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Medical Cannabis – Treatment For Autistic Children

It is quite strange that at present no state in US categorizes Autism in the list of conditions for which medicinal cannabis can be used. Only with the exception of California, the place where doctors have the authority to prescribe medicinal cannabis to those patients who will benefit from it. In some states, activists are striving to include Autism in the list of conditions where cannabis can be used as a medicine as people with this condition feel better using cannabis. This proves that we must not fight for it, but readily accept its benefits.

An experiment was conducted on a kid suffering from Dravet Syndrome and Autism. He was given proper nutrition and higher THC cannabis. The child has been already on several supplements in addition to CBD oil. Although his seizures were under a good control, the child was suffering. He could not communicate with others and was quite obsessed, hyperactive and compulsive. He tried to attack the people around him. Moreover, his motor functions and coordination were quite limited. It was found that higher THC ratios could benefit people with autism as THC will redirect neurons making it more manageable for people with this condition.

When this child was given higher THC ratio with inactivated THC oil, his condition finally became better. He started showing primitive emotions. He could communicate, smile, hug, cry and listen. His dosage was being changed slowly with the addition of more CBD strains into his mixed strain oils till it was realized that the kid greatly benefited from 3:1 THC: CBD ratio and 2:1 cannabis converted into oil. As the boy continues to grow and develop mentally and physically, he would be needing different medicines and ratios. In addition to this, children with the epileptic disorder could also be treated.

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Medical Cannabis for Autistic Patients

It is important to strive to make cannabis legal for Autistic patients. People diagnosed with autism should be allowed to take medical cannabis as it would change their lives forever. A kid named Emery was diagnosed with autism. He tried to read and solve puzzles at a small age that led to Hyperlexia. As he was diagnosed with autism, he began to express rage. The kid has a very good height and is also quite strong. So, when we tried to put him in the car seat or even tried to comfort him, we began receiving kicks and punches. This was very hard for us. His little sister was constantly being bullied and beaten up by him. These two, therefore, had to be separated from each other to avoid further disturbances.

He experienced his first seizure during vaccination. Over the years, Emery would show different symptoms of seizures, which made us concerned. He would start screaming at night. But we didn’t consider them to be seizures at that time. His parents and other people around noticed that he would run into something or would fall without any reason. Eventually, the convulsions developed and we were able to recognize them easily. His parents finally came to know that those were real seizures and not bad dreams. His parents consulted a neurologist and was able to use cannabis for his condition. Cannabis oil has completely cured his Autism. His condition is much better and he doesn’t need to be separated from his family now.

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