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Medical cannabis to be made legal in UK

Many people now agree to legalize Medical cannabis in lieu of its medical benefits of cannabis. It proves to be quite useful in treating patients suffering from anxiety and chronic pain. Many residents of UK already break the law and use cannabis to relieve them from pain. The APP group is persuading Home Office to redesignate medicinal cannabis using current laws regarding drugs.

In this way, medicinal cannabis would be included in the same class as sedatives and steroids. So that physicians could be able to prescribe it to relevant patients and the chemists could do medical cannabis research.

medical cannabis

There is a chance that respective patients may be permitted to grow specific amounts of medicinal cannabis for their use. Cannabis related medicines may be legalized for multiple sclerosis patients. A medicine, by the name Sativex, contains CBD and THC, which are extracted from a cannabis plant. However, at present, there are no such laws for its legalization and a person found in possession of such drugs may be charged.

The use of medical cannabis for several health problems has persuaded a large number of countries to permit access to it. The report on medical cannabis research clearly showed that it helps allay the signs of neuropathic pain, nausea and vomiting, spasticity, poor appetite, sleeping disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, fibromyalgia etc. It is specially used by patients suffering from severe pain such as in rheumatoid arthritis.

More About Medical Cannabis Research

There are a few drawbacks as well. People with a genetic predisposition of psychosis are advised not to use cannabis at an early age. People with the age of 20-25 should not be allowed to use medical cannabis as it is believed that it may affect the development of their brain. Also, people suffering from asthma might just worsen their condition by smoking cannabis with tobacco and thus there is a huge threat of developing lung cancer. Despite these negative points, the benefits of medicinal cannabis overpower all these harms as cannabis has beneficial in many conditions.

Government is still in a fix whether to legalize it or not and awaits further research. At present, cannabis is included in Class B medicines. And possessing it may lead to a number of years in jail. Producers and suppliers of cannabis are also subjected to punishments. The drug may be obtained in different forms including marijuana (the flowers and dried leaves of cannabis) and hash (resin of cannabis).

Any medicine that is to be introduced in the market must be completely safe. So that it meets the required standard. The concerns regarding cannabis are just as there must be a proper testing of any drug. Only then everyone will be satisfied with its use and its legalization. Some medical agencies support the development of medicines including the ones having controlled drugs. Many countries and states such as Israel, Canada, 11 European countries and almost 24 states in the US have already permitted the cannabis for treatment purposes.

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