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Medical Cannabis Act gets approval in Arkansas

A board meeting, in collaboration with the Boston Freedom Rally, decided in favor of the Arkansans for Compassionate Care for medical cannabis. The board meeting resolution was after a voting to legalize and implement the Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act of 2016. This decision would initialize and facilitate patients in the state of Arkansas to receive the expertise of a licensed physician and to obtain a medical card that would allow them to purchase marijuana from any one of the authorized distribution centers for a broad range of diseases and medical conditions. And in case if patient lives more than 5 miles away from one of the licensed dispensaries, then it is permissible to cultivate and produce marijuana of up to six plants in an authorized and legally controlled facility.

medical cannabis

Little Rock’s John Wesley Hall, the attorney who stood in favor of the Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act is a member of the Legal Committee of NORML. Previously, the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment also had a second proposal legalizing the use of medical marijuana for the ballot in November. The office of the Secretary of the State of Arkansas confirmed that the campaign has good initiative and has gathered enough signatures to make it to the November ballot. However, this second proposal is much stricter than the first regarding the conditions and terms. Also, it does not allow patients the right or permission to cultivate marijuana plants on their own.

It is unclear and shady why the sponsoring party decided to propose these terms as part of the constitutional amendment as it would require a majority vote by the legislature to reverse it and the opposing party does not have the majority to accomplish the feat. The Medical Board at NORML realize that the new Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act is better and more relaxed in terms of consumer satisfaction. Also, competing with the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act are two other ballot nominees who aim to legalize the sale and use of medical as well as recreational marijuana.

Medical Cannabis Act

Jerry Cox, the Executive Director of The Family Council Action Committee claims that this measure will allow most people to grow their own marijuana at home. It isn’t much different than the second verse of the very same agenda marijuana supporters have been projecting since 2012. It opens marijuana stores and farms in our neighborhoods. It’s written so broadly that practically any healthy adult with pain or nausea can dig in a way to use marijuana. There won’t be any prescriptions from a doctor—just a note. No pharmacies will supply it, and no one will regulate the extent of the dosage.

There also happened to be one off track attorney acting as a substitute on behalf of the sponsors for the Constitutional Amendment. The attorney, who without legal proof, claims to be a lifetime member of the NORML Legal Committee who intends to stand in the way of a well-run medical campaign that has won the hopes and sympathies of thousands of people. NORML however, wants to make it very clear that they have nothing to do with this case whatsoever and think it is a waste of time rather than being helpful.

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