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Matt Miller: The Professional Skateboarder Turned CBD Business Owner

Episode 86 - Matt Miller

Matt Miller has been skateboarding the streets since he was a little kid and never thought that this passion would turn into a profession. He’s now been skateboarding for almost 25 years.

As he has gotten older, Matt needed something to help with the day to day pain and inflammation, and he wanted it to be all-natural. That’s when a life long family friend introduced him to CBD, which somehow worked but not really that effective, so he started doing research and development to make an extra-strong and effective formula. Six months later, they came up with the formulation of Miller Healer CBD.

In this episode, Matt shares how they’re integrating cannabis-based products into their daily lives, and why he decided to build his own company when he can promote someone else’s product. He also has a message for the parents who are concerned about their children’s exposure to natural alternatives for pain management.

Let’s get some good products to these people and help change world. – Matt Miller

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Some Topics We Discussed Include

3:52 – A brief history of Matt Miller and how he wound up in the cannabis space
6:40 – Matt talks about integrating cannabis-based products into our daily lives
9:24 – Message for parents who are concerned about their child’s exposure to natural alternatives to pain management
12:52 – Why he launched his own company instead of promoting someone else’s product
14:14 – What makes their product unique
17:49 – Challenges he’s faced attempting to bring the company off the ground
24:59 – Key pieces of advice to the budding entrepreneurs
26:05 – The efforts that they are doing to rise to the top
35:48 – Where to find them

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Sonia Gomez: What’s up, guys? Sonia Gomez coming to you from Denver, Colorado. Super excited to be home in my comfy cozies after a long, treacherous road, traveling through Las Vegas, Nevada at the 2019 MJBizCon as well as the 2019 Emerald Cup, where I got to support and share incredible stories from amazing entrepreneurs who are pushing this industry forward in the right direction. 

For those of you guys who are clients or people, patients however you want to describe yourself looking for products that you can depend on to deliver the results you’re looking for, check us out at medicalsecrets.com and if you’re a budding entrepreneur or established business in this space trying to break through the glass ceilings and brick walls of the industry, have no fear. We are here. Check us out at theemeraldcircle.com, we are happy to get you connected to resources, relationships, tips, tricks, tools, anything that you might need to make those quantum leaps and succeed in this incredible and yet very challenging industry. Happy to help however we can. 

As you know it is our mission to empower you with the truth about cannabis and hemp so that we can continue to make educated decisions about how we will want to care for ourselves, people that we love, conditions that we may be suffering from or otherwise care for this beautiful gift of life. So grateful to each and every one of you guys who is tuning in and guess what? We have another rock your socks story from another entrepreneur in the space except guess what? He is a full-blown celebrity. If you guys know anything about skateboarding you’ll be really excited about today. 

Our guest today has been skateboarding for almost 25 years. And as he’s gotten older, he’s needed something to help him with the day to day pain and inflammation that’s associated with landing or not landing those incredible tricks. That’s when he found CBD and from a longtime family friend who introduced him to CBD, which started to work and support him in transforming the way that he felt and function every single day and after doing his own research and development for about six months to make the absolute best and most effective product that he could, that was sort of the process that he went through to formulate Miller Healer CBD. Put your hands together and help me welcome our good friend, Mr. Matt Miller. How’s it going, Matt?

Matt Miller: Hey, how’s it going? Thank you for that amazing intro.

Sonia Gomez: You’re so welcome. I’m so excited to have you on. I’m a super girl fan. So I like skateboarding, surfing, that’s like the SoCal North, sort of mid-coast lifestyle beachside is like my total vibes. So I’m really excited to just pick your brain and find out how you figured out all of this amazing stuff that you’re doing in the world. Why don’t you quick and dirty for those who are listening give us you know, who you are, what your background is? What you’re doing right now and how you ended up in the cannabis boom?

A Brief History of Matt Miller and How He Wound up in the Cannabis Space 

Matt Miller: Well, basically yes, like I said, I’ve been skateboarding since I was a kid. Never really thought it would turn into a profession. And then basically two days before I was going to leave for college I got an offer from sponsorship and headed the way out either travel the world now or do the whole college route and jobs so obviously I chose my dream. And 20 years later I’ve been doing it professionally and I’ve been traveling the world. 

