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Marketing Medical Cannabis to the Floridian Retirees

People dealing with health problems in Florida mainly have in mind as to when will medical cannabis be available in Florida? The answer lies in its medicinal effects. An amendment was passed in Florida to authorize the use of cannabis for treatment purposes. It improves an earlier verdict that allowed low-level THC consumption for a certain number of patients. The notion was supported by nearly 70 percent of the voters that cannabis may be used on doctor’s prescription.

First Step to market Medical Cannabis

To comprehend how to successfully market Medical Cannabis to eager Floridian Retirees, firstly, one needs to know the list of covered conditions. The notion permitted the use of cannabis to treat Cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma, HIV, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, post-traumatic stress disorder and AIDS etc. In these health conditions, doctors believe that use of cannabis outruns the potential dangers of its use. Moreover, Cannabis is effective in relieving pain and so is suggested by physicians for patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis etc.

Understanding your target market for Medical Cannabis

Like every business, for marketing Cannabis business to Floridian retirees, you need to locate your target market. As your target market includes seniors, you have people with more saved income in a retirement account and larger investment portfolios and more time. Moreover, you need to understand different market segments. These can be based on different factors such as economic and social differences, ethical differences and gender differences and different age groups. To have targeted marketing, you need to narrow down the market segments that will lead you to reach core customers. In this case, your target market includes people who are mainly sunbathers, crafters, golfers.

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More on the Marketing Approach

The patients suffering from health problems are the primary target because according to law, only they are authorized to possess cannabis. Lastly, understand your target budget. Take the example of retirees, it is important for them to live according to their budget. The retirees having pensions also have to keep a check on their spending due to inflation. Moreover, those spending their lives on limited and fixed incomes cannot manage to spend more than their necessities. As people suffering from nervous disorders depend upon their caretakers and children to make the decision. Thus, targeted marketing may be quite difficult in this case.

Medical Cannabis may certainly allure people who are planning their retirement. To establish a market, it must be known that in which area are the most number of retirees living. To dismay, retirees are not housed in Florida throughout. Population demographics certainly play a role in helping marketers to locate these specific regions. Marketing medical cannabis through web and televisions may prove to be beneficial as seniors are closely linked with them.

Challenges to Market

You should keep this in mind that changes in the law were made to facilitate patients suffering from devastating and chronic conditions. It depends upon one’s focus as for how to open marketing pathways like the ones started by pharmacies. It is nearly impossible to visit physicians, clinics and support groups to promote cannabis products. There is thus a huge challenge to market cannabis in Florida. Prescriptions from only those physicians who have taken courses in this regard are authentic. Though there is a good customer size in Florida. Most of these customers belong to the right age group, which have cannabis rights and most of them can pay for them as well.

There is a problem that this amendment is quite fresh and so its distribution is quite time-consuming. Also, the physicians need the required licenses, training and working procedure. The community must be educated for this purpose. Further support is needed by law enforcement personals and needy Floridians for cannabis markets to flourish.


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