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Medical Usage of Cannabis: Why People Support it for Healing?

Medical uses of cannabis are no longer hidden from the world. The prevalent use of this cannabis as medicine can easily be tracked back millennia, where many famous Chinese doctors were already using this plant as an aesthetic by reducing the powder of the plant and mixing it with wine for supervision before any surgery. Have you heard about the famous surgeon named Hua Tuo? Well, he was the one who began experimenting with this medicinal plant and treated many of his patients. You will be amazed to know that in Chinese term anesthesia factually means cannabis intoxication.

Medical Usage of Cannabis

Medical Usage of Cannabis: Why People Support it for Healing?

Even Egyptians recognized the medicinal application of this plant and its capacity to treat the diseases. Earlier, in India also, cannabis was largely used for a variety of purposes including healing ailments, headaches, pain, GI disorders, and many other purposes, which made it one of the best things to be used in those ancient times. So, the point is that it is not just us who are using cannabis to treat ourselves. In fact, since ages, people are treating themselves using this amazing medicinal plant. And the sole reason was that the effects of cannabis are just nothing but miraculous.

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Medical uses of cannabis are unlimited

So, let’s discuss some of those proven medical applications of cannabis that will make you call it one of those miraculous plants that ever existed on this planet.

Diseases that are cured with Cannabis

1.Nausea and Vomiting
THC that is even available in the pill form treats vomiting and nausea in cancer patients. And, this has not happened today, In fact, it started back in the 1980s that cancer patients were treated with this miraculous medicinal plant. You might have heard about Marinol, which contains synthetic THC. This was the first THC based medication that successfully got the approval from the FDA. It was after this that the THC pills are prescribed to the patients.

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Treatment Uses and How It Works

The magical abilities of THC improve the breathing in the asthmatics, which was proved back during one of the researches in 1970s. The patients not just get better breathing with this medicinal plant, but also gets the ability to live a normal life, without those frequent asthma attacks. So, it seems that Medical uses of cannabis can even be felt here when it comes to treating asthma.

3.Relief from Pain
The THC present in the cannabis is even helpful in activating the pathways in the central nervous system. It helps to block and to heal the pain and pain signals, which are sent to the brain. Medical has even approved it for treating the nerve related pain and even the neuropathic pain as well.

Relief from Pain

Another common disorder called Post traumatic stress disorder is one of the other reasons for the existence of Cannabis. The high that comes with THC is also connected to temporary memory impairment. So, the patients suffering from PTSD often struggle to forget the painful memories. In such case, Medicinal herbs and plants like cannabis help in repairing the memory on a temporary basis. It even offer to relieve against many other symptoms of PTSD including agitation, nightmares, and even flashbacks.

Over the past several years, the importance of cannabis has increased in the medical business. Marijuana has stood still against many diseases including brain cancer, lung, thyroid, breast cancer, melanoma, and many other disorders, which can otherwise make anyone’s life a hell. Two mechanisms of marijuana have been held responsible for fighting cancer, which are:

a)Cannabis being pro-apoptotic, it triggers the cellular suicide of cancer cells, without hurting the healthy cells, which is great to treat any syndrome or disorder.
b)Cannabis even cuts the blood supply of the tumor.

Medical uses of cannabis

Medical uses of cannabis are unlimited. Not from today, this has been saving our lives for centuries. Medical has also accepted the medicinal advantages of this magical plant and even prescribe to the patients when needed.

Cannabis in itself is a wonder. It’s just that we need to understand its importance and make it a part of our lives.

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