I’ve been riding for teams like DC Shoes and had a signature shoe with them and designed a bunch of products like I said, and yes, just basically you started getting older and it started just wearing on my body just fighting the concrete every day, so I needed some type of relief, but I’m all-natural. I don’t like taking pills. I don’t like any of that. So that’s when I came across CBD and yes, like you were saying, I tried some, I didn’t find it really that effective, but it worked. But so that’s when we started doing R&D and made like an extra-strength formula that just is super effective and really high quality.

Sonia Gomez: So I’m really excited to find out that the skating community which by the way has always had a really similar to surfing has always had a really bad reputation for being like the stoner sort of avant-garde or counterculture sort of community. When in fact, like, if you actually hang out with skaters or surfers, you guys are like incredible athletes. Personally, I grew up in like the Santa Cruz area, and a lot of my friends were surfing like Mavericks and Halfmoon Bay and like these big, big waves. 

I’m sorry, but like you cannot be a full bore smoker and outrun those waves, let alone like my buddies at the skateboarding Park would stay there. I’d be hanging out on the sidelines. Okay. Yes. So cool. Like I biffed it pretty hard when I was 13 and that I was good like I didn’t get back on the board. But so I used to hang out at the park with all the girls or whatever. And my friends would skate literally from like not 10 in the morning until dark when they were too hungry to do anything else. And you guys cannot just be you guys are incredible athletes. 

Talk to me a little bit about how you guys are integrating CBD or cannabis-based products into your daily lives. You’re definitely front runners, you’re in the public eye quite a bit. There’s this huge community of people are following you guys and it’s a careful line that you have to follow without feeding the stigma but really being a part of the empowerment and education of holistic or natural treatments so that you guys can stay in the game. How are you working with that right now?

Integrating Cannabis-based Products 

Matt Miller: Yes, well, like I said, it’s all about breaking the stigma because CBD is not psychoactive, most of it. Cannabis is huge in skateboarding. Obviously, there’s like you were saying there’s a lot of athletes and a lot of people that don’t smoke. There’s a lot of people working out every day. You have to skate 10 hours a day usually. So you have to be in pretty good shape. And then I just wanted something that pretty much helped make me feel better as well as so many other people. 

So I’d take my CBD oil every day almost unless I’m feeling great. We have the topicals for any type of instant pain which is almost daily so I always have my little savar cream with me and it’s just pretty much an everyday thing and it just has really changed my life and it’s made me feel a lot younger. I wake up not drowsy and feeling just like so it’s just it truly has like transforming and maybe even like a domino effect the more healthy lifestyle fires eating everything.

Sonia Gomez: I love that. I think that there’s a lot of parents because it’s still no matter how mainstream it feels, you and I are both living in microcosms of the worlds where like this is widely accepted. It’s a mainstream conversation. We can see it have accessibility to cannabis or hemp-derived products at any time. You’re in California, I’m in Colorado like this is almost not even a point of contention anymore, but there’s other parts of the country and certainly the world where it isn’t so widely accepted. And parents are certainly looking at their kids and their teenagers wondering who their center of influence is. 

For the parents out there who are concerned about a child’s exposure, or a teenager’s exposure to cannabis or hemp-derived products. What would you say to somebody who is concerned about their child’s exposure to “counterculture or natural alternatives to pain management?” It’s definitely an association that you have being a celebrity in your space and also running this company. I’m sure you’re confronted with that as a part of your thought process, so how would you address that with a parent who may be concerned of your affiliation with them?

Message for Parents Who Are Concerned About Their Child’s Exposure to Natural Alternatives to Pain Management 

Matt Miller: Yes, like I said, In my career, I’ve always been just straightforward. I don’t know, just kind of more straight and narrow, I would say I didn’t post anything bad or doing anything crazy. And basically, I just like, try to talk to them. And just be honest and try to break the stigma one by one and try to tell them that like just because it comes from a cannabis plant doesn’t mean that you’re going to get the psychoactive effects and there are so many things that it can help. 

