

The report on Drug Reforms given by APP group concludes that it is ridiculous to not allow medicinal Marijuana even though it has great medical importance and to limit a large number of people using this drug to alleviate their pain. According to Lady Meacher, leader of cross bench peer, the results of their inquiry were crystal clear. Many health conditions can be treated with medicinal cannabis. The data thus obtained has been able to influence a large number of US states and countries to allow access to cannabis.
In the light of this evidence, it was ridiculous to impose a ban of stuff that can be important in healing patients.

Medicinal Marijuana and Human Rights

Caroline Lucas, the Green MP, was co-head of this MP group carrying out the inquiry. She said that a large number of people living in UK currently depend on medicinal cannabis for certain medical conditions. Therefore, it would not be wise to impose a ban on cannabis and the people might suffer in case of breaking the law to get their medicine. This is an important subject of human rights and compassion. Instead of considering this issue in the regard of drug reforms, the Government should muster courage and act immediately.

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The inquiry for this issue included medical professionals, 623 patients and those people who had monitored medical cannabis legalization in different countries. The evidence was viewed by Professor Mike Barnes, a neurologist commissioned by the group. He reported that conditions for medicinal cannabis use include spasticity (multiple sclerosis), chronic pain, vomiting and nausea and for anxiety. Moreover, it has also been reported that cramps can be treated with it.

Conditions for Medicinal Cannabis

The professor said that they had examined nearly 20,000 medical and scientific reports. The results thus obtained are quite clear. It can thus be said that medicinal cannabis has a benefit in quite a large number of medical conditions. He believed that as the research goes on, a number of other conditions will be discovered. He believed that medicinal cannabis can play a vital role in such conditions. The sad thing about it is the interference of Government which is trying to muffle this research by placing cannabis under no medicinal benefit category.

A campaign group regarding medical cannabis to end pain, was conducted recently that found about 68 percent people were supported the notion to allow doctors to prescribe medicinal cannabis. The director of this campaign Mr. Peter Carroll told the people that it was estimated that about one million of the population in UK takes medicinal cannabis for certain health conditions. These people are thus in a danger of court and police action.

A large number of people voting in its favor shows the understanding and empathy of the public with patients. They understand that these are poor patients and are not criminals. They must not be punished for they are only using it in alleviating their pain rather than abusing it. Therefore, they demand that the Government must also understand it and respond to it in a positive manner.


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