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Medicinal Herbs and Plants- What is the Right Age to Smoke Marijuana in Colorado?

Medicinal herbs and plants have gained popularity across the world. But, there is a certain age limit as per which one can smoke these plants especially marijuana. So, no matter if you are a centennial state resident or setting up a trip to the same, there always hits a thought in the mind if you are really eligible to do so.


How Old should you be to Smoke Weed in Colorado?

Well, there is a restriction to a certain age group, when it comes to smoking the weed here in Colorado. It was since January 1st, 2014 that the marijuana has become legal. And, yes, everyone is legal to consume or smoke weed, but he/she should be at least 21 years old to do so. Yes, even if you wish to buy any such natural healing herbs, you are required to be 21 years or more. With the commencement of this rule, no one below the age of 21 is allowed to consume weed in any way. Be it the flowers, concentrated, and products for the personal, professional, or recreational purpose.

What exactly is RED CARD?

So, people are even wondering what the red card exactly is? Of course, as per the rules, it is illegal to consume any form of marijuana if you are below 21 except for the case you have the state’s red card and you are not a minor as well. In case, you are below 18, then you are not liable for the state’s red card anyway. So, in such case, you will have to rely on your legally recognized caregiver for buying it for you.

natural healing herbs

natural healing herbs

The Rules and Regulation of the State say it All!

The rules and regulations of the state for these natural healing herbs have changed in the past few years. Now the rules regarding cannabis in the state are like that residents and tourists can buy and possess 1 ounce of the marijuana while sating in the borders of the state. But, it is still illegal to transport the cannabis across the planes, automobiles, and trains as well. In case, you don’t smoke it, just transporting it is enough to make you involve in the illegal activity in the state.

natural herbs and plants

natural herbs and plants

21 Years Olds Have the Pass!

Hey, all those who are 21 or more, you have the license to buy and smoke weed. But, being 21 doesn’t mean that you have the right to light up the weed anywhere. The state has become strict against smoking weed here. And, especially when it comes to consuming weed in public, you have to be super conscious and safe while doing so.

So, the places you are allowed to smoke weed is at your own place. Maybe, it is even the pot bars, only if they have the license to sell marijuana at a public place.

This is the way natural herbs and plants are going in the state. The rules have changed so staying conscious and alert about where you smoke weed is really important. Also, the age of 21 years is much needed to buy, consume, and deal in the marijuana business.

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