I even have people that parents hit me up and saying how much it’s helped their kids just with anxiety, and you know what I mean? Just taking a small dose, so we’ve got only their 19-year-old kid is just like, freaking out and it’s just yes, I get these testimonies from people on how much it works and helps them and to be honest, I haven’t really gotten bad reviews. So it’s just like I don’t know, it’s just, it’s more or less just trying to break the stigma one by one and tell them that it’s natural. And our bodies have these receptors naturally for them. So it’s just, it’s way better than any pill or anything like that. So just maybe try to do some education and we’re here to educate and help them try to see that it’s okay. And once they try it, they’re usually on board.

Sonia Gomez: I find the same thing. I’m a mother of four. And so I’m always listening and looking at how companies are representing the truth. I don’t need things candy-coated for me when I’m making decisions for my kids. I need just like, be honest to goodness and I want them to have a really positive influence in their life. And for me, like, like I said the skateboarding and surfing community is a really powerful group of athletes who embrace the freedom that life has to offer, and I think more than anything that that industry as a whole, really invites quite a bit of criticism. 

But on the other side, there’s such an incredible representation of freedom, passion, love for life, and really just taking advantage of the fruits of nature. Like, it’s such a cool thing that you as a young person, and even as you’re maturing, that you still get to travel the world, you still get to do these incredible things. And now you’re embarking on something that you’re really passionate about that makes a difference for a lot of your friends, your fellow skate buddies and even taking advantage of this huge boom. 

What was it for you that– you could have just been an ambassador for somebody else’s product. There were tons of things that you could have done, especially with the position that you hold in the industry and as a celebrity in your own right, what made you want to start your own brand or product versus just being a, you know, an endorsement for somebody else’s?

Why He Launched His Own Company Instead of Promoting Someone Else’s Product

Matt Miller: Well, that’s the thing. I actually had multiple opportunities to start skateboard companies and just random hat companies or whatever it was. I just always been the type that just never really wanted to get into anything that wasn’t good for the world, kind of cliche and kind of weird sounds. But yes, I just, I don’t know, I never took advantage of those because I just knew it wasn’t right. And I just wanted to do something that actually made a difference in this world. So once CBD came along, kind of just all align perfectly with everything about me and just how it helps and so many different people get help. So that’s, that’s pretty much just what I was waiting for is just to do something that helped people took a little longer to come around pretty much.

Sonia Gomez: Love that. So what makes your guys’– you said that you did quite a bit of research and development, trying to formulate your own line of products. Share with me a little bit about the things that make your product unique and special.

What Makes Their Product Unique 

Matt Miller: Yes, so like I said, we did six months of R&D, where we basically we’re testing it with a bunch of my athlete friends, a bunch of customers we’ve had, and we just wanted to make the product just as good and as fast as effective as it possibly could. So once we finally got the formulation correct, and everyone was on, like, we just got yeses from everybody pretty much then that’s when we knew we had something special. And also were like on the more medical side so we actually have a nurse on staff that will help like with any kind of medication lists, we’ll see if they contrast with anything. So we always want to say, if you’re taking the oil because it’s a higher milligram that people don’t know that it can control with medication. So people are just selling oil left and right. But if you’re on any kind of meds that will actually affect it. So we have to space them out and do all this stuff.

Sonia Gomez: That’s pretty unique that you have a nurse on staff that can support. With that, you’re totally right in saying like, people are just showing out like it’s candy on the street corner. Like we have CBD may be right here and there’s no education about how it’s– like if you’re on specific heart medications or things like that it can totally conflict. Are you ever concerned about that with your brand? I talked to other brands about it, and they’re like, “no, we’re good.” [00:15:58 inaudible]

Matt Miller: No, that’s a huge concern. That’s why on anything we put on and anytime we sell an oil we don’t even– will sample out all of our other products like advance and stuff, but we won’t sample out our oil. And if we do sell an oil, we make sure to tell them that if they are on any medications to contact us and go over everything in the consult and all that. We make sure anytime we sell oil that they know that and we can help.

