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Medical Cannabis Licensing Process – Health Canada

Health Canada is incorporating several changes to streamline and improve the process of the licensing of medical cannabis. This is for producers to accelerate the increased cultivation and production of cannabis. In order to achieve this, all authorized and licensed producers and distributors will still continue to meet all of the prerequisites set by the Access to Cannabis Medical Purposes Regulations. This also includes the control of security and inventory that aim to prevent illegal diversion of cannabis for non medical purposes. And it aims to provide patients with quality controlled cannabis for treatment purposes.

Health Canada has also announced previously that it has already began random testing of newly cultivated cannabis samples for quality assurance to promise Canadian citizens access to safe and clinically controlled medical cannabis. In order to differentiate a licensed producer from an unauthorized one, Health Canada has set several guidelines. First and foremost, a producer’s license will only be granted to an individual who successfully meets the criterion set for the cultivation and production of quality controlled cannabis under secure and sanitary conditions. They are also permitted the production and sale of dried and fresh cannabis, seeds and plants as well as cannabis oil.

Currently, up till May of 2017, there are 44 licensed producers authorized for the cultivation and sale of medical cannabis. Since the last four years, all these licensed producers have demonstrated high compliance. This compliance was observed in terms of quality assurance guidelines set and regulated by Health Canada. These licensed producers are permitted to sell cannabis and related products to authorized clients. These clients should be legally prescribed medical cannabis by their healthcare professionals for the treatment of various ailments and illnesses. After the sale, the products are delivered to the right customers securely using courier to avoid illegal diversion and prevention from getting in the wrong hands.

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Medical Cannabis Production and Health Canada

All parties or individuals who wish to become a licensed producer must submit a formal application to Health Canada. Which undergoes a strict and tough review process.

Moreover, all important personnel involved in the cultivation, handling, sale and distribution of cannabis must undergo a stringent security clearance. Also, the producers’ facility must be in line and conform to the Best Production Practices. Health Canada regulates the conditions under which the facility is to be operated. The inspection is thoroughly and extensively carried out personally by Health Canada’s inspection team.

Health Canada has tried and tested various regulatory methods for the production and distribution of cannabis for medical purposes. The changes that have been proposed, aim to simplify the licensing process for new producers. This also simplifies the renewing licensing for existing producers. All these methods and regulations have been put into practice to ensure public health and safety. Thus assuring quality controlled cannabis fit for medical uses. Health Canada will also continue to inspect the facilities before cultivation of new plants and before issuing a license to sell products. Therefore, Health Canada will schedule the first inspection after it has completed the initial screening process. It then  confirms that an application meets the regulatory requirements to cultivate. This approach will assist successful applicants with a verdict on their application. Also, assuring that all facilities are thoroughly inspected as cultivation begins.

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