Sonia Gomez: you guys recently did a pretty cool event The Epilepsy Awareness and Education Expo. Where you guys sponsor or did you actually host that event?

Matt Miller: Yes, we were actually just sponsors that’s our second year in a row doing it. And it’s just a great event because there’s just like I said, so many things that CBD can help and epilepsy is one of them. And yes, we have a lot of people there that were just informing them. It’s more of like an education Expo. So we had a nurse there. We had me and my business partner and just trying to help spread the word and give them samples to try out. People were loving it. It was awesome.

Sonia Gomez: So sweet. Tell me from your perspective, because it’s a pretty big leap to go from, being in front of the camera quite a bit and all eyes on you and all the cool things that you can do to being– you’re sort of the CEO of You Inc, at that point. But when you transition into being the owner of a business, especially one that is in such a restricted marketplace that comes with its own unique set of challenges, and you need a pretty incredible team around you to be able to make the whole thing work. Talk to me a little bit about your transition into that business ownership and what some of your key considerations or challenges were, all you were trying to get it off the ground

Challenges He’s Faced Attempting to Bring the Company off the Ground

Matt Miller: I mean, it hasn’t stopped. There are always challenges. But yes, it’s been hard. I’ve never wanted to rush it. I’ve always just wanted to make sure we do things right slow and steady and it’s had a lot of challenges. But yes, I have a great business partner. She’s like my CBD guru, I call her and she’s just come from a business world so she knows what she’s doing. And she’s like, first one to contact the government when the laws change. Hi, Lorraine. Yep. You’re–yes, it’s just having that is huge. And it’s also been like you said, I was my own boss and Corporation myself for being a skateboarder. And now it’s like, we have some employees and stuff like that. So, it’s all just, I don’t know, it’s like a new passion and I’m starting over and just regrowing and reconnecting with people and building a new community and I just love it–the whole process.

Sonia Gomez: How important is your team for you? And like what is your role in the business versus the other roles that you hired out. Mark Cuban said the first thing that you should do as an entrepreneur in any business is to hire your weaknesses. For me, that’s technology, which is really stupid because I run like 99.9% internet-based business. And I’m virtually tech tarted, like literally. So I have to hire out for everything technology. And my genius is in communications and in connecting and in sales, right. So like, that’s what I do. That’s what I love to do is be on the front end. But don’t ask me to like I can hardly send an email. So, for you, what were some of the first things that you had to build around you the sort of empower you to stay in the role that you are most genius at?

Matt Miller: Yes, like you said, we can’t do everything but so yes, I basically had to hire someone that would do the web for us and get all that locked down. And there’s a lot of stuff I didn’t know but at the same time, as soon as I knew I was starting this, I started taking little online classes, started researching all kinds of stuff, and just started learning different departments. And now I pretty much can do almost any department there, but I also have– because I travel a lot. So my hardest part is kind of sales. So I actually just hired like, someone in sales, so I might start looking into that more and just trying to grow more like that.

Sonia Gomez: Nice. Nice Yes. I’m recognizing and through talking to a lot of business owners, there are really three things that are the top complaints. Number one is merchant processing. Everyone is still having trouble getting connected with the right banks or merchant processors that can effectively take their business. A lot of folks are just connected into a square, which is going through its own trials and tribulations right now, the second thing I’m hearing is marketing and advertising because it’s so restricted. And then finally, is distribution like how do you stand apart in a marketplace where dozens of brands are popping up every day? Most of them are me-too products, not a lot of them have education built-in. And somehow it’s just crowding the marketplace so that offline or online it’s hard to just determine what brand you should use. I love how you said you guys are a little bit more of a medical grade. Do you know any of the science or technology behind your product that would categorize it as a more “medical-grade” product?

Matt Miller: Well it’s not only just the strength in the formula and the special proprietary like blends that we have and formulated but it’s just more or less like– it’s not just the full product that we buy it’s like a specially made product. It’s a one-off and yes we sent there and went there with a formulator and everything and like I said we just it’s not a bulk purchase. We’re not just a brand buying and other brands product that just says CBD isolate and that’s it you know.

Sonia Gomez: Are you guys a full-spectrum or broad-spectrum?

Matt Miller: No we’re broad.

Sonia Gomez: Nice. Nice. Yes. I love that. I think as a parent too, I really appreciate having the diversity in the marketplace especially because my kid is a recent proud moment for a parent. He is undefeated with his football team, it went to state championships, took home the gold. As a matter of fact, I wandered into my office yesterday and was like, “mom, can I get the championship ring? It’s $500 bucks and I was like, bird.

Matt Miller: I guess so.

Sonia Gomez: He’s like, it’s this big and he’s like covering half of his hand and he’s so excited. [00:23:21 inaudible] It’s so awesome. He’s 17. He transitioned from being like the star athlete at a high school in North County here in Denver. And then for academics and sportsmanship, he wanted to move into this other high school. So we moved him in the middle of his sophomore year and he has just been doing so incredible. 

So for him to take home the state championship and like do all this stuff is such an incredible thing. And he is a CBD a lot topically and I caught him one day talking to his coach about his Like, “man, coach, we got to use some of this stuff for like a recovery.” It was so cool to see and hear my kid like educating his coach and other high school parents and his fellow teammates on how they could use CBD for recovery after the game. I was like, Man, this is all you want as a parent, right? Like, bring your kid to be advocating for what you guys know, or for what we know. 

What would be some pieces of advice that you could offer? I know that there’s a lot of budding starlets out there, like my son, for instance, who look up to people like you who hold you know higher positions in areas that they’re really passionate about. And there are also folks who are watching this industry bloom and blossom before them and they want to figure out like how they can take advantage of this. 

What would be some pieces of advice that you could offer the budding entrepreneur or the young person who’s watching this exciting industry and opportunity? And maybe not sure how they can fully take advantage of it, what would be some words of wisdom that you could share with them to help them integrate into the space? 

Key Pieces of Advice to the Budding Entrepreneurs 

Matt Miller: Well, a huge thing that I think is gonna hold a lot of accountability is just make sure in the end, it’s all about the consumer and the product. So it’s like, if you have a good product that’s working the rest, we’ll work it out, work itself out. So don’t just get into it for fast money trying to make a quick buck and trying to just be like everyone else, pretty much just do it for the right reasons and try to just be creative, think outside the box and see what you could do that would set you apart from other people and yes, like I said just do it for the right reasons and people will see that.

Sonia Gomez: Love that. What are you doing right now that is helping you guys rise to the top? When we were doing our research we noticed you’re being published on maryjane.com. There are a few different platforms that you’re using. One of the pieces of advice that I give my audience a lot is to leverage your network. Your network is in your network and you have a pretty sick advantage. I was like my friend Kyle Turley who owns a CBD brand like he’s an NFL player, like what fuckin better positioning do you want when it comes to people in your network that you can leverage to be a part of your project or whatever it is that you’re trying to do? Are you enrolling your friends and colleagues into not only using your products but do you foresee any of them being an endorsement or promoter for you?

The Efforts That They Are Doing to Rise to the Top

Matt Miller: Oh, yes, totally like– Especially when I first came out, like you said, I used the cards in my network that I had. And I was in all the competitions and street leagues and all that. So I would just go to them and give them to all my friends and all the skaters I know. People were just using it, and showing it how much it works. And then once other companies started coming along, that’s when I noticed all my friends that I was looking up. They were getting offers from people just for good money, which I’m going to support them. They gotta eat, but at the end of the day, a lot of them are just still asking me for my products even though they’re sponsored by other companies that have kind of not so good products and paying them a lot of money. So it’s kind of flattering in a sense when they still hit me up for it when they’re sponsored by like pretty big companies.

Sonia Gomez: Yes, yes, no, that’s super flattering. I’d be more flattered if they were like, now I’m just gonna use this one.

Matt Miller: No, for sure, but I can’t blame them for taking some money. That’s what–

Sonia Gomez: That’s the game, right?

Matt Miller: That’s the game. 

Sonia Gomez: Especially–

Matt Miller: I just can’t do it like that.

Sonia Gomez: Yes, hell yes. No, I totally get it and I love what you’re talking about. I mean, there’s a really significant difference and a huge frustration for me being somebody– My life was literally saved by cannabis and hemp, which is like, if you would have asked me 10 years ago, “hey, Sonia, are you going to be a public advocate for cannabis?” I would have been like, “Hell no”. I’d like to smoke my weed privately and in the hotel bathrooms. However, God rolls things out, you never know how it’s gonna turn out. 

So, one day was riding the wave of my life. I was working as a lifeguard trainee down at the YMCA camp surf in San Diego. And I went out on my sort of break or whatever from my cabin and shown up that was like a super fly. Like I was having a Baywatch moment like the hot lifeguards from Argentina and Australia and New Zealand we’re all standing on the beach and I was like haha. I look so good right now. I’m gonna get [00:29:31 unintelligible]. And I was 16 like, what else do you want besides the hot foreign lifeguards to watch you right? 

So I was out there riding the wave of my life got knocked off of my board. My ass was handed to me in a matter of seconds. And the same lifeguards that I was showing off for ended up pulling me out of the water, snot nose, and choking. Like nearly drowned. And while I was doing my finger in toe check, I realized that my whole body was pretty much going numb and tingling. And I was like, just get up. I had all these people around me and all I could think to myself was get up. That’s all I could think. And even though I was not 100%, I was for sure injured. I probably should have gone to the hospital to get checked out in that moment, but I didn’t. 

That changed my life forever. Within a week I was having these horrific neuropathic like muscle cramps, nerve pain, I was having these seizure-type convulsions from muscle and nerve spasticity. And no doctors could help me. They kept just giving me more and more painkillers which were making it hard for me to even go to school, or anything like that. And after 10s of thousands of dollars and way too much time wasted. I finally came across a holistic neurologist who introduced me to my endocannabinoid system and taught me about micro-dosing and using Phyto rich nutrients, cannabinoid-based supplements and introduced me to a bunch of research about– Israel was doing about CBD. And so it was 10 years ago that I got introduced to CBD, and actually learn how to use cannabis as a medicine instead of a recreational sort of escape, right. 

That was really profound. That was a long way of telling you that when I was listening to you talk about custom formulations and really putting the time that’s necessary into creating a powerful product that you know, will actually work, it’s so important and it’s a huge difference in the me-too products or the white label products that are coming out into the marketplace right now. It makes such a big difference. What do we have to look forward to in 2020 while we’re following you and your journey around the world and with Miller Healer CBD, what events do you have coming up? Where can we expect to see you and Miller Healer 

Matt Miller: Yes. 2020 is definitely the year I want to expand as much as we can and go to basically meaning do as many as events as we can. We’re going to be at some CBD expos. We obviously be epilepsy again next year. We’re going to be in any kind of CBD event that you guys or anyone out there know about. Feel free to message me at Miller Healer CBD on Instagram. And I’m bound to come out and see you guys.

Sonia Gomez: Amazing, I love this. I’m a huge, huge advocate for public events. I speak on stages all over the world and I’m working in a lot of untapped market places right now where folks are just trying to get access to education. We provide certifications for retail stores so they’re effectively referring and recommending products to their patrons. And then likewise for online, I have an incredible network of influencers that I work with helping them understand how to integrate CBD into their networks. So I would love to just tie you into some of the incredible events that we’re a part of and help you get that exposure. 

I think you have an amazing brand. Obviously, there’s so much potential for what you can do because you’re already a trusted voice and sort of icon in your space and anything that I can do to help raise awareness around your goals and what you guys are setting out to do like, for me, my impression of your brand and what your what you’re setting out to do is more of a legacy play. Do you think when you retire from skateboarding that you’re that this is going to be your 100% focus you’re going to ride this pony till the end of the road?

Matt Miller: Oh yes. This is like I said my new passion I have that– I’m all about doing something you love in life and this is it. I love this brand. I know you have good products. Like I said I just visited my mom this last week and she randomly had some CBD product that was a low milligram, it was just random and I gave her some heart cream and she was teary-eyed because she was in such chronic pain for five days straight and just worked in five minutes. So that’s what it’s about for me. Like you said, legacy style and just thinking long term and putting all my– I still put all my attention on this. I go skate but I still come home and I’m up till midnight doing stuff for the business and doing videos, everything pretty much so it’s never-ending.

I'm all about doing something you love in life, and this is it. I love this brand. - Matt Miller Click To Tweet

Sonia Gomez: And not To– You guys should send me one of these healers, the limited-edition boxes, the Healer box set, and I’ll do an unboxing on my platform for you guys. I think this is so badass. And I’m going to be so bold to tell you that you should tell DC to do a hemp-infused shoe with you. The shit would be tight.

Matt Miller: I know I’m actually going to talk to them about something. But I’ve seen some skateboard brands getting into the market and Tony Hawk just did. So that’s pretty cool. It’s getting out there and like so we just got to get the right stuff and I appreciate you being willing to help and everything you do. So let’s get some good products for these people and help change the world.

Sonia Gomez: I’m all about it. Where can folks find you if they want to know more about your product or come and see you at any of the events? What are the best websites and social handles where they can find you?

Matt Miller: You can find our website at millerhealer.com and then like I said on Instagram is millerhealerCBD and my personal one is just Matt Miller Skate on all platforms. And yes just feel free to check us out. Feel free to hit me up anytime with any questions you have on CBD and if you have any questions about meds or anything like I said, we have our nurse so feel free to hit us up anytime even if you don’t buy our product. You just want some information. 

Sonia Gomez: Incredible Well, I’m so grateful for you. This is really incredible– For me, this is a point of celebration. Not everybody who has the capability of influence is willing to influence people towards such positive alternatives especially when it comes to their healthcare. They’re usually driven by money or endorsements or you know things and it’s hard to know who you can trust and when you have somebody like yourself who does have the trusted voice in, in the industry that you’re a part of, it means a lot to see you putting your hands, I say put your hands in the dirt, right? 

You’re actually starting and running a company with a product that you’ve had your hands in formulating, and really making sure that at every step, it’s not only functional but dependable and consistent, which is a huge hole in the industry. So I’m really grateful to you, Matt, for making that transition and anything that we can do to be ongoing support for you guys. We totally be down for that collaboration. 

And for those of you guys who are listening, thank you so much for being a part of this community. We live to serve you every day and ensuring that you understand the truth about cannabis and hemp and its derivatives so that you can make educated, empowered decisions about how you want to take care of yourself, your beautiful bodies, the people that you love, your families and friends and conditions that you’re suffering from and it’s okay if you’re healthy. It’s okay if you’re healthy and you want to try and use these products as well because at the end of the day, it’s all about how we can live longer, happier, healthier lives, and enjoying this beautiful gift that we get every single day from our good lord. 

So grateful for you guys in our community. When you like and share content like this You are a part of helping us move the needle we are at the change in the world because you liking and sharing content just like this one. So I invite you to welcome your family and friends to listen to episodes just like this and become part of our community. Like and Share this video all of the social handles and websites will be posted in the blog along with the show notes and highlights from today’s interview and we will be excited to celebrate more continued success for Miller Healer, CBD, and Matt Miller in the New Year. Matt, any final words before we end today’s interview?

Matt Miller: I just want to thank you for taking the time out letting me share my little story and basically, thank you to anyone that’s ever supported and continue or new support. I look forward to meeting new people and yes 2020 Let’s go.

Sonia Gomez: Let’s do it. Alright guys, thanks so much for being here with us if you’re a budding entrepreneur or established business trying to break through the glass walls and ceilings if you need merchant processing, marketing, and advertising. If you are looking for distribution channels or just wanting to stay out of trouble with the changing times and compliance, check us out at theemeraldcircle.com we are happy to help. And if you’re a person looking for products that you can depend on to deliver the results you’re looking for, check us out at medicalsecrets.com for our favorite picks. I’m your hostess with the mostess, Sonia Gomez and this is The Hemp Revolution. We’ll see you on our next show, guys